Part I:

It was the end of junior year. Prom was coming up, and Sheridan was wondering who she would go to Prom with. Gwen was wondering the same thing. They had a plan that, if necessary, they'd go together and dance with other girls' dates. But, naturally, they each wanted a date of their own. The girls were both Sheridan's house, watching

"Doesn't Luis just makes you sizzle?" Sheridan asked.

"Sheridan, he's not THAT hot!" Gwen countered.

"What are you blind? He is THE hottest guy at school! He's also a great guy-he'd make a great boyfriend, you know. Name one guy who'd make a better Prom date."

Should I tell her? But if I do, she'll make fun of me forever! But, she might have some ideas as to how to get him to take me to Prom... Gwen considered. Softly, she said, "Ethan."

"Ethan?" Sheridan shrieked.

Gwen winced. "Yeah, Ethan. He's a really great guy-you know that!"

Sheridan giggled. "True. So, does this mean that you finally realized that I was right about Chad's true feelings?"

"Yeah, he likes Whitney."

"What did I tell you? But, back to the important question-how are we going to get these guys as our dates?"

Sheridan was having a HORRIBLE day. She overslept so she missed her bus. THEN, she had to drag Julian out of bed and get him to take her to school and listen to his complaining about having to get up so early the entire ride to school. She was also late, but she had a note from her mom, so at least the tardy was excused. Then, she walked into the cafeteria and had to answer Theresa and Whitney's questions about why she was late. She went to AP History, but she had forgotten her Chapter 26 Notes at home and didn't have a 'No Homework Pass.' Also, she got back the Chapter 24 Test, but she got a D+ on it-and she thought she had aced it! She walked into English Literature, wondering what was going to go wrong next.

As she sat down, Luis asked, "Hey, Sheridan, you got a date to Prom yet?"

Groaning, Sheridan replied, "No, not yet," expecting some sort of stupid comment about how only dorks didn't have dates yet.

Luis grinned. "That's great!"

Now Sheridan was REALLY confused. "How is ME, not having a date, great? It sucks!"

"Yeah...but not for some guy who wants to be your date."

"Look, Luis, I'm having a horrible day, and I'm really not in the mood for mind games. What's going on?"

"Uh, Sheridan, I was, uh, wondering if you'd like to go to Prom with me," Luis told her nervously.

Sheridan sat there, staring at him for a moment before she realized what had just happened. "You're asking me to the Prom?"

"Uh, yeah, that was the general idea."

Sheridan grinned and told him, "I'd love to!" Relieved, Luis smiled back at her and they had fun flirting through the rest of English Lit.

After 3rd hour, Luis and Sheridan had to separate-Luis to go to Biology and Sheridan to Spanish. Sheridan ran to catch up with Gwen after her AP History class. Sheridan knew that Gwen would be so happy for her once she found out!

"Gwen! Gwen! Wait up!" Sheridan called like a maniac. She ran down the hallway, as the freshmen scurried to get out of her way. When she finally caught up to Gwen, she had to stop and catch her breath. Then, she said, "Gwen, you'll never guess what happened!"

"As much as I'd love to hear, maybe we should make sure that those frosh you trampled are ok. I mean, they ARE still breathing, right?" Gwen joked, but Sheridan wasn't in the mood for joking so she gave her an evil glare. "Okay, then. What's up, Sheridan?"

Sheridan got all smiley and said, "I have a date for Prom!"

Now Gwen was happy for her friend, but she didn't have a date yet, so she was kinda jealous. I mean, sure, guys had asked her, but not the one that she really wanted to go with-Ethan. So, she said, "Oh? You mean Arnold FINALLY got up the nerve to ask you?"

Sheridan was mad. Indignantly, she said, "It's NOT Arnold."

"Oh, then Dwight? Or was it Avery?"

"No! It was Luis!"

Gwen grinned and said, "That's what I figured. Congrats, Sheridan. I know how much you like him...after Dwight, of course."

Now that Sheridan knew that Gwen was happy for her, she could deal with her teasing. "Yeah, you know, me and Dwight-it's just like a match made in heaven!" They laughed and walked off down the hall together.

