Title: Solitude

Genre: Romance

Series: Forbidden Game (Sorta)

Rating: K+

Pairing: Marcus/Kai

Summary: Marcus catches Kai alone.

There was something about Rome, always was. Something about the bustling streets, Centurions, and gladiator matches that always drew him back. Not that he was resisting. Marcus always thought of this place as more of a home than anywhere else. He belonged in the normal world.

His Elders would disagree.

His golden eyes swept the streets, observing the people instead of where he was going. A couple Senators' wives smiled lustily at him and giggled behind their hands. Marcus didn't return the smiles. Not once.

He had other things on his mind.

The Shadow Man's feet carried him automatically out of the city and toward a small villa on the outskirts. He'd lost track of how many times he'd walked this street in the past few days. He just had to see her.

No wonder the others laughed at him.

Olive trees cast cool shadows in the warm afternoon. The air seemed to be perfumed with something here. Fruit and grass and olives. Intoxicating in itself.

Marcus stopped in front of the door, then went around back. It was shadowy here, the sun setting in the opposite direction. A beautiful sound reached his ears and he walked quicker. He disappeared and reappeared in a tree before looking over a high wall.

Marcus smiled at the figure of a very petite girl with long dark curls. She was slightly bent over a lute, strumming a mournful tune. The music stirred emotion in his cold heart. Or perhaps it was the girl. Or some combination of the two.

"Kai! Kai!" he hissed at her back.

The tiny girl whirled around, raising her lute like a club.

"Don't throw it!"

The girl put her lute down gently and climbed up so they're faces were nearly level.

"What are you doing here, Marcus?"

"Apparently getting a concert."


"I actually wanted to ask if you thought about my offer. For us to leave, and never come back. I could take you; carry you, if I have to. I swear I would."

Kai looked up into his eager face, her clear grey eyes sad.

"I have to go," was all she said, starting to climb down. "You should, too."

Marcus watched her go with a heavy heart. He knew he'd be back tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.

He felt cursed and alone; confined to solitude. Forever.


AN: The reason this is isn't with the other Forbidden Game stories (if you haven't read my other fanfics) is because neither Marcus nor Kai were in the actual books. But I love them so much I couldn't help it. Heh. Oops. j/k