Being slammed into the wall while a horny red headed idiot kissed you wasn't on my planner for the day, but it did bring a twist into the day. Here I was, on my way to science class, and then suddenly I'm being pinned up against the wall by my best friend while he kissed me. At first I thought that he had tripped into me and it was an accident, but he wouldn't let go of me. I struggled at first, luckily people were already at class, but then I stopped and waited. What good was struggling going to do? Axel was WAY stronger than me.

"Are you done?" I asked as Axel pulled away from me. He nodded and that's when I slapped him across the face, pain shooting through my hand. Not the best idea I've had.

"I guess I deserved that," he replied, massaging his cheek.

"You guess!? What the fuck was that!? KISSED me!"

"Yeah I did, but you didn't struggle."
"What good would that have done!? We both know you're stronger than me!"

He was silent, playing with the locks of hair that had escaped the hold of the gel. I looked at him for the longest time. I noticed that his cheeks were red, the one that slapped was a little redder.

"Are you...Are you blushing?" I asked, smirking.

"N-NO!! What made you think that!?" Axel asked, using his famous fake smile.

"Your cheeks are red and don't give me the I was just outside and it was windy outside excuse."

"Well that's the excuse I'm giving ya."

"Why did you kiss me?"

"I don't know, maybe I just wanted to know how it felt like with a guy."

"That definitely sounds like you."

"Good then we can get to science class before Vexen nails us to a table and tortures us."

I grabbed his hand, spinning him so he was facing me and caught his lips with mine.

"Ok what the fuck was THAT for!?" Axel asked.

"I wanted to know how it felt like with a guy."

"Touché my little friend."

I smiled at him and grabbed his hand. We ran down the hall, I was trying not to trip, and hurried into Vexen's room.

"Hello Mr. Hart and Mr. Hi," Vexen said, his lips curving into a smirk, "you're late."

"Sorry," I said, fear creeping into me from his intimidating glare.

"It was my fault. I kept blocking his way," Axel explained.

"Detention for both of you," the psycho teacher announced.

I sighed and nodded, heading to my seat right next to Axel's. Of course I didn't listen to the lesson AT ALL. I had more important things to think about than knowing what chemicals not to mix. Why would Axel kiss me? It made no sense. If it was just to see how it felt with a guy, why didn't he just go to Marluxia? The pink haired maniac DID have a thing for him after all.

A note flopped onto my desk. I looked at Axel and gave him my famous why the hell are you bothering me face.

"Open it," he mouthed

Rolling my eyes, I opened the note and had to muffle a laugh as I gazed at the horribly drawn doodle of Vexen in a dress and being held over a boiling pot of what seemed to be lava. Damnit Axel. He always did this during class when I was either deep in thought or trying to pay attention. He really was my biggest weakness.

"Very nice drawing Mr. Hart," Vexen's voice roared. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard how loud his voice was. I looked up, preparing myself for a scary ass look to be on his face, "that's 2 days of detention now."

"Yes sir."

Thanks Axel, Thanks a bunch. A glared at him as the lesson continued. His puppy dog face was already painted all over his face.


"How was I suppose to know Mr. Egghead was going to randomly go by your desk!?" Axel asked, sitting down with his lunch.

"How about you don't send me your doodle's anymore!?" I hissed, slamming my tray down.

"How many times do I have to say sorry?"

"Hm I don't know, when you get two detentions and have to deal with Mr. Pedophile rapist!"

"What about a pedophile rapist?" my twin asked.

"He got two detentions," Axel answered.

"Ouch. Good luck with Marluxia."

"Shut up Sora. You're SO not helping!" I shouted.

"Remember when Axel got detention for a month?" Sora asked, chomping into his muffin.

"Best month of my life," I replied.

"Ouch that hurts Roxie. I had to deal with Marluxia flirting with me and practically groping me! I know I'm gorgeous but I'm there to be looked out. You don't touch the merchandise!"

"What merchandise?" I asked, "Face it Axel I don't think ANYONE wants to look, touch or even THINK about your merchandise."

"Burn," Sora whispered.
"Shut up and eat your muffin," Axel hissed, "by the way, where's your little toy?"
"That TOY has a name and he's out today."


"Nope, he's on vacation early."

"Ugh I hate winter break."

"You don't hate winter break. You just hate the snow," I said.

"I always get sick and feel like I'm going to die when it snows and I'm never warm," Axel explained, "its weird and in the summer I feel fine."

"Says the one who had a gay experience at summer camp!"


