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Jackpot! Alice has left her new shopping bags downstairs, perfect time for a prank before school starts again. Oh, how I love to tease that little pixie of a sister. My family is perfect, mum, dad, sister, brothers and a gorgeous wife.

Being a vampire is actually one of the best things that ever happened to me, but also one of the worst. I lost someone special the day I was bitten and they can never come back. I still haven't told anyone either, even Edward doesn't know about them yet. I never think about her, however bad that may sound. But thinking and remembering about us together pains me inside. Yes me, Emmett, the funny, care free one, is sensitive.

On the few occasions that Edward is away, I let my mind wander for just a second, just to see her face again means the world to me. I can't afford to let him read my mind and let slip the only private secret I have left. Anyway! Enough of the stupid emotional stuff...Prank time!....


"Yes dear, sweet, baby sister?"

"Why the hell are all my new tops hanging on the tree outside?! I need them for the first day back and if you hadn't noticed, that starts in two hours!"

"I swear Alice, I didn't place them up there! I threw em..."

"I heard that you idiot! Now get dressed into that new shirt that is hanging on your bed."

"What new shirt?"

"Rose got it for you yesterday, she wanted you two to match apparently."

I laughed and sprinted up to my room, getting ready in just a few seconds. Haha, the shirt was pretty nice actually.. well it was more a skin tight, muscle top but meh, I can't complain. I put on my floppy dark blue jeans underneath and just looped a plain black belt around it.

I love Rose more than anything, if she picked out a hula skirt and coconut bra for me I would wear it. Actually.. maybe she could wear that one time for-"

Just that second she walked in looking more sexy than ever, her shiny blonde hair, coming down to mid waist. She was wearing a black minidress with an off shoulder sleeve. As I scanned down I saw the rest of her creamy legs, and finally my favorite pair of red high heels which I bought her for our last anniversary.

I smiled and picked her up, spinning her around. "Ow! Emmett get off, you are going to crinkle the dress!"

I chuckled again before putting her down and kissing her on the forehead. "First of all honey, that couldn't of hurt, you have granite hard skin, said in the nicest way possible. Secondly, if I cant crinkle the dress, can I kiss you instead?" I pouted and looked her way.

She seemed to ponder about it for a second before grinning and nodding. I lowered my lips and...

"EMMETT!!! Get down here right now!" I groaned and rolled my head back, "God damn it Alice!"

"What? I had to get you back someway didn't I?" Rose just laughed at my solemn expression and led me outside. Edward and the others were already in his Volvo and I really didn't want to be in the same car as Alice right now.

Hmm, I wonder if anything interesting will happen at school today. I swear I heard something about there being a new chick in school... well no matter to us, Alice hasn't even said anything about it so therefore it has no significance to us. Ahh well.. wonder what my first lesson is?

After me and Rose parked opposite the Volvo. I saw a huge crowd of students gathered around the other side of the school parking lot. Must be the new girl I suppose, hmm... wonder what was so interesting about her. Rose rolled her eyes at the attention someone else was getting and we both got out the car to join the rest of our family.

Alice and Edward were both glaring at eachother as if they had just had a fight, with Jasper in the middle staring straight ahead. Edward looked slightly pained and his eyes were flashing in anger.

Alice looked excited, as usual I suppose, but I could see her eyes go glassy and blurred out as she had another vision. Edward got even more angry as we approached and Jasper had to stop Edward from launching himself at Alice. She just laughed at him, "You wouldn't dare stop me Edward."

I looked at Rose questioningly as we walked hand in hand towards them and she just shrugged. "Hey guys!" I yelled over when we were just a car away. "What?!" Edward snapped back at me his eyes pitch black. Strange, he had gone hunting with all of us yesterday and he was fine this morning.

Some of the humans around us gasped and ran off in fear, I however just laughed and turned to Jasper. "What's got Edward strung tighter than a violin on antidepressants?"

"Doesn't matter now Emmett, just a small complication. Meet you at lunch yeh? Alice and I have psychology and the bell has rung already."


"Just keep your senses up okay. The new girl is... different."


"Yes Emmett, different. And none of us have even seen her for ourselves yet." He said as he turned the corner with Alice skipping along behind him. Rose gave me a good bye kiss and hurried after Edward to their history class. Great, I have biology now I think.

I dodged my way around the back of the gym so I could sprint across the field to class. I hated having to use my usual strength and speed in school, especially in gym! Ugh, it annoyed the hell out of me. I thought I saw a figure to my far left but didn't really think much of it, with the speed I was traveling they wouldn't even be able to see me.

I got around to the back door and jogged up the stairs so I wouldn't be too late. Mr Hardy was just setting up the lab so I managed to sneak in and take my place at the back next to a girl called Angela. She kept her head down as usual along with everyone else as I sat down.

I heard the three guys at the front, Mike? Tyler and um.. Eric talking about the new girl. Apparently she had long brown hair, pale skin and had amber/hazel eyes.. apparently she looked like the 'Cullens'. Haha, that was impossible, and prettier than Rose? Please, if I was alone with these guys.. and not a vegetarian vamp, then I would slit their heads off. Idiots.