A week later, Luis and Sheridan were still going out, and Sheridan couldn't stop talking about him. Gwen was really happy for her friend, but she wished that she were going on a double date with Luis and Sheridan-with Ethan as her date. But he only seemed to think of her as a friend. Luis was in gym class, playing volleyball-with Beth hitting on him every five seconds.

"Oh, wow! That was SUCH a good spike, Luis! You're SUCH a good volleyball player!"

"Uh, thanks, Beth," Luis replied, wondering what was up with her. But he didn't give it a second thought since he mind was filled with thoughts of Sheridan.

Soon the game ends, and Beth told Luis, "Oh, thank you!"

Luis was puzzled. "For what?"

"For being SOOO good at volleyball! We would've lost without you!"

"Uh, you're-" Luis began to say. Suddenly, an out-of-control volleyball from another court flew over and hit him on the head. He crumpled to the ground, unconscious.

"Oh no! What are we going to do?" Beth cried out in anguish.

Mr. Michels, the gym teacher, walked over and said, "Hank and Chad. Get over here." The guys walked over and he continued talking. "Carry Luis to the Nurse. He's going to be in pain when he wakes up."

The guys did as he asked and picked Luis up. "Man, I hope he's ok," Hank said.

"Yeah, Sheridan'll freak as it is when she finds out. If anything happened to him, she'll seriously lose it," Chad agreed.

They laid him on a cot in the Nurse's room and told her what happened. She agreed to keep and eye on him and promised to let them know if there was anything else they could do.

7th hour, Hank and Chad walked into Pre-Calculus together, wondering how they're going to break the news to Sheridan. "We'll just tell her the facts. She'll be sad, but she'll realize he'll be ok. She'll be fine with it," Chad decided. But when they walked into class, they didn't know what to do. Sheridan was sitting on her desk, laughing and talking with Jessica and Simone. She was smiling and looked like she was in a great mood. This put Hank and Chad into even WORSE moods since they knew that the news would depress her.

"There she is, man. Go and break the news to her," Hank told Chad.

"Whoa. Who said I was gonna be the one to tell her?"

"Well, it WAS your idea."

"Exactly. I came up with the plan. Your job is to carry it out." They stood there, glaring at each other until Chad, being his usual hot, nice self relented. "C'mon. Let's do it together."

"Hey, Sheridan. Can we talk to you?" Hank asked.

Sheridan grinned. "Sure, guys. What's up?"

"Uh, actually, we'd like to make this a little more private-if you don't mind," Chad elaborated.

Sheridan was wondering what they could have to tell her in private. Was Luis cheating on her? Did something horrible happen to Gwen? What was going on? "Uh, sure, guys." She looked at Jessica and Simone, who walked away to give them some privacy. "So? What's up?"

The guys looked at each other nervously, each hoping that the other would give her the bad news. Finally, Hank broke the stalemate. "It's Luis," he told her reluctantly.

"What about Luis? What happened?" Sheridan asked frantically.

"Well, uh, we were in gym last hour, and we were playing volleyball," Chad continued. "His team had just won and was waiting for their next game to start when a volleyball came flying out of nowhere and hit his head. It, uh, knocked him unconscious. Sorry to have to be the ones to tell you this, Sheridan."

Sheridan just stood there with a blank expression on her face. She couldn't believe this. Luis was hurt! And now that class was about to start, she wouldn't be able to go and see how he was-Mrs. Nelson might let her out for a moment otherwise, but they had a test today. She was trying her best to hold back her tears so she wouldn't embarrass herself.

"Are you ok, Sheridan?" Hank asked, giving her a hug.

Once she was in Hank's arms, Sheridan just couldn't hold back anymore. The tears just flooded forth, and there was nothing she could do to stop them. Hank motioned toward the door, and Mrs. Nelson nodded.

Slowly, he walked Sheridan out of the room. He walked with her to the doors by the Fieldhouse.

"Shhhhhh. Calm down, Sheridan. Everything's going to be okay. He'll be fine. It was probably just a little concussion. It's nothing too major." Despite all of his efforts, Sheridan could not stop crying.

