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Everything was gone. All that anger and frustration and sheer amount of hatred towards all the people in my house. Gone. It was replaced however, with the opposite amounts of feelings. Sadness and despair, feelings of loneliness and betrayal.

I had left the house in a rush and had forgotten to bring anything with me, no money, nothing. But even now with my new feelings and state of mind I think my thoughts towards Bella had only heightened.

I would go through with my plan, it was genius and it would work. She would be asleep when I got home and nobody would stop me if I sneaked in through the back door and into the window.

Maybe I was still in shock that nobody had immediately come after me.. I mean I get that Emmett wouldn't right now, he was acting out today. But he would forgive me for what I was about to do, he loved me and I was sure of that.

The noises of the car died down as I pulled into the car park of the shopping mall in Port Angeles. My hands were actually shaking and my hair kept getting in the way, it was annoying me.

Money was the only problem I faced, I needed money to buy things. Ah well, I guess my own charm and beauty would work, I always got what I wanted right? Yeh I did.

Stop talking to yourself.

You stop.

Fuck you, I'm going into the store. I closed my eyes and breathed in that new mall smell, when I opened them my gaze immediately fell onto what I wanted and I strode over there quickly.

A store clerk was by my side at once, his eyes scanning over my body and a tight grin on his face. "A fine item you are looking at Miss..?"

"Mrs McCar-, urgh hmm, Miss Hale I mean, sorry-" I gave him my award winning smile and flittered my eyelashes as I quickly took in his name tag. "-Pete."

"No problem, so.. are you looking for this particular brand and quality? Or is it the size you were looking for?" I didn't miss the double meaning there either.

"More the size than anything else, I need to know it does the job properly."

He laughed and rolled his eyes. "Women these days.", he muttered under his breathe, obviously not for my ears. But then he looked up and smiled at me and gave me what was probably made to be a flirtatious pout. I almost laughed but decided to continue with the plan instead and started rummaging in my bag.

"Of course it will do the job, I mean what could you possibly be using it for other than-"

"Oh my god." I suddenly said, cutting him off. "I think someone has stolen my wallet." I widened my eyes and waved my hand around my face probably giving him the impression I was going to faint or something.

"Oh my god, urm.. did you put it down somewhere in the store?" he looked truly concerned.. nice going Rose.

"No of course not! Oh no, I really need to buy this today. Right now, I know it's late and you are about to close but I need it before tonight."

"urm.. well I don't really know what I can do about that today miss.. ya see my boss is kinda-"

"PLEASE!" I said, launching myself into his side. "How about I give you my number and you call me straight away tomorrow morning and I can meet up with you for maybe lunch or dinner? And I can give you back the money then?"

I bit my lip and and looked up lustfully. "Please?" I moaned.

He paused, his eyes fluttering and his mouth hanging open. He seemed to be frozen in a standing state. He suddenly grinned so widely, if I wasn't a vampire and virtually indestructible, then I would have been scared.

"That would be perfect Miss Hale. Just write down your number here and I will get this all wrapped up and packaged for you."

"Don't worry, no need for that. I'll just slip it into my bag."

He thoughtfully searched my face and backtracked from putting it in the box. "Are you sure Miss? I mean, I don't think thats very safe, especially with a woman like you and-"

"A woman like me?"

"Never mind, here it is, just take it.. and if you could kindly just write down the number and we can all be on our own way, how bout that?"

"Whatever." I grabbed the pen from his hand and scrawled down a random number from a pizza place I remember the kids at school talking about a few decades ago. With that I stored out with my package inside my bag.

Bella. I'm coming for you.


"Why am I such a screw up? I mean if I hadn't come here everything would have been fine, you would have carried on being a.. normalish vampire family all in love and stuff and I wouldn't have caused some major rift in the status quo."

I slapped my head down on the marble counter and started banging my head. "Why why why?!" A cold hand suddenly touched the back of my neck and I stretched up immediately, it was only Emmett. Ah.. Emmett.

The smile that I had grown to love over the past hour or so re-appeared on my face. I should really smile more often.

"You okay Bells?"

"Urmm.. yeh kinda. I just.. well, ya know."

"Yeh I do..."

Fuck this was awkward. 'Im still in love with you by the way', my mind was screaming. "So, Rosalie seems.. nice." Emmett lolled his head to the side and grinned at me. "Yeh she saved me and all that, she was fantastic."

"Was?" I asked puzzled. 'he doesn't care for you remember?'. Shut up conscience, I really don't need your input right now.

"Urm, I mean is. Is fantastic." nice come back. "I'm really sorry Bells but my family were meant to go hunting today you see and well, we kinda still need too. Plus I have a little unsolved business with this old grizzly I saw last week. And I have to- I mean want to find Rose before you go to bed."

The smile vanished off my face. "Oh right of course, by all means go. I'll keep the fort down."

A flicker of recognition flittered across his face, his dimples standing out. Shit, I forgot I used to say that every time he went out didn't I? "Have fun!" I called out, bringing him out of his dazed look. "Yeh.. I will."

I didn't miss his gaze flicker down to my lips one last time before he fled the house, running at full vampire speed.

Don't get me wrong, I love it that we found eachother, thrilled in fact.. just the emotions are killing me. I am feeling so much love towards and for him and its killing me knowing he is still in love with.. her.

