Stars explode behind Tally's dark eyelids.

What's happening? she thinks wildly.

Suddenly, a picture forms in her mind: a clear, solid picture. She's in a car, and everything is happening fast. One thing Tally is certain, though, is that she is not Tally Youngblood right now. She is someone else; she can feel that much. But who? she wonders idly, watching the world move with devastating slowness toward the headlights of the blue Cavalier in the opposite lane.

Instinct kicks in, and she finds herself pressing on the break slowly, pumping it as she was told to do in school when weather was rough. Her foot pumps steadily, and she tries to put together what is happening. First, that she was in Jace's bedroom, and now she is clearly not. Second, is that she is not in her own body, and she's not quite sure on how to put an identity to the stranger. Only that she is female, like herself. Third, is that she has no idea how to get back.

The car skids hopefully into the current lane, and then the impact hits.

OH! she screams in an agonized voice, and then she hears him.

"Tally?" Jace asks worriedly.

The world comes in to focus, and Tally's eyes widen doubtfully. Had that just happened?

"I'm fine," she answers Jace smoothly, her chin raising a fraction in confirmation.

He looks at her a moment longer, then shrugs it off and plays his game.

"Josh.. Where's Josh?" she breaks off suddenly, terrified. "The bathroom! What happened in there? There was blood everywhere, and then there was a wreck, and-"

"Whoa, back up." He stands lithely from his recliner, and is in front of me an instant later. "Blood? In my bathroom? Better not be," he growls, giving me a wink.

He doesn't believe me.

He grabs her by the wrist and starts stalking off toward the bathroom and she huddles close behind.

Had I imagined it?

Had she? Jace pushes the door open and steps back so she can see.