"Damn it!" shouted an exhausted Fakir. One year had passed since the story about the prince and the raven had ended, and everything was back to normal. In other words, nothing ever happened. He was bored to death, he didn't have any friends, except for Ahiru, who was in fact a duck.

"Quack, Quack?" Quacked a concerned yellow duck by the name Ahiru.

"It's nothing, Ahiru. I'm just tired that's all" he explained to her as he stared at the blank piece of paper. He was trying to write Ahiru's story and turn her back into a human. So they could be together.

"Quack!" quack an angry Ahiru. "Quack, Qua-!" she quacked and pointed her wing at Fakir's bed.

"Go to bed? At this hour? It's only…" he said and looked at the clock. "Half past midnight" he said and yawned. "Come Ahiru, let's go to bed" he said and picked her up and went to the bed.

He fell asleep relatively fast with Ahiru sleeping beside him.

The next day went by as usual, he ate breakfast, went to school and then after that he walked to the pond so Ahiru could swim, while she swam he tried to write her story but he never got father then 'Once upon a time there was a duck called Ahiru'. Charon was worried about Fakir because where ever fakir went the duck followed, he didn't have friends and he spend most of his time with a duck, that he called Ahiru, he even talked to it and the duck talked back according to Fakir.

He sat in a rocking chair on the bridge so he could watch Ahiru as she swam in the pond with the other ducks. He didn't like it when she swam with the other ducks because he was afraid they would talk her into leave him. It was silly but true, it could happen.

"Ahiru, it's time to head back home!" he shouted and she swam to him. He picked her up of the water and walked home.

Later that night when Ahiru was asleep, Fakir was still trying to write her story but he fell asleep at the desk. He dreamed.

oOo Inside Fakir's dream oOo

Fakir stood alone in the middle of the pond, it was misty and far away he could see a girl dress in a white tutu, dance on the water. The girl reminded him of Princess Tutu. "Ahiru?" he shouted and walked towards the dancing girl. The girl had stopped dancing when he called out her name.

Ahiru or Princess Tutu stared at Fakir, she looked like she was afraid and each step he took she back away. "Ahiru?" he asked again and ran towards her. It was Ahiru dress as Princess tutu. He ran to hug her.

Ahiru pushed him away and tried to run away but Fakir grabbed her arm. "Ahiru!" he sounded very happy. "Don't go!" he begged her. "Dance with me!" he said and stretched out his hand so she could take it.

Ahiru stared at his hand but took it and they started to dance the pas de deux. When they finished Fakir smiled at Ahiru, who started to cry. "Ahiru, what's the matter?" he asked. "Turn me back!" she cried. "I'm trying" he said, hugging her. "I'm trying" he continued. Ahiru shook her head. "No, you are trying to turn the duck into a human, that won't work!" she shouted at him. "You are a duck!"

Ahiru covered her ears and shook her head. "No! I'm not a duck! I'm human! You must believe I'm human in order make it work, Fakir!" she explained. Then she disappeared into the mist. "Wait! What do you mean!" he asked.

"Believe, Fakir!" said an unknown voice. "How?" he screamed out. "Just believe" said the voice and then Fakir woke up.

Fakir sat up in his bed and looked at Ahiru, who was asleep. "Believe?" he whispered and stared at his desk. "It's worth a try" he said and walked over to the desk. He sat down and started to write, believing Ahiru was a human. And it worked he was writing her story, he looked over his shoulder to look at Ahiru. She was still a duck.

Then all of a sudden he felt very sleepy and everything went black. "Fakir!"

"Mm?" groaned a sleepy Fakir.

"Fakir wake up!" said the voice again and shook him. "Mm?" said Fakir and sat up, his eyes were closed. A giggle was heard. "What?" asked Fakir.

"I'm back!" said the voice. "Your back?" asked a confused Fakir and opened his eyes. There in front of him stood a girl, who looked a lot like Ahiru. "Ahiru?" he asked and the girl smiled and nodded. "AHIRU!" he shouted and hugged her. "Your back!" he said. "I've missed you" he said and blushed.

"I've missed you too?" she said and hugged him back. Then Fakir did something that Ahiru didn't expected, he kissed her and she kissed him back.

Ahiru broke the kissed, both of them were blushing. "Um, Fakir?" she said. "Yes" he replied and smiled. "Could I get some clothes? I'm freezing" said Ahiru. Fakir looked at Ahiru, and then he realized she was naked.