"Bye Bella." Alice suddenly called out and I jumped out of my seat, almost as if I had been caught doing something naughty. "Yes, bye Bella." Jasper drawled out with understanding in his eyes.

Alice sprang out the door while Jasper mingled around the kitchen a second longer. "It's not what you think Bella. Emmett feels.. differently now you are here.", with that he too left, leaving me completely puzzled, and alone in the house once more.

I decided to go exploring, I was currently just living in this tiny little flat way way out of Forks. Don't get me wrong, I am filthy rich but this was actually the very closest place available. The next nearest thing out there was an extra half hour away or something...

Not that it was a problem for me.. with my speed and everything, but it was just kinda suspicious if I lived three and a half hours away from my school. Anyway, maybe I could just ask to move in here for a bit.. until I find a more appropriate house for myself. 'More like until Emmett falls back in love with you.'

The problem with Forks was that everything ran in the family, the houses are just past down from generation to generation and only if something completely drastic happens, only then will a space for an 'outsider' such as me open up.

The house was amazing of course, I was already imagining from the outside, but it was nicer than I had expected, very airy and open. It almost reminded of my modern london penthouse suite, all modern and glass interior.

I finally entered the last hallway of the house and still no sign of Emmett's bedroom. I am guessing it is here then... First door: ridiculously huge broom closet. Second door: empty room. Third door: small bathroom (for show I am guessing). Last door..

"Oh my god." I let go of the door nob and fell to the floor. This was definitely his room, and her room. It stank of... him and sex. I guess his habits hadn't changed then. I just lay there, my head leaning against the door frame.

His clothes were all over the floor and so was her sleazy underwear, the main feature of the room was the huge four poster bed right in the middle. I sucked in a breathe and went over, scanning the rest of the room for something... what that was I have no idea.

The only other things in here were Rosalie's huge closets, plural, Rosalie's make up vanities, plural, and Rosalie's very poor taste in everything else, plural. There was no sign of my Emmett in here, no laugh out loud posters or cute, soft cuddly things. He had changed.. obviously nothing from his human life had remained.

I sobbed and lay down for what seemed to be the hundredth time today. My foot suddenly rubbed against something oddly familiar and I cocked my head to the side with curiosity. I reached for the item of clothing that lay hidden under the bed and brought it forward.

I think after this day nothing will be a shock to me any more. They were the pair of hunting trousers Em was wearing when he left me that day. I dropped them, but a light clinking noise was made as it hit the floor. I picked it back up and out dropped the.. promise ring I had given him about a month before he disappeared.

Was it possible for a half vampire half werewolf to go insane? No.. I don't so thank god.

WIthout hesitation I once again bundled all the items into my arms and decided on also bringing down one of his over sized shirts to keep me company downstairs in the garden. I needed some time to think.

Dazed is probably the word that described me best at that point. Somehow five minutes later I found myself sitting on the bench outside the house, overlooking the vast green forest. It was already getting dark and I could hear the wildlife prowling the forest.

I lay the items down on the side of the bench as a sort of make shift pillow for my head while I slipped the ring on my finger. Left hand.

My eyes shut and I began to dream, the combination of the sweet smell of Emmett filling me and the perfect sensations of having part of my human life back with me again, engulfing me with emotions. I fell asleep in minutes, maybe seconds, I hadn't slept it so long and it felt so good.

"Love you Emmett."


We were about a half hour away when Alice started having the visions. Everyone had finished hunting and I had indeed met up again with old Grizzles. I suppose everyone was so used to having Rose making a big deal about nothing that we supposed she had just gone off in a huff.

Big mistake.

Oh god, my sweet Bella. It was impossible to deny I still felt so strongly for her. She was just as amazing as ever and when she was telling us all about her life and what she had gone through I couldn't help but love her even more.

Love her even more. It was stupid but yes, I loved her. More than Rosalie I think at this point. She was the same person she had been all those years ago and now Rose was going to try and kill her, I would not allow it.

I wanted to kiss Bella in the kitchen before we left, but I know she must have a mate by now, or an imprint, or.. whatever she wants to call it. I guess I will get over her, learn to love her like a sister. I winced at the thought, it felt wrong.

My thoughts turned back to the path ahead of me as Alice called out, "Rose is going to arrive at the house in ten minutes! Every one run faster!"

Edward immediately took off ahead of us all, but this was one race I wasn't going to let him win. I think today is the day that it became possible for vampires to have adrenaline rushes. I took off like a bat out of hell after him and quickly over took him.

"I have to save her." I thought out loud and it only encouraged me more.

I ran and ran and ran until I was only about thirty seconds away from the house, the others were just behind me, catching up quickly. "Love you Emmett."

I turned my head around and saw that none of my family had spoken, that wasn't Rose's voice for sure... she never likes expressing how she felt out loud. That only left me with one option... Bella. Bella loved me.

The grin that took over my face actually made one of my cheek bones crack and I immediately shut it closed so it could heal. Ouch that hurt like a mother effer.

We made it to the clearing just to the left of the house and the view was heart breaking. Bella was lying asleep on the bench with... wow she already found my old stuff. Nice going Bells. But then there was Rose, a vision from hell stalking towards her, about ten meters away from her.

In her hand a huge glistening, brand new knife, that thing could cut through bones. No. We couldn't be too late. Everyone froze as we watched the sight before us unravel.

"Bella."I breathe out as quietly as I could "I love you too."

With that her beautiful brown eyes snapped open and Rose lunged forward.

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