"Do you want to go and see him?" Hank asked. Sheridan nodded, with tears still rolling down her cheeks.

"Ok, but you'll have to stop crying. The nurse might not let you see him if you're crying like this. She might even feel the need to give you a sedative!" Sheridan tried to smile a little at his pathetic joke, and he laughed.

"C'mon," he said, pulling her off the ground. "Let's go see Luis."

A few minutes later, after persuading the nurse that they REALLY needed to see Luis and really DID have permission to be out of class, they walked over by Luis's cot. Sheridan couldn't believe it. He was lying there, so quietly, so still. Sheridan knelt down and gave him a hug.

"Oh, Luis! You have to be ok. We were having so much fun together-I don't want it to end just yet!" she pleaded. "Please, Luis, come back to me soon. I don't know what I'll do without you!" She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and walked out of the room before she could start to cry again.

Hank walked out with her, and put his arm around her shoulders. "It'll be ok, Sheridan. He'll be just fine. You'll just have to come by again, after school's over."

Together, they walked back to PreCalculus. Since they had already missed some of the class period, Mrs. Nelson told them that they could take it tomorrow during their free period. Sheridan was really grateful since she knew that she couldn't concentrate on her PreCalculus test that day. She just sat in her desk, got out her notes and "studied."

In reality, she was worrying about Luis, but she knew that she had to look like she was doing something productive with the time that Mrs. Nelson had been nice enough to give her. Eventually, class ended and Hank was walked with her to Chemistry.

"Are you sure I shouldn't go and check on Luis? I mean, maybe he woke up since we were there!"

"Sheridan, you need to concentrate on SCHOOL now. Chemistry, not Luis. I realize how much you like him, but you need to stop acting like a groupie girlfriend who can't go anywhere or do anything without her boyfriend. I realize you're not like that, but you need to let the nurse take care of him and go check on him after school-I'll even go with you if you want."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. And could you go with me? I-I don't want to go alone. I don't know what I'll be facing and I'd love to have a friend with me."

"Sure, Sheridan. Should I meet you outside Mr. Wanie's room?"

"Yeah, thanks," she replied, giving him a hug. "See ya there!"

During Chemistry class that day, Sheridan got back the last quiz she took. She was mad-she got a D! And she thought she knew it! She knew she needed to talk to Mr. Wanie about it. She NEEDED to understand this-after all, she did have a big test the next day. She didn't know if her grade could stand any more D's! She talked to Mr. Wanie for about 25 minutes, trying to understand the different types of bonding and how to draw them. At about 3, she looked up and saw Hank standing in the doorway with a smile on his face.

"Ohmigod! Hank! I'm SO sorry! I totally forgot that I said I'd meet you here after school! Let's go! Thanks, Mr. Wanie."

"Wait, Sheridan, stay and figure out Chem. I know you have a big test in here tomorrow."

"Really? You don't mind? You're the greatest!" Sheridan said with a grateful smile. She talked about Chemistry a little longer with Wanie a little longer. 10 minutes later, Sheridan was done, and they began to walk towards the Clinic.

"I'm really sorry about that, Hank. You didn't have to stay there with me."

"Yeah, but I told you I'd go see Luis with you. Besides, I told you to concentrate on school. I didn't realize you'd take me so SERIOUSLY, but..." They both laughed and continued walking to the Clinic, hoping Luis was back to normal.

While Sheridan was trying to figure out Chemistry, Beth had gone to see Luis. Secretly, she had had a MAJOR crush on Luis since freshman year. She knew it was pathetic to hold on to a crush for that long, but Luis… Luis was worth it. He was only the hottest, sweetest, smartest, and sexiest man alive! If only he would realize that she was the girl for him-not Sheridan. She walked into the Clinic and stood beside his bed.

"Hey, sexy," she said softly. "You gotta wake up and feel better. Lots of people need you-especially me."

Just then, she heard a groan escape his lips. He slowly shifted his head towards her voice and opened his eyes. He looked at Beth with a confused expression in his eyes. "Wh-who are you? Where am I?"

"You mean you don't remember?" Beth asked with false pity.

"No. How did I get here?"

Amnesia! This is perfect! Beth thought.