"I think you crossed the line Ax," Sora said, watching me throw my food at Axel and walk away.

He definitely crossed the line. How could Axel bring that up again!? I had a hard enough time forgetting about it and now I'm remembering it like it was yesterday. I was cringing at just the thought of what happened at summer camp. He knew I didn't like talking about it and he practically blabbed it out for the whole cafeteria to hear. I was SO going to kick his ass later even if I have to bring a baseball bat to do it!


I didn't speak or even look at Axel for the rest of the day. I was royally pissed off and the sight of him made my blood boil. It felt as if my whole being was vibrating with anger when he knocked on my door hours after school. I made Sora swear to me that he wouldn't open the door but of course he broke that promise and let the moron in anyway.

"C'mon Roxie!" Axel muffled voice shouted behind the door, "I'm sorry! It just slipped out!"

"Go away Axel! Things like that don't just slip out! You wanted to hurt me intentionally!"

"Roxas I'm sorry! I'm not leaving until you forgive me!"

"Well you're going to be there till you die then!"

"What DID happen at summer camp!? What did you and that guy do!?"

"Why are you bringing this up now!?"

"Because I'm your best friend and you never told me!"

"I didn't even tell Sora! And he's my twin!"

"C'mon Roxas let me in please!"


"Fine you give me no choice!"

The sound of his hands rubbing against each other filled my ears and then the sound of melting metal. Then the door was open and Axel was in the room.

"Thanks for melting my door knob," I said, hugging my knees.

"Roxas y'know I'm sorry. What did happen? Why would you be terrified of that memory?"

My stomach was forming into a knot and the familiar nauseous feeling was returning. I didn't want to tell Axel, but I knew he wouldn't leave until I did. I sucked in a mouthful of air and tried to prevent tears from falling.

"It wasn't intentional," I said, "I had no say in the matter."
"What?" he asked, snaking his arm around my waist as he pulled me closer.

"I didn't want to. He wouldn't listen."

"Roxas I don't get it. You're not making any sense. What happened?"
"I-I was alone with him in the cabin. The others had gone out. I thought he was my friend. He said I was his best friend because I didn't care that he was gay. He thought that meant I wanted him."

"Roxas are you saying what I think you're saying?"

I nodded, tears staining my face as the memories filled my mind. Me being thrown onto the couch, him climbing on top of me. The images were so clear and so real. It felt as if it was happening all over again.

"You were raped and you didn't tell anyone!?" Axel asked, cupping my face, "why!?"

"He threatened to do it to Sora too," I choked out.

"Roxas. So that's why you freaked out when I kissed you."

He pushed my head into his chest; his warmth was inviting and relaxing. It made me feel safe, like nothing on this world could harm me. Axel always made me feel that way and when his lips touched mine earlier; I felt a weird connection. My whole body yearned for him and I wanted to kiss back. At the time I wondered what the hell was wrong with me, but now I wasn't sure there was anything wrong with me. Could it be that I loved my best friend? It was possible after all. Sora and Riku were best friends and they fell for each other. It wasn't as if it didn't happen everyday.

"Whatcha thinking about?" he asked, his lips on the back of my neck.

"Nothing," I replied, a shiver shooting down my spine.

"That usually means something."

"I was just thinking about...this morning."

"I don't know. It just popped into my head."

"What was the guys name?"


"The guys name. The guy who..."

"You know him quite well actually. You had detention with him for a month."


"Yep. He was my camp councilor."

"Oh God Roxas I'm so sorry!"

"I can deal with him for 2 days of detention. He can't really do anything at school."

"If he did it at summer camp, he can do it at school. You got to tell Vexen."

"NO! That's the last thing I want to do! If I tell ANYONE he'll go after Sora."

"You told me and Sora's fine."

As if he had received a cue, Sora's shriek filled the air. We jumped up and rushed out the door. I watched Axel rubbing his hands together, the friction making fire appear in his hands. He melted the doorknob and burst in. I practically fainted with relief when I realized that Riku had just paid Sora a little window visit.

"You scared me!" I shouted.

"Sorry, he took me by surprise," Sora said.

"Riku you really need to warn me when you're visiting. This is the fifth time I came down here because I heard Sora scream," I said.

"Sorry mom," Riku said, smirking.

"Let's go Axel."

"Thanks for melting my doorknob!" Sora shouted, slamming the door.

We headed back to the room, my hand twitching and yearning to be in Axel's warm hands. I slapped it when Axel wasn't looking and walked casually up the stairs.

