Apparently, it isn't going to be a happily ever after for Evangeline and the rest of the Browns, after all. Barely a year after the magical, snowy wedding, disaster strikes. Plague breaks out in the country, taking down numerous innocent men, women, and children. Mr. Brown finds himself responsible to protect his own and get them out of harm's way. He decides it is best to leave the country and to find their residence somewhere else, somewhere safe, before more victims in his family occur… even if that means having to leave behind the house in which his seven sons and daughters grew up, and where so many memories of his deceased wife live; even if it elicits so many protest from Simon and the rest of the children. Harmony is bound to return, for that one specific rule in little letters that says when she is so much needed, wanted or not, she must come back to the ones that, secretly or not, hope for her to pop up again.