The lab was crap as usual, I think I had done this exact same one about fifty eight times? Or was it fifty nine? Either way the lesson was killing me with boredom so I decided to scrunch up the lab sheet and throw it at Mike's head.

Nobody saw where it came from and when he screamed as it touched him, Mr Hardy gave him a detention. Wow, strict much? The bell went about fifteen minutes later and I trudged out. Lunch was in about an hour and a half after english, and throughout the whole lesson I couldn't stop thinking about what Jasper was on about this morning.

So, apparently she was pretty? And pale.. I mean what else could be wrong with her? Maybe she had a huge rash or something over the side of her face, or maybe her finger nails were three times longer than an average humans?

No, it had to be stranger.. or simpler maybe? Jasper said none of them had seen her yet, so it was either her smell or her voice? That would be so jokes, imagine if she had a man voice! Too funny. I chuckled all the way to lunch without trying to seem too strange.

My family should already be there as we were let out just a few minutes late. So as I entered I immediately started walking for our table. Everyone was there, Alice seemed to be looking for someone and now apparently Edward's bad mood had spread to Rose too.

Great, I wasn't going to hear the end of this was I? I sat down and Rose immediately pulled me over to her side of the table, which was apparently everyone but Alice. Not even Jasper had joined her? Strange, normally there wouldn't be anything to stand in his way to get to her.

There was a complete silence and for once for I wanted someone else to break the silence. But nobody spoke for about five minutes. I began to tap my foot and when Alice raised her eyebrows at me I let out a sigh and started the soon to be argument.

"Okay, first of all, why do you all look like war is about to break out? Secondly, does this have anything to do with this morning, and thirdly, what is up with this new girl?"

Alice smiled her gratitude over at me. "Well actually, all your points have to do with the new girl. I want to be friends with her." Rose and Edward laughed darkly. but I was confused. "Why would you want to be friends with her? She's human?"

Alice rolled her eyes and tried to explain a little clearer. "I know, but I had a vision, and apparently I end up being good friends with her, I don't know when but... why not try now?"

"But she is HUMAN Alice!" Rose whisper screamed. "Does it matter?" I suppose it didn't, but why would she be special? "Jasper what did you mean this morning about her?"

He turned my way before scanning the cafeteria slowly.

"Well she still isn't here so I guess I can talk. Have you seen her yet Emmett? She looks like we do, she has all the physical attributes that vampires like us do. It is strange."

"Maybe she is a vampire then?"

"She has a heartbeat."

We went back to the original silence after that. I looked around the room swiftly just like my brother did before and noticed she still wasn't here yet. That was also the first time since I came in the cafeteria that I let my ears process what the humans were saying.

Everyone was talking about this Isabella. Isabella, that name, same as my s- Oh shit Edward could read my thoughts couldn't he. Just then he looked over at me, silently asking what the hell I was on about. I did Alice's trick of looking away and repeating the lyrics to a pop song that he hated over and over in my head.

I caught a glimpse of the clock on the wall and saw that the bell was due to go in less than two minutes. Wow, I guess we had sat down in silence for longer than I had originally thought. Gym now I think.

Three out of four sports teachers were off school today so the whole year had the same teacher. We would probably be in the great sports hall then just mucking about for a few hours. Hey, at least I would be with my family this time. And even catch sight of this mysterious vampire girly, person, thingy... yeh.

The bell rang and we all got up together, I walked with Rose until she remembered that she left her sports kit in her locker. I offered to go with her but she declined, telling me that she would see me at the start of gym. I decided to walk with Alice after that, she seemed kind of glum to be honest. "Alice?"

"Yeh Emmett?" She answered quietly.

"If it helps, sorry I threw your clothes into the trees this morning."

"That's okay Em, you know you really are one of the best big brothers ever. I love Edward, but we just fight too much, but with you.. I don't think I have ever had a proper fight with you have I?" I thought about it for a moment and realized she was right. I guess I always had a softer side with Alice though, she kinda reminded me of B-.. never mind..

"Haha, yeh I suppose you're right."

"Aren't I always?" she giggled lightly as her mood began to lighten, "I really don't see why the others won't let me be friends with the human."

"I don't know Alice, I don't really care to be honest. As long as we all stay safe.. and the majority of us stay reasonably happy.. I don't mind."

"Well, I didn't see her at lunch, nobody did... I think I am actually losing my touch with all the stress from today... but I can't see her future, at all! It is so frustrating and well.. she better be in gym or else."

"Or else what Alice?" I laughed as we stopped in the hallway. "I don't know yet, but whatever it is, it is bad. See you in a minute." she said as we reached the changing rooms and departed ways. Yeh.. literally a minute. All us Cullens changed in like five seconds and when we have joint gym sessions we always meet up right at the beginning of the period to like talk and stuff...

A few dropped jeans and new clingy white gym shirts later I was standing in the hall with Ed, Jazz and Alice. About one minute later Rose came out which gave us about ten minutes before even the teacher came out, then another five before all the students were ready.

We all stood in the middle of the court and talked over todays events. Alice had got Jasper to get everyone to feel happy and excited when she was talking about her 'future friend'. He had eventually warmed up to the idea as he couldn't resist her pout, and as soon as she kissed him.. well, he was a goner.