"Sweetie, I'm hurt that you don't remember me, but we'll get past this. I'm Beth-your girlfriend! You were hit in the head with a volleyball during gym class. It knocked you unconscious, and you've been here since then."

"Beth? You're my girlfriend? I can't believe that I can't remember that!"

"Don't worry about it, honey. I forgive you. It's not like you TRIED to forget! But just remember-I'm the only one you can trust. There are some other girls who might try to take advantage of your amnesia and say they're your girlfriend, but they're lying. I'm the only one you can rely on to tell you the truth. I mean, would you love a liar?"

"I-I love you?" Luis asked, astonished. I'd think I'd remember if Beth was my girlfriend, let alone if I LOVED her! I don't think I love her, but it's probably just my amnesia. I wish I could remember everything! Luis hoped. But she seems so happy to see me. She couldn't be lying to me. She's obviously my girlfriend.

"Of course you do, silly!" Beth said, grinning before saying lovingly, "Oh, honey, I'm sorry! You probably just don't remember. But you know what? That's ok! Cause I'll spend the next few weeks helping you realize why you love me-why we're perfect for each other!"

They continued talking for a little while, until Luis's mother came to pick him up. Beth kissed him on the cheek and went home herself.

Sheridan and Hank walked into the Clinic and went over by Luis's bed, but he wasn't there anymore. They asked the nurse where he was and she told them that his mother had come to get him and take him home. Sheridan and Hank were overjoyed to hear that he had woken up. The nurse told them that he was ok, except that he had amnesia. They thanked the nurse for taking such good care of him, and they headed over to his house. Once there, Pilar let them in and told them that Luis was up in his room. They walked up to his room and knocked on the door.

"Come in!" Luis called from inside. Glad to hear his voice again, Sheridan and Hank opened the door and walked in.

Sheridan immediately walked over to his bed, and kissed his forehead. "How are you, honey? We've been SO worried about you!"

After the kiss, Luis pulled back from Sheridan. "Uh, who are you?"

Hank stepped forward to fill him in. "Oh, that's right. The nurse said you had amnesia. I'm Hank-one of your best friends."

"And, sweetie, I'm Sheridan-your girlfriend."

Luis laughed. "I'm sorry, Sheridan, but that's impossible. I already have a girlfriend."


"No, Beth. SHE is my girlfriend."

"Uh, no, buddy. Sheridan is. You two've been going out for a little over a week. You're planning to go to the Prom together and everything!"

Now Luis was really confused. "But Beth and I are going to the Prom. I can't have TWO dates to Prom!"

Sheridan was feeling hurt and confused. Why doesn't Luis remember me? I guess I can understand that much-with the amnesia and all-but why does he think Beth is his girlfriend and his Prom date? Do our dates and plans for the future mean NOTHING to him?

Sheridan could not hold it in any longer and began to cry. Hank noticed this and said, "Look, Luis, I'm sure you're tired and confused after being unconscious for so long. We'll leave and give you some time to rest-but we'll be back to visit you tomorrow, ok? Bye." Hank put his arm around Sheridan and walked out of the room with her.

"Oh, Hank!" she sobbed. "Why doesn't he remember me? And why does he think Beth is his girlfriend? Did he have a secret crush on her or something?"

Hank hated to see Sheridan like this. They had been great friends for years and he knew he had to do the best that he could to help her through this tough time. "Sheridan, it's not that he didn't love the times you spent together-he had a lot of fun on all your dates and was thrilled when you said you'd go to Prom with him. I don't know why he thinks he's going out with Beth. But the nurse might have an idea-we could go ask her tomorrow, if you want."

"Oh, thank you, Hank!" Sheridan cried. "But you've already done so much for me. I don't know if I could ask you to do anything else. I feel so guilty monopolizing so much of your time!"

"Don't be, Sheridan. I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to be. You and Luis are both really close friends of mine, and I want to help you two get through this." They hugged again and Hank drove Sheridan home.

