I'm not sure what inspired me to write this, let alone post it, but since I'm keeping one of the pairings a secret, it can be about anyone. =) I'll leave that up to your imagination. If you want to know who I wrote it about, you can always send me a pm.

In the glorious moments of life, there comes a moment of regret and longing that's both infinite and fleeting. My moment tastes and feels of shame and lust. A single instant within thousands that both haunts and excites me whenever I close my eyes. It thrums through my veins like the aftershock of a bolt of lightning and I long to close my eyes again and again.

A wind sweeps up white fairy-like seeds, floating them across the tips of the wild grass. It's a warm gust that cools against the sweat dripping down my neck and face, pasting the feather-light seedlings there. My hair is matted against my forehead, which is knotted in concentration as my sword thrusts towards my opponent. I ignore the discomfort of dandelion kernels itching into sweat-soaked skin and the hot oppressive air which clogs my rough breaths. I concentrate on parrying and dodging the wicked slashes and jabs towards my mid-section.

At some point the practice match has become territorial, with neither of us conceding our ground. Although we laugh, our smiles turn to grimaces and there is a rough fury behind each gesture. It's pure luck when a single seed lands on her eyelash. It's barely a flicker - the movement of wrist-to-eye, but it's enough. I sweep my foot behind her ankles and she lands with a whoosh of expelled breath. I'm on her, instantly, my dagger pressed against her throat. As I whoop in triumph her lips cover mine, hands grasping my shoulders.

'Elissa?' It's barely a whisper's whisper of a thought, a hint of smoky suggestion which dissipates as my mind waves it away. And to my own astonishment, my mouth opens accepting the wild sweep of her tongue.