Hello there. My name is Weasel, best friend to the merc with a mouth that we all know and love as Deadpool. This tale is one I never thought would happen to me or Wade. Especially since it's the greatest thing I believe to have ever happened in my life! Anyways…on with the story!

It was an average day for me and Wade, slouching around after another one of his crazy escapades, they usually left us pretty tired.

Wade was watching the television, stuffing his face with nachos while I tinkered away once again with his teleportation device. I could never seem to get the blasted thing to work properly. It never works when you need it, and just when things are going good for you, poof! It activates and before you know it we've been teleported to God knows where.

"Hey, Weasel! We're running low on nachos!" Wade yelled over his shoulder, his eyes still fixed to the television.

"And?" I replied.

"What do you mean 'and?'! Get me some more!"

"No!" I said sternly. "Get them yourself. Unless you want to end up like Agent-X, who has the metabolism of the Blob!"

I smirked to myself as Wade fidgeted on the couch before he finally got to his feet grumbling under his breath.

He pulled on his mask and started to walk towards the door.

"why are you wearing your mask, Wade?" I asked.

"Hmm, why am I wearing my mask?" Wade pondered sarcastically. "Well maybe because have the face of a FREAK!!!!"

Wade stopped in his tracks. "Did you use one of your weird gadgets on the door again, Weasel?"

I turned away from the table to see him feeling the air in front of him, just five feet from the door. "No, why?" I asked walking over to where he was standing.

"Strange." he replied.

"What is it Wade?"

"I do not know." he continued to feel the air in front of him. "I can feel it, but I cannot see it…"

A strange whooshing noise was heard, followed by the air where Wade was waving his arms about shimmering. Finally, a blue box appeared. A big blue box. It was as tall as the room. There was a door there too. Above the door, 'Police Box' was written on it.

"EEEP!" Wade gasped in fright, jumping back and landing on his backside.

The door of the Police Box opened and a man popped his head out first, before walking into the room.

"Hello there!" the man said, a big grin on his face. "My name's the Doctor!"

I nearly exploded with the excitement!