Gone With Nothing

'Oh, fuck! There's blood everywhere! What did you do?' Pein yelled as he stepped into Sasori and Deidara's shared room. Looking around he saw the red head sitting in the corner of the room, back against the wall, whispering to himself, covered in blood. Usually when Sasori got in a state like this, Deidara would be comforting him, but the hyperactive blonde wasn't there.

The blood was fresh, still wet and hadn't darkened yet. It was splattered over the floor and walls and Deidara's bed. That's when Pein noticed the lump under the covers of Deidara's bed. He silently cursed and moved forward cautiously, but Sasori seemed to far gone to even notice Pein's presence in the room. He was sure that if the puppet could cry that's what he would have been doing.

The orange haired man had seen some horrible and grotesque things in his time so he usually wasn't affected by people's deaths and tortures, but against his own teammate, someone he had worked with he was disgusted. He looked down at the mangled corpse of Deidara. The blonde was naked and covered in blood, from head to toe, one of his arms and both of his legs seemed to be broken and he wasn't breathing.

He closed Deidara's eyes and pulled the blanket back up over him. 'Konan!' He yelled and waited until the blue haired woman walked up to him. He explained what had happened, she had showed equal disgust, and ordered her to get Hidan and Kakuzu to take care of the body, to give him a proper burial.

He kneeled in front of the human puppet and listened to what the red head was murmuring to himself. 'I didn't mean to do it. I took it too far. I loved him but I let my sadistic side take over. He gone, my sunshine is gone. I… I killed him. It's all too late now.'

'Sasori!' Pein said sharply, bringing Sasori's attention to the man in front of him. His reddish brown eyes were filled with regret and sadness. 'You have to leave now.' Sasori looked into Pein's eyes, then lowered his head to his knees. 'I know.'