This story is set after the Family of Blood set of two episodes,and after Blink, but Rose is there in this series instead of Martha.

Travelling in a time machine feels oddly familiar thought Rose.

Rose fiddled with the watch in her hand. It was a fob watch, an ordinary looking fob watch, a silver one with swirls on it. The only difference to any other watch was the strange writing in the centre of the watch. She frowned and tried to open the watch but it refused to budge. Sighing, she stuffed the watch back in her pocket.

"Rose, what time is it?"

"Doctor, you have a time machine! It's whatever time you want it to be!"

"No Rose, I mean..." he sighed. "Just pass me your watch Rose"

Instead of passing him her normal pink Hello Kitty watch she passed him the fob watch.

His eyes bulged and he stared at her. "Rose can you see this watch?" he asked.

"Course I can. Are you OK?"

"Listen Rose, when did you get this watch?"

"I don't know... I've only just noticed it. I guess it's a family heirloom or something. I must have just stuffed it in my pocket. Why is it important?"

The Doctor tried not to panic. "No reason. Rose, have you actually ever opened the watch?"

"No, it won't open."

"Good." The Doctor didn't want Rose to open the watch- especially if she was a Time Lady in disguise. Because if she was, then she would change when the watch opened. Even if it did mean the Doctor wasn't the last Gallifreian left.

Suddenly Rose heard voices. "Open the watch. Open it. Open it. Open it. Open it."

"Doctor, is that watch, is my watch like yours because I can hear voices telling you to open it..." Rose whispered.

The Doctor slowly nodded.

"Doctor, just get rid of it please. I don't want to change, I want to be me." Even though it would be good to be a Time Lady and not have to leave the Doctor, she added silently.

The Doctor didn't know what to do. "Rose,you don't have to open it but I'm not going to get rid of the watch. Maybe it's someone else's." He knew he was lying at the last statement.

Rose sighed as the Doctor passed her the watch back.

She heard the voice telling her to open it once more, and gave in to the demand.

With determination, she opened the watch.