Title: La Belle et Le Bête

Author: Shelby

Summary: Lady Blair Waldorf has been wed to Lord Charles Bass. She knows little of him since he has been kept in his castle by his father practically all his life. Others tell her he is an awful man. Then how has she fallen in love with him? (Historical CB Series)

A/N: So this historical series of one-shots has been in my documents folder for a while. They go with each other, but are not long enough to be a full story. I will post the next one if anyone reviews, and from there until the end. They are all completed though. Enjoy.

This is not the story of Beauty and the Beast C/B style! I repeat that it does have significance, but I'm not creating a fairytale here. Read the story and you'll see what I mean.


"I like to live away from others, so in my search for a home I was much selected. I needed solitude and a place to sleep, that was it," Chuck told her as they entered the door. He held onto her hand tightly and brought her inside with him. Her long white dress dragged on the floor and the pearls around her neck felt like ice.

Blair's eyes wandered around with curiosity. The floors were polished wood and the walls were stone, but decorated. There was the most lavish of furniture, but none of it looked very comfortable. It was very dark, except for candles and torches selectively placed. The castle seemed as if no one lived in it, but yet he did… all alone, until now.

"Don't you freeze to death, Lord Bass?" she wondered aloud. A chill came through her body and she shivered. He chuckled and pulled her closer to him as they walked.

"I like the cold, but you shall be fine here," he responded.

"What does that mean?" Her brow furrowed in confusion.

"You'll see, my love," Chuck mused and kissed her on the forehead before they moved forward again. His affection for her seemed to heighten as they moved further into his home. At their wedding he barely touched her, but now he practically cradled her to him.

And then they entered another room. It was the master bedchambers. She had expected to be shown to her bedroom, but it seemed as if he expected them to always live in one. It had a huge fireplace and a fur rug on the floor. There were also blankets on a chair in the corner. It lit the whole room up, the walls almost orange from the light of the fire. Then her eyes fell to a window.

"The waters," Blair gasped and put a hand to her chest. Outside the window, no land was visible. It seemed as if the castle floated on water. Waters that raged outside in powerful waves and crashed against trees that was.

"There is no need for you to be afraid," Chuck smiled.

"I can't swim," she breathed and turned to look at him.

"Does your ladyship expect me to throw her out the window?" His eyes twinkled with amusement. She blushed and looked away from him.

"Certainly not," she responded sheepishly.

Chuck gently brought his hand under her chin and brought it up so she looked into his eyes again. She told herself they looked so much softer than everyone claimed. All the people in town had her scared to marry such a man; they deemed him horrid and cruel. Now he looked different though, perhaps it was the lighting.

"You are beautiful," he complimented. His fingertips traced over her ruby lips.

"Thank you my Lord," she nodded her head.

"Please," he chuckled, "do not be so formal. It is our first night as husband and wife, is it not?"

Blair studied his slightly opened shirt on his chest. She put her hand to it and nodded her head again.

"Where will I put my dress? It is most stunning. I would not want harm to come to it." Her voice was quiet and her eyes, that he luckily could not see, were nervous.

"You are frightened of me," he assumed. She immediately looked back up at him, mouth agape.

"I am not, I…" Blair shook her head. He put a finger to her lips to silence her.

"I do not expect your ladyship to consummate anything until she is ready to do so. I shall ask you if you are sure before and will not go further until granted permission," he promised. His eyes looked truthful. Blair was taken back. That was not what she had heard and certainly with any marriage would never expect such a thing to leave a man's lips.

"But it is my duty," she said, voice shaking slightly.

"And that is a word I do not put use to within my home," he refuted. She smiled softly.

"You are not as I expected, sir," she admitted.

"That is another matter I wish to discuss. I would like you to call me, Chuck and for you to allow me to call you, Blair," Chuck requested.

"Of course, my lor… Chuck."

"I am not an evil man, Blair. I simply omit my kindness on those unworthy of it," he explained.

"I do not well with believing judgment from the mouths of others usually..." Blair looked back up at him and finally breathed, "I was just curious, Chuck. I knew so little about you and now I see many others know nothing truthful at all either."

