Note: Fairly odd parents is not mine, Sigvald, Vato and Hassian are all mine. Amelius Cosma is copyright to Kelsey Jackson/ Keyoma 09 on deviantart.

Chapter Ten

Thirty minutes later, at least in conventional time, as Tommy had used the last bite of muffin to stop time for one week (the twins and fairies had spent the time getting to know each other), the house was repaired and the police had arrived, immediately arresting the Crocker family, partly for mass kidnapping and partly for being clearly insane, and had booked the Turner family for disturbing the neighbourhood. Wanda (posing as one of the neighbours) looked up from her purple hand booklet (which was actually her son) out across the garden, watching the scene unfurl around her. The chief of police scratched his head, for Dimmsdale, this was a major crime scene and neither child seemed at all fazed by any of this. The boy, Tommy, was rebounding a green ball off the wall and the girl, Tammy, was waving off her rather bewildered (and now out of the control of magic) boyfriend. The policeman waved off these thoughts, turning to consult his subordinates.

Wanda groaned as she leaned back against the fence, confronting the three, Yellow cloaked Fairy World officials with a boiling rage.

"How could you let that happen?"she screamed, "he was just a boy, a vicious Viking boy, but still a boy! And you let him have ancient weapons of mass destruction, what kind of people are you."

"You really miss him don't you," muttered Hassian.

"Ov courze zhe doez you eediot." The speaker rubbed one hand through his spiky blond hair, which was slightly darker in shade to his lightening bolt goatee, and readjusted his glasses. His name was Vato Volitaire, head of Fairy World internal affairs and Hassian Orion's boss. He smiled sadly and passed her a yellow hankie.

"You just don't understand!" Wanda sniffed into the hankie, "he wasn't just a wish to me and Timmy, sure he could be moody, beastly and sly at times, but he was also more than that, he was endearing, like a son to me." She was unable to continue.

"By the way," Vato muttered to his assistant, the fittingly named Mildly Dull, "Just vhat did happen to Zigvald ... er ... Cozma" he said, coming up with the surname on the spot.

"The fairy dust mixed into his being reacted with Muffin Magic and blew him apart," Mildly replied, "there's about an 80% probability of death, the victim's residual magic should stay in this area for a couple of days, after which they may or may not reform and may or may not be dead, It's really hard to tell."

Hassian walked back over to Wanda, putting one arm around her to calm her down.

"You know," he began, "I used to know your husband's father. We were good friends him and I, you'd never think it looking at Cosmo but his dad was really something, a genius among fairies. We were part of an organization, the ARCH, heh, only had four members, more like a high school group. He was always there, always willing to help, until the incident." He paused, as if reconsidering whether he should have started this conversation, "He was like a brother to me."

The three Yellow cloaked men threw their hoods back over their faces, vanishing from human eyes as they walked through the emptying street, Hassian stopped, took one last look at Cosmo and Wanda, and the three officials disappeared into mid air.

Wanda saw that the police weren't looking at her anymore, poofing into a humming bird, she flitted through the trees, watching as a car approached.


Timmy Turner smiled to himself, another day, another boring board meeting, he wouldn't have had it any other way. Sure he loved his wife, he loved his kids, but she was out of town and they were save at home with the Vickybot.

Turning on the radio, he tuned into the most boring station he could find, just what his dad would've done. His father was his inspiration, he had taught him everything he had ever known.

"And in other news", a voice said from the radio, "there have been more developments in the kidnapping case on our very own turf, Dimmsdale USA, the hostages were held in the house of one Timmy Tur..."

"Boring!" Timmy said, changing channel before the end of the news, just like a Turner would! Pop music, the stuff he had listened to as a kid, Britteny Britteny and Chip Skylark. He sang to himself as he swung round the corner, his face drooping as he saw the scene.

"Egad!" He exclaimed, and would have fallen to his knees in horror if he had not been in a car, police cars completely surrounded the house, two men were being led away. His wife was going to kill him!


Two whole weeks had passed. Far from Dimmsdale, far from Brightsburg, far away from even Fairy World was the great great country of Canada. A hat was floating in the breeze, as was a jacket, as were a pair of shoes. They whipped into position, as if held by invisible strings. A sack fell from the sky, landing on the shoulder of the jacket, the wind whistled, sounding, eerily like a severely wounded Viking having a coughing fit. The sound increased, and a pair of headlamp eyes blinked into life. A long journey had begun, a journey back to Dimmsdale.

The End

(for real this time)