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Baby like a blind man

I rushed in now

Do I have the right to ask

"Will you be coming back again?"

-Enrique Iglesias -One Night Stand-


He couldn't think about anything now but the body that was pushed up against him, lips that seared across his neck and the hand that was tugging at the studded belt looped through his jeans. Those hands, so delicate and crafty, were moving with what could have thought to be desperate movements, but that wasn't the case. The owner of those limbs was never desperate for a casual fling.

One of the most uncommon sights was a senior prowling around the underclassmen hallways. I may have attracted stares, but I didn't care. A mission was started and I was not to give up until I succeeded, no matter how impossible my goal may have been.

My eye had been on one sophomore since the boy had entered high school the previous year. The baby-faced blue eyed freshman had caught my attention almost instantly the first day of my junior year. I'd done a double take and just stared at one point, fascinated by the cute brooding blonde who was picking at his lunch tray, not even acknowledging that the energetic brunette across the table from him was speaking.

At first sight, watching him sit at the table, his eyes hadn't been visible. I wasn't concerned that my friends at my own table had caught me staring and followed my eyes. They teased, sure, but I didn't take their words in. I was entranced, my breath just caught by the sight of the pale skin and golden hair. It wasn't until a girl, her bright blonde hair pulled over her shoulder, sat next to him and touched his arm, trying to gain his attention.

Immediately my mind questioned, "girlfriend?" Then I questioned that thought when he brushed her hand off with cold indifference. She frowned and let it slide, sinking into what looked to be a half hearted conversation with the redheaded girl across from her who was sitting beside the brunette. The last person to join them was a sophomore, one I recognized and had seen before. Riku, I think his name was. I knew him since he was a player on the varsity blitz ball team. He sat beside the brunette, and wrapped an arm around the teen who seemed to meld into his side.

I didn't have the best view of him, now that Riku sat, but when the silverette had joined the table, the blonde had picked his head up and I got a glimpse at those impossibly blue eyes. Oceanic, I thought at the time, entrapping and enticing. They made him look so innocent, but his scowl lessened the effect. He had looked up at Riku, eyes narrowing in the slightest. There was quite a distance between us and I didn't have the clearest view, but I wanted to say that there was a slight trace of resentment held in those celestial orbs. Why, I could only ponder.

That was when he diverted his eyes a bit and looked around the room. Looked at me. Noticed me staring. And glared at me, giving me one of the most chilling looks I've ever received.

That was it, I knew it was over for me.

From that day, I had to have him.

And now, that was why I was here, arms crossed over my chest as I waiting, leaning against the wall directly before his English class. My iPod was in hand, the clock on screen as the seconds ticked away. Seconds to go and the bell would ring and that door would open and out he would walk. One ear bud was placed in my ear, the hammering of the drums and guitars doing nothing to numb my brain. I was too focused on this, preparing myself for one of the deadliest looks I would ever be on the receiving end of.

In my head I counted. The bathroom pass I asked for to sneak away from class early was tucked in my back pocket. When I did this, normally I was wondering if Demyx or Marly or one of my friends would be kind enough to grab my stuff and give it to me. I didn't think about that now. I only had one goal in my head.

I had no intentions of talking to him, no reason to full on approach him. I talked to him already, during That Night and he knew what had been on my mind, knew what I thought and what I wanted from him. No, now all I had to do to start this mission was simply make an appearance, wait for the eye contact to be made and possibly smirk, depending on how I was feeling.

The seconds were finally done, my clock reading ten-oh-three on the dot and the bell rang, long and droning and annoying. The door opened and I could hear the teacher calling out tonight's assignment, but no one seemed to be paying much heed as they raced out the door to try and beat the crowds before the swarms began.

He was one of the last to leave, like usual. I felt like a stalker thinking this, but I wasn't. I may have just passed by his classroom as he was leaving, after deciding to take a 'scenic' route to my next class. That wasn't stalker-ish, not in my head.

He looked even more miserable today that he normally did. That alone was nearly an impossible feat that he managed, somehow. Walking beside him was the brunette, who I had learned to be his fraternal twin brother, Sora. Sora wasn't bouncing or chattering away as you normally would see him doing. Another strange occurrence.

They had just made it out the doorway when I was spotted. First by Sora, who smiled and waved. There is a story behind our acquaintance, but that's for a just a little later on. I didn't make any form of greeting and he had elbowed the blonde in the side. Head picking up, I found myself smirking without conscious thought and I was wishing that I didn't have my lips upturned since it seemed to make me appear mocking or teasing.

