Final Fantasy Seven: TFLN Cues
(Texts from Last Night)

Rating: T
BETA: Ziggy Pasta…
Cue: ".. it broke his zipper"
Warning: Het!
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Characters: Elena, Cissnei and Rude
POV: Cissnei


Cissnei looked stunned as she walked into the room. Elena smiled at the sight of the petite woman trying to hang up her coat to have it just fall to the floor; she didn't even notice as she went and sat on the couch.

"So," Elena said. "Things went well?"

She was dying to know what happened. Ever since Meteor fall she had been pining for Rude and they finally got to the point that they went out on a date. Well, it wasn't really a date, but they had a look-out mission together and everyone knew that there was a lot of down time on those types of missions.

Cissnei had been saying that she was going to put the moves on him.

"Huh?" Cissnei said and looked up.

Elena was getting a little worried now. She wondered if Rude had turned her down. That would explain why she was so dazed.

"Is everything okay?" Elena said and sat beside her, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Oh, yeah. Okay." Cissnei said and a large smile formed on her lips.

Elena raised her eyebrows. "Oh?" Now she was curious how good the time she had spent with Rude was.

"It was great!" Cissnei said and slouched with a sigh.

"What happened?" Elena asked.

"I leaned against him as he was cleaning his gun and I demonstrated how to clean the barrel more efficently," Cissnei said.

Elena rolled her eyes. She knew where Cissnei learned that trick. Elena's sister used to demonstrate to men all the time how to clean a gun. She had no illusions what the strokes that she used on the barrel could be akin to.

"So he liked it?"

Cissnei nodded. "Oh, he liked it all right," she said and ran a hand through her hair. "His dick got so hard in his pants that it broke his zipper."

Elena covered her mouth when she laughed.

Cissnei gave him a goofy smile again. "I will have to ask Tseng to make sure that all the missions are with him now."

"his dick got so hard in his pants and it broke his zipper.." Full inspirational text…

And yes, I still like the idea of Rude and Cissnei. Wouldn't they be cute together!

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