"I only ask you do not inform them of anything. Allow them to believe as they wish. I do not help those who relish in ignorance," he told her. She nodded and then felt him let go of her. He turned his back to take off his shirt. Her eyes widened and she quickly turned away, her dress rustling.

"Take ease, Blair. I expect nothing, but for you to sleep beside me tonight," he chuckled.

"Am I expected to sleep in my wedding dress then?" she asked. Her body turned and she crossed her arms. Slowly the usual fire and spark within her began to build up again. It was going to take some time to be in her true comfort zone again, of course.

"If you wish it," Chuck smirked and walked towards her. She backed up since he wore nothing, but his pants.

"I do not," Blair retorted as her back hit the wall. He strode towards her more and positioned himself in front of her. His arm rose to place a hand above her head and the other reached up to stroke her cheek. Her skin tingled at his touch and she felt a flutter in her stomach.

"I assume you do not wish to slumber in the nude either?" His voice was smug.

"Not until I am ready, you gave me that choice. You should not suggest such heinous thoughts until…"

His chuckled silenced her voice.

"I was only teasing. Of course if you did oblige I would not have stopped you." Her left eyebrow raised and she pursed her lips.

"Your new wardrobe is in the bureau on your side of the bed," he instructed and moved off of her. For this first time she was able to breathe again. Her eyes watched him move back to the window and he gazed out it. She slowly pushed herself off the wall and went to the bureau. When she opened the drawers her interest peaked.

"These are not my clothes," Blair stated. He did not turn from the window.

"They are now."

Blair sighed and looked back to them. They were all very nice, extremely expensive. All of her old clothes were like that too. In fact they favored them much except for one change in all of the dresses. The cleavage line had been lowered.

"If you think I shall wear these out of your home you have gone mad," Blair told him as she retrieved a night gown. It was colored red and made of silk. Her mother and any other woman would have died at such a vibrant color.

"Our home," he corrected, but continued to gaze out the window.

"Where am I to change?"

"Where you stand, do not worry. I will not look, no matter how painful that will be."

She sighed frustrated, but then tried to get out of her dress. After much struggle she stomped her foot. He turned to face her and smiled.

"Are you in need of assistance?"

"Yes, please call for a maid. I will not be able to free myself of this dress without one," she ordered.

"All servants have retired for the night," he smirked.

"You have been deceitful," Blair accused as her eyes flashed anger.

"By letting the tired servants go to sleep?" His eyes remained relaxed as he came towards her. She backed away from him.

"I do not like to be tricked. You should have told me your expectations rather than lie to me for some sick game you wish to play," Blair spat, her words venomous.

"I have done nothing of the sort, Blair," he retorted with now pursed lips, "I can undress a woman without attacking her. Trust me."

"Now you insult me," she gasped.

"I have not!"

"Yes, you have. You know nothing of my body or its imperfections, sir. I do not wish for it to be belittled before you have seen it."

"I wasn't…" he started to yell, but then stopped himself. After he calmed himself he took a step towards her and his features softened.

"You took it the wrong way. I was simply trying to put you at ease with the idea of taking off your dress. I have no complaints about you or your beautiful figure," Chuck told her.

Blair's eyes softened and she almost smiled. No one had ever referred to her figure as that of beauty before. Then again, she always stood next to Serena.

"Do you trust me?" he asked.

Blair responded by turning around to allow him to untie her dress and corset. Chuck smirked and took it off with ease. He was a pro, which she knew of. When he was finished she held the dress up and nodded.

"Thank you. Now go look out the window again while I undress completely."

"As you wish," he agreed and did as he was told. Blair undressed and dressed quickly. She then got onto her side of the large bed.

He turned around and came towards her. He got in on his side and lifted the covers. He then held them up over the middle of the bed. Blair hesitated, but then lied down there. He smirked and wrapped his arms around her. She noted he was even more handsome in the light of the fire.

"Goodnight, love," Chuck whispered into her ear. Blair felt instant warmth rise from her toes to her cheeks. She smiled softly when he buried his nose into her chestnut curls.

"Goodnight, Chuck."


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