Final Fantasy Seven: Text's from Last Night

Author pre-ramble about drabbles:
I am just throwing out there based on cues from TFLN website… a place of great humour for me. I saw this one and I thought, oh, my... I just have to write this. I hope you enjoy the drabble though. Ratings will change if I add more, I'm sure.

Rating: T
BETA: None… not for this.
Cue: Not only did I hold your hair back as you puked, i french braided it. I am such a great friend.
Warning: Nothing to worry about unless you don't like needles. A little cliché.
Disclaimer: Don't own, just using for my own amusement. Do not profit from this endeavour.
Characters: Sephiroth and Zack
POV: Sephiroth


He didn't remember much of what happened. He knew that he had been sick. The visit to the labs had been particularly awful this time around.

~how did I get back into bed~

Sephiroth didn't remember how he got to his bed and under his covers. His stomach still churned from whatever hellish concoction that Hojo had given him and that is what his attention focused on as he moved to the edge of his bed. His whole body ached as if he had been run over by a Behemoth.

He let out an involuntary groan that he was glad that no one else could hear, as he rubbed his aching arms. He could feel the bumps from the series of offending needles, that he had been forced to endure.

It had been a particularly harrowing ordeal. He remembered the doctor rambling about increasing the percentage of something in the shots.

~obviously it did not agree with me~

He leaned forward to ease the pain that was ripping through his gut. He felt something solid rub against his shoulder and it startled him. He jerked away from the touch and realized that it followed him. He grabbed at what felt like rope and realized that the rope was his hair.


He forgot about his stomach pains and the impending dizziness that was threatening to consume him. He gripped the strange rope of braided hair.

~what the hell?~

It was not a habit of his to braid his hair.


He liked his hair loose and worn down, even in his sleep. He didn't braid his hair and this bothered him immeasurably.

He tried to focus on the activities that followed him leaving the lab. All that had happened was a blur, but he was sure that he left the lab alone, after threatening Hojo with some idol threats. He concentrated on how he got back to his sanctuary and remembered one anomaly.

~ ran into Zack in the hall~

As if on cue, his phone beeped, announcing a text message.

He saw that his PHS was on his end table. He reached over to it, his arms and stomach protesting the movement. He flipped open his PHS, blinking his eyes into focus, so he read the message that he was certain was coming from the hyperactive SOLDIER.

Not only did I hold your hair back as you puked, I French braided it. I am such a great friend.

At least that explained his hair.

Now Zack had to explain how he got into his bed naked.

I was inspired, what can I say.