Claudia goes through with the marriage to Sonny. After about two months Sonny still doesn't trust Claudia but he doesn't hate her anymore (after all it's a

business arrangement, and of course a little sex hasn't hurt anybody. Plus that's one of the two things their good at together: Business and sex.) but then he

can't help but find her taking naps throughout the day (she says she's fine), eating a lot more than her usual fruit trays ("I am aloud to change my eating

choices!", and even more snippy (even for her). Sonny finally ask one day, if she was okay and she just snaps at him "no more than usual and why do you

care?" To avoid another argument he tries another approach and ask her if she would go with him to the benefit for Michael. In shock of how concerned

Sonny was being Claudia just stood there for a few seconds then agreed because she thinks maybe he just wants others to see them together (and she

knows Anthony would be upset if she wasn't playing her wifely duties) to know how serious they really are about their marriage. As they walked in to the

conference room of the hospital Claudia felt dizzy and would of fainted if someone who walked up behind her hadn't caught her, Nickolas. Sonny looked at

him and Claudia's reaction, grabbed her arm and kept walking. Sonny believed something was up between them two but he just couldn't figure it out.

Claudia wasn't sure why Sonny was being so possessive of her, and Jealous of Nickolas she's told him over and over again that their just friends, but then

she saw why, Kate Whoreward was watching them. Now it all made since to her, Sonny was trying to make Kate jealous. She smiled widely, and thought

she could use this to her advantage. Sonny looked over and caught Claudia smiling, "What?" he asked her. She just moved closer to him and says, "well

honey if you wanted to be all "big macho loving husband," all you had to do was ask." She then whispers in his ear, "I know you are just trying to make

Kate jealous." Sonny just stairs at her and then says, " I guess nothing really does get pass you, huh." She just smiles wickedly at him and Sonny walks

away to go talk to someone. Before Claudia even gets to the drinks she sees out the corner of her eye, Kate and Olivia walking towards her. "O great" she

mutters to herself. "Well, well, well," Olivia says, "So daddy let you off your leash has he?" All of a sudden Claudia starts getting a little dizzy again and she

fights it. Meanwhile: Carly sees Olivia and Kate are talking to Sonny's new wife, Claudia. She's not her friend or anything, but Claudia doesn't look to well

(like I care, but I don't wont them to start anything tonight because its about Michael).