Rose decided to get over it, as long as she didn't have to get involved with it, then she couldn't care less. That's my girl... plus she wanted to stay on my happy side. She wasn't the only one who could threaten the other one with no sex. Although I am sure me and her both know that the sex ban never works for us.

Edward however still wasn't breaking, we were all stood in a line facing away from the doors now and the more we tried to convince him, the more agitated he seemed to get. Alice and Rose were now facing Edward telling him he didn't have to have anything to do with it, then they suddenly both froze where they were.

I was confused, what the hell were they staring at? Alice smiled and then turned to Edward who started to prattle off about something. "ALICE! I don't care what you say, I don't want to be friends with her, and I don't know what has you thinking that you can just be friends with a.. completely average, normal, petty-" Rose coughed into her hand and Alice's eyes went wide. "-HUMAN!" Edward flung his hands out behind him in frustration with his last words and I suddenly heard a deafening crack. What the hell?

Next thing I know Edward is gripping his hand like whatever he hit actually hurt, and Jasper and Alice were turning and gasping as they saw what it was. I too turned and saw a person, a person? Oh my god he hit a person! They were flying through the air so fast and surely their bones should all be shattered from that? But they looked fine..

I saw a mass amount of brown hair flying around and that was all I could get before she hit the stone brick wall behind her at an impossibly fast pace. We all stood frozen as the bricks crashed and fell to the ground. She kept her head down and fell to the floor, just before she hit she put her hands and feet down in a crouching position.

That was not human, that was not human at all. But I could hear the heart beat loud and clear, just like the rest of my family. Edward finally looked up and his eyes went huge. Rose sucked in a huge breath and fell onto my shoulder.

I could hear footsteps coming from outside and I knew I needed to make a diversion. Alice and the others could handle this.. thing? I moved quickly without another word, just in time to see this girl get up, flicking her hair as she moved, and running out the emergency exit, blowing the metal bars clean off of it.

I couldn't think straight as I blocked the doors with a bench, and then the coach's desk. I saw a few people coming around the corner with curious expressions. I just smiled and waved, and they ran off. Freaky Cullens. Just then the coach came into the gym and saw me alone, with the wall smashed and the doors gone.



"What the fuck happened in here?" He asked as he spun around, trying to see if there was any more damage. I managed to lie smoothly, from hundreds years of practice. "I have no idea sir, it was like this when I came. I was the first one in and I haven't seen anything or anyone else. Maybe the headmaster should be informed?"

He seemed flustered as he began to jog out, "Um yes, good idea Cullen. Keep everyone else in here okay? I don't want to get into anymore trouble with Dr. Richard than I already am." He finally left, whispering a stream of insults towards the 'stupid kids' that might make him lose his job.

I was alone again and I was more confused than ever. I needed to get back home, if my family had caught the girl that would be were they were headed, if they weren't already there that is. I decided to walk home this time. Not run. Not even jog.

There was something familiar about that hair though. It was the perfect chocolate brown and I did manage to catch a glimpse of her skin, it was pale, just like ours. Her face was still a mystery however and she had some other vampire qualities too. Impossible strength and speed? None of us had even heard her come in though... maybe she was what the girls were staring at earlier?

I got home about ten minutes later, I couldn't stand walking human pace anymore so I decided to run. I could smell a human's scent as I entered the drive, it smelled of fresh apples and freesias. The footprints of my family all lead into the house, but it was currently silence within. They probably only just got back.

I slowed down as I stepped up onto the porch and opened the door slowly. I went straight into the living room and saw my whole family, including Carlisle and Esme standing at the opposite side of the room. They were all looking at... me? No, to the left of me. She was next to me wasn't she?

Edward nodded and Alice's eyes went blank with a vision probably. I closed my eyes and turned to face this new girl for the first time. Why was I closing my eyes again? Stupid. I heard a gasp, so sweet and innocent, I thought I remembered it from somewhere. I opened my eyes looking down at the girls bare feet, covered in dirt and leaves from the run through the forest no doubt.

My eyes scanned up and what I saw made me actually puff all my breath out. My eyes went fuzzy and hazy because I couldn't believe what I was seeing, she smiled then and her eyes began to water. My mouth opened but nothing came out, I tried again and this time my voice trembled more than it ever had before.

"Bella?" I managed to finally get out, she nodded and I dropped to the floor. "Emmett." she sobbed as the tears began to flow from her face, "I love you so much, I didn't think that-" she broke down in front of me "-that we would ever see eachother after you disappeared, and, and-"

I leapt forward and crushed her in a hug, I knew she would be okay. This couldn't be real, how did this happen? It couldn't be.. but it, it was true. It was Bella. My beautiful little Bella.

"I love you so much Bella, I missed you more than, more than anything."

I had actually completely forgotten about my family being in the room until I stood up with Bella and swung her around. Alice and Edward looked understanding, Esme, Carlisle and Jasper looked confused.. and Rose looked heartbroken. How could I do that to her? I needed to explain everything.

Fuck it. What had I done?

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