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"I'm not sure that's such a good idea padfoot." Remus cautioned lightly.

"And why ever not mooney, he could join us on full moons! You wouldn't have to hide out somewhere!"

"There are a lot of things going on Sirius!" he took a breath to calm himself down. As he was becoming aware of how his voice was rising in volume. "Things that need to be discussed and figured out, we can't have him thinking that we no longer want to speak with him about the Dursleys."

"But Remus shouldn't he have something to take his mind off of all this madness, at least before we began to question him? Something that would make him feel closer to his father and also is learning at the same time?"

He knew he had his friend there. Any mention of learning and Remus would be hooked.

"Fine," Remus said with a great sigh, "we'll speak with him about maybe and I say maybe doing something like that when he comes down here."

Seventeen long minutes, that was how long it took Harry to gingerly make his way down the stairs to where his godfather and Remus were.

To Sirius it had felt like a life time, he had been very shook up when Harry hadn't come down right away. Remus probably hadn't been as worried, patient man that he was. That aspect of him had always driven Sirius insane; he never had understood how someone could wait that long from something.

He had stood in the entrance of the living room half in and half out. Seeming to be just waiting hesitantly for either Remus or Sirius to notice him and invite him to join them.

He had observed how Sirius had paced back and forth and then back again in front of the unlit fireplace. And he had seen how Remus just sat, doing nothing important really, just sitting and watching his friend pace. As if trying to will him with his mind to just stand still for even a minute.

Finally tired of being quiet and waiting he cleared his throat. Not too loud to really startle anyone but just loud enough to be heard from where he was.

Surprisingly it was only Remus that turned to face him. Sirius appeared to have made himself so lost in his own wild thoughts that he no longer was paying attention to anything going on outside his head.

Remus looked at him for a second, just for a few small seconds as if he was trying to fully take in everything about the way harry looked in that small moment. Then quickly recovering he sent Harry a small loving smile and with a gesture of his hand motioned for him to come in and sit.

Quickly and effortlessly Harry made his way across the floor and sat down in the chair located next to his old teacher. The room seemed slightly colder than he imagined it would be once he was fully emerged in it. And for a moment he contemplated the idea of pulling the fuzzy blanket that was on the back of his chair off to snuggle himself in it. But he quickly tore that thought from his mind. Right now all he wanted to appear was confident and independent. So completely different from how he was feeling on the inside.

Remus however was still a very intelligent man. He didn't have to have Harry out right tell him he was cold. Though it wasn't really rocket science you just had to look at the boy and see the shivers to understand.

He grabbed his wand that was hiding in one of his cardigan pockets and with a swish of his wrist and a quiet spell whispered a fire began to glow in the fireplace.

The sudden warmth and scene made Sirius hop back in surprise almost falling straight into Harry. Who he just noticed had joined him and his old pal. The surprise and shock on his face was enough to break any seriousness that had previously been holding the room.

In fact it was enough to make not just Remus, who was almost on the ground from laughter, but also Harry laugh too.

Sirius took a minute, at first angry at the noise of his friend and godson laughing at something embarrassing he had done. But as he looked towards Harry and saw the smile on his face and came to the realization that this was the first time he had really truly laughed in a very long time that made the humiliation worth it. He himself even managed to let out a breathy chuckle.

Once things had died down it was time to get back to business.

"Harry there's some things me and Remus wish to discuss with you." He began lightly.

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