Hey! This is my 1st Weeds fanfic, but my 2nd fanfic all together (if you're a True Blood fan, search for "A Little Bit of Unfinished Business.") This is just a quick oneshot of Nancy/Conrad pairing. She never left Agrestic and never married Esteban and never had Stevie Ray. This is what their life together would have been like in my head. Enjoy. Please R&R! xoxo


"Sweetie!" Nancy yelled from her beautifully decorated kitchen. "Conrad, hurry up! You have to take the kids to school today!" Conrad entered the kitchen in his snazzy business suit. "Baby you make me one of those muffins?" Nancy laughed and handed him one. "That'll be $2.50." "Maybe for your other customers. But not for your well-to-do banker husband, right?" She laughed again, she admired him so much. They'd gotten out of the grow business five years earlier and it was a tough transition at first, but eventually they landed back on their feet. Nancy owned her own bakery, which actually sold baked goods. Conrad was a bank teller working his way up to management. They had two beautiful children together, ten year old Alexander and eight year old Ainslie. They were beautiful children, they had Conrad's creamy skin tone and Nancy's eyes. Not to mention, Alexander had Silas' rebellious personality and Ainslie was very smart like Shane. The four of them got along quite well.

"Ains, Alex, breakfast! Hurry up, before dad's late." Alex and Ainslie bounced into the kitchen and scarfed down their own muffins. "Silas called, he'll be back in town tomorrow afternoon." Conrad informed his wife. "Wait, I thought he said next week? Princeton doesn't start their break until then." Conrad shrugged, "the boy said what he said, baby." "Shane, breakfast!" Shane walked in ready to go. "Mom, I'm going with Uncle Andy after school." Nancy poured herself a third cup of coffee, "whatever have fun."

Nancy looked lovingly at her family and her wonderful husband. "Mom, Tony Miller said his dad grows trees. But when I asked if they were oak or maple him and Joey Cashlow laughed at me. They started teasing me and said something about it not being 'that' kind of trees. What other kind is there?" Nancy and Conrad exchanged panicked looks as Shane gulped back a laugh. "Tony Miller is a moron, sweetie. Ignore him." Alexander took his answer and was none the wiser. Alexander and Ainslie would never know much about their parents' previous lives. As far as they knew, Nancy and Conrad met through Uncle Andy. And no further details were given. Shane kept quiet because he got a car and Silas never told because he didn't want his youngest siblings to ever went through what he did. Nancy eventually was able to make things up to her oldest boys.

And as they say, eventually, she lived happily ever after.

I know that's fluffy crap but hey! The mood struck. R&R please! xoxo