The next day at school, Luis and Sheridan/Luis and Beth was the big topic of the day. There were a lot of different theories as to what actually had happened. Everyone knew that Sheridan and Luis HAD gone out, but they didn't know what to believe now. Some thought that Luis just got sick of Sheridan or decided that Beth was more of his type and faked amnesia to dump Sheridan easily. Others thought that the amnesia was a ploy that Sheridan came up with to avoid the shame of being dumped a week before the Prom. And, naturally, there were the few who were close enough to Sheridan to know that she wouldn't lie about something like this and, if she did, she wouldn't be so torn up about it. Sheridan couldn't believe what had happened.

I can't believe this! Sheridan thought. First Luis dumped me with no warning. Granted, he has amnesia and Beth is cruel enough to take advantage of that, but I was REALLY starting to fall for him! Then, people are saying that I made up the amnesia so I wouldn't have to face the shame of being dumped so close to Prom. A few days ago, I was the happiest girl in the world! I had a loving boyfriend, great friends, popularity and more! My life was practically PERFECT! Now I don't have a boyfriend, some true friends, and my popularity is down the tubes. Can my life SUCK any more?

"Cheer up, Sheridan," she heard a voice behind her say.

She spun around to see Gwen and Ethan standing behind her. "Hey, guys."

"Gwen's right, you know, Sheridan. I know that this has to suck, but you can't stay down in the dumps forever. Sooner or later, Luis will remember what you had. And if he doesn't and still doesn't realize how PERFECT you are for each other, you really don't belong with him," Ethan told her before adding softly, "You're a great girl, Sheridan. Remember that, and maybe Luis will too."

Just then Hank came up behind her and rubbed her shoulders. "He's right you know. He may not know much, but you're a great girl and any guy would be lucky to have you as a girlfriend."

Sheridan grinned. "Thanks guys."

Just then, the minute bell rang. "Dammit! We've gotta get to Pre-Calculus. See ya guys later!" Gwen called as she ran off down the hallway with Ethan beside her.

Slowly, Sheridan and Hank walked off to Pre-Calculus themselves. "You know, Hank, speaking of dates, I have a question for you."


"Would you go with me to Prom?" Sheridan saw the stunned look on Hank's face and quickly added, "I mean as friends, of course. I really want to go to Prom, but I don't want to have to worry about finding a date for dinner and whatever. Would you go with me?"

"Uh, yeah, yeah, sure. Of course I'll go with you Sheridan," Hank said while thinking, I'm going to Prom with Sheridan! This is great! Yeah, sure, it's as friends, but still, it's a good first step. If Luis realizes that he loves Sheridan, that's ok. She'll be happy and that's all that I really want. But if he doesn't-well, the Prom will be a GREAT beginning for Us.

That night, Sheridan called Gwen to tell her about her new Prom plans.

"So you're going with Hank? That's great. He's a really nice guy."

"Yeah, but we're only going as friends, Gwen."

"I know. Besides, you're not over Luis yet-are you?"

"Definitely not. It just really hurt me, you know. I mean, I always knew that Beth was jealous of me since she had a MAJOR thing for Luis, but I never thought she would stoop this low. Besides, Gwen, I-I really liked him."

Softly, Gwen asked, "Did you love him?"

"I-I don't know. If I didn't I was on my way there. I was falling for him-fast," Sheridan confided. "But, hey, that's enough about me and my screwed up social life. Who are you going with?"

"I don't have a date. I might not even go."

"Gwen! You HAVE to go! Ask Ethan. I know how much you like him."

"Sheridan, he doesn't like me like that. We're only friends."

"Then go as friends! Maybe it'll be more before the night ends! Besides, we can double date. You and Ethan and me and Hank. See? It's perfect. You HAVE to ask him!"

"Ok, I will...but if he says no..."

"He won't. He totally wants you."

Gwen laughed. "Whatever, Sheridan. But thanks for trying to boost my self-confidence." They hung up, and Gwen immediately called Ethan afterwards.

"Hey, Gwen. What's up?" he asked.

"Well, uh, have you heard that Sheridan and Hank are going to Prom together?"

"Really? That's great!"

"Yeah, it is. But, uh, since they're going as friends and I wanna go too, I was wondering if you'd want to go to Prom with me-as friends, of course."