I watched Axel slipped his gloves back on when we were in my room again. I always wondered why Axel wore gloves. He had worn them since I met him and I never knew why.

"Why do you wear gloves?" I asked, surprised at my actions.


"Why do you always wear gloves?"

"You should know by now Roxas. My hands aren't the safest thing to touch. They could give you 3rd degree burns."

"But I thought you could control that."
"I can't. Why do you think all my relationships end so quickly? Girls hate it when you won't touch them with gloves on."

"Wh-What about boys?"

"I'm bi Roxas. You know this already. Remember that awkward talk we had?"

"I'm not asking that."

"Then what are you asking?"

"If guys like it when you touch them with gloves on."
"I wouldn't know. I never was with a guy."

"Do you...want to be with one?"

"I've had my eyes on a specific one."


"None of your business."

Then the words that I never thought would come out of my mouth, escaped my lips, "can you touch me without your glove on?"

"Why on earth would you want 3rd degree burns?" he asked, a concerning tone in his voice, "your not the stereotypical emo are ya?"

I was silent. I was the stereotypical emo. I just never told anyone, not even Axel. Everyone would be worried about me if they knew.

"You are, aren't ya?" he asked, slipping off his glove. I nodded and studied his hand. Even though he was hot, Axel was pale as hell! Especially his hands since they hadn't seen sunlight in god knows when.

"You sure you want to?" he asked.

"Yeah," I said.

"Fine knock yourself out. Just don't hurt yourself too badly."

I nodded and took his hand into mine. Blisters appeared on my hand as soon as I touched his hand. Fire shot through my veins and heart. I felt as if the fires of hell were being absorbed into my very being. If a simple touch on the hand could do that; what would a touch on the lips for more than just four seconds do?

The thoughts disintegrated as the world around me became dark. A blurred silhouette of Axel was calling to me, but I didn't have the strength to hear the words. It sounded like I love you, but that couldn't be right...could it?


"Roxas." his voice rang through my ears. It was as if an angel was singing to me.

"What happened?" I asked, I felt as if I was suffering from one hell of a hangover.

"You held on for too long."


"Onto my hand."

"Oh yeah. How bad are my hands?"

"I can't see bone if that's what you're asking. They're not too bad. I don't know how but I seemed to turn down the heat."

"THAT was turned down?"


"Holy shit. That felt as if the fires of hell were consuming me. It felt nice."

"Nice? You really are weird."

"Am I? I've always liked your warmth."

A blush creped onto my cheeks. Why I was blushing I would never know, but before I knew it Axel was taking his shirt off and pressing my head against his chest. His torso wasn't as hot as his hands, but it was still hot but a nice hot that made you want to sleep.

"This is less painful now isn't it?" he asked, chuckling.

"Yeah, it's nice..," my eyes were becoming heavy, my head was drooping and I was exhausted from all that had happened today, but I didn't want to sleep, "keep me awake."


"I don't want to sleep."

"And why wouldn't you want that!? Sleep is awesome!"

"I want to stay awake with you."

"Why? I'm boring. I'll probably fall asleep too."

"Nooooo just stay awake."

"Fine but you have to open your eyes."


"If you don't you'll fall asleep."


"Kiss what?"

He shook me gently, my eyelids were almost closed and I was yawning consistently. Then the word flew from my lips. I could have sworn that his heart jumped when the word escaped my lips.

"Me," is what I said and nothing but silence hung in the air.



"Stop playing, you half asleep jerk."

"I'm dead serious."

My eyes shot open when I felt his warm lips against my ice cold ones. It was like getting the kiss of life from fire. The blisters on my lips began to form and I knew he would pull away, but I pushed him closer with my hand. His tongue demanded entrance and I, being totally intoxicated by the fire, allowed it. Our tongues battled for dominance as our hands found each other and intertwined. This was right. I knew it was right, but the moment ended when he finally pulled away.

"You have blisters on your lips," He said, caressing my cheek as I gazed at the sad look on his face.

"I'm alright," I said, "I can handle it."

"I know, but I don't like hurting you."

"Then what do you suggest we do?"


I chuckled, "you think this is a dream don't you?"

"No I just think you don't really want this. You are half asleep after all."

"I want this. I'll want it half asleep, asleep or awake. I want you. You made me realize that this morning. I'm yours Axel. No one else's."

I could tell he liked those last words I said because of the smile on his face. He pushed me closer and laid my head on his bare chest. His fingers ran through my hair until I was finally asleep. I only dreamt of Axel.