"Sure, Gwen! That'd be great. We'll have a blast."

"Great!" Gwen replied, very relieved. They then made plans about where to meet and when.

Finally, Prom came. Gwen couldn't believe she had a date (even though it was just as friends) with Ethan. Sheridan was very happy for her since she knew how much Gwen wanted him. They were downtown, getting their hair done for Prom.

"Sheridan, what should I do to it?"

Sheridan flipped through some of the hair styling books, pointed to a picture, and said, "This!"

After looking at it, Gwen said warily, "I don't know, Sheridan. It's so different."

"Gwen, this is Prom. And you're going with the guy of your dreams! You've gotta live it up-and you'd look gorgeous like this! You have to get this style."

"Ok-but only if you do this one." She pointed to one that would look great on Sheridan, who agreed.

A few short hours later, they were both at Gwen's house, waiting for Ethan and Hank to arrive. They heard a knock at the door and carefully walked to the door to answer it. Standing before them were Hank and Ethan, looking 100% drool-worthy in their tuxes. They guys were thinking the same thing about Gwen and Sheridan. Gwen was wearing a low-cut, form-fitting aquamarine princess dress. Her hair was swept up off of her shoulders, making her look like royalty. Sheridan wore a similar dress in more of a pale purple color. Her hair also made her look dazzling.

"W-wow. You girls look great," Hank stuttered.

"Are you implying that we usually DON'T?" Sheridan teased.

Grinning, Ethan said, "Nah. But in these dresses you two make the perfect pair. You both look radiant."

The girls grinned and complimented the guys on their handsomeness as well.

Then, Hank extended an arm towards the driveway and said, "Ladies, your carriage awaits."

They look outside and see a white limo sitting in Gwen's driveway. "Guys, this really wasn't necessary," Sheridan argued.

"Yeah, I mean, we're just going as friends. You guys didn't have to spend so much!" Gwen added.

"Well, when I take a girl to the Prom, I take her to the PROM!" Ethan told them.

"Besides, we figured that this is our Junior Prom. We might as well live it up," Hank added.

"Well, thanks, guys," Gwen said.

"Yeah, thanks," Sheridan echoed. The guys pinned the corsages on the girls, and they were off.

Soon afterwards, they arrived at the dance. Each of the girls strolled into Washington Country Fair Park with a very handsome guy on her arm. There had been rumors circulating that Sheridan was trying to make Luis jealous by dating his best friend, but when they saw how Hank was looking at Sheridan those rumors soon stopped. They had a great time that night, dancing the night away. Soon a voice came over the speaker saying it was time for the presentation of the crown. The members of the Prom Court were called up to the "stage" so that the announcement could begin. Luis, Ethan, Hank, Chad, and Miguel walked up for the guys, and Beth, Gwen, Sheridan, Theresa, and Whitney walked up for the girls.

"The Princesses of the Prom are Theresa, Whitney, Beth, and Gwen. Congratulations to your Prom Queen, Sheridan! The Princes of the Prom are Chad, Miguel, Ethan, and Hank. Congratulations to your Prom King, Luis! Now for the traditional Queen and King Dance."

This I Promise You by *NSync comes over the speakers and Luis and Sheridan begin to dance.

For Sheridan, this was pure torture. I can't believe we have to dance together! I mean, I WAS planning on dancing with him at Prom, but with him as my date, not with him as the date of the girl who stole him from me!

Luis, meanwhile, was thinking, Sheridan is so lucky. I mean, Beth says that she really wants me, so she must be thrilled to be dancing with me. I just wish Beth were dancing with me. She's always been there for me, even though I can't remember any of our old dates. She is so great. I just wish I could remember our first date-it must have been something though.

Just then, he had a flashback. He was sitting in his car, getting ready for a date. He was going to see a movie. He drove to the girl's house and walked up to the front door. He knocked on it and Sheridan opened the door. Weird. Where's Beth? he wondered. Laughing and smiling, the two walked to his car and drove off.

I dated Sheridan? Why didn't Beth ever tell me this? I mean, she told me that Sheridan wanted me, but she never mentioned that we used to go out! Why didn't she tell me?