Those blue eyes found mine and I was right when I guessed about what look I would get. It was bloody murder that could be read in those eyes. I understood why he was so angry, but once again, I didn't care. I fought for what I wanted and damn would I fight for him. The connection between us lasted a mere second before he turned away from me and charged down the hall, not caring who he bumped into.

His brother had turned back to me with an apologetic smile before taking off after his twin.

Two more connections like that and phase one would be complete.

He had hoped to be dominant. He wanted to be the one to throw the tempting blonde down onto the bed, ravish him silly and take all control, hold the reigns and do as he pleased. But he found himself being thrown down onto the sheets, found that he was the one being crawled upon with soft lips kissing every inch of his bare chest.

It wasn't unpleasant, instead the opposite, highly arousing. Who knew that, after donning the seme title, being overpowered by a smaller, younger partner would turn you on like nothing else. Just seeing the predatory smirk, the upturning of lips teasing and smeared with victory. Very enjoyable.

The small blonde made his way up, hands running sinisterly over the smooth skin. The dominated seme's own hands twitched with need and anticipation. How long had he waited for this day? Just over a year, that's how long. But there was a flash of something ominous, a thought emerging from the back of his mind that this wasn't what he truly wanted, at least not at the moment. But his slightly tipsy mind, clouded lightly with alcohol, couldn't process much more thought. His eyes clenched shut as his pants and boxers were slipped down his thighs, taken off completely and there was a distant sound of them hitting the floor. With a gasp of breath, light and airy, he swallowed the moan that filled his throat when he felt a hot mouth encase him. How amazing…

I was never a quitter. Months after my friends had known about my obsession with the freshman, they had urged me to either screw the kid and be done with him or hook up with someone else and forget him.

I tried their second option since I didn't like the first. Gladly I would have just taken a quick fuck from the kid and see if that would satisfy my strange attraction. But I couldn't bring myself to just think of him as an easy person. All I kept thinking was the possibility of him growing attached and hurting him. He was fifteen. It seemed so much younger than my seventeen and I felt like taking the innocence from him was just immoral. At this time in my infatuation, I had just thought it was attraction and lust that fueled me along to keeping tabs on him.

I wouldn't understand my feelings until later down the road.

So at the time, I'd taken my friends' advice and I had hooked up with other people, either for just some quick fun or to actually date for weeks on end. I was stuck, though. The people kept changing, from anyone to singled out blondes, then it moved from those blondes to only blondes with blue eyes. No one else noticed and it sent a shock through my system when I finally did. I realized then, that subconsciously I was looking for a substitute for my blue eyed beauty. After that, I hadn't been with anyone.

I pined for him, watching and learning but never approaching. Not yet, at least. I would wait, then worm my way in, introduce myself to one of his friends first, then I would slither into their group and make friends with him. That was the best way to start, no?

I ended up doing just that. It was by chance that one day I had been wandering the halls after asking to be excused for the bathroom that I ran into the cute little blonde girl who had sat next to my little blonde boy. She would potentially be a key person in my little scheme. Warming up to her first could possibly help me gain some insight and information.

She had been walking down the hall, what appeared to be a sketchbook in hand, open with a pencil to the paper. She wasn't paying attention to where she was going, a folded hall pass sticking out of the front of her jeans pocket. Perfect, I had thought and started for her. So unsuspecting, so lost in thought or drawing or whatever. It was golden.

I placed myself right in her path and turned my head up, looking like I was in deep thought and too distracted to pay attention to where I was going. And just like most of my plans, this one worked and I slammed right into her. I merely stumbled back but the poor girl was knocked to the floor and I felt a tab bit sorry, but as long as she wasn't hurt, everything was fine. She made a small sound, not as squealish as the ones most girls make, just a small sound of surprise and maybe pain. Her book was thrown to her side and I didn't even see where her pencil went. She then looked up at me, and I cursed in my head. A cute blonde with pretty blue eyes. If I wasn't gay and obsessed with her potentially boyfriend, then I might have asked her out right there.

"You okay?" I asked and offered a hand. She looked at my hand for a second, like she was waiting for me to take it back and walk off laughing like my kindness was some sort of mean joke. Finally she did take the offer and I hoisted her up, then moved to pick her book up before she had the opportunity to. The book was flopped open so I got a glimpse of a half finished sketch, a tropical scene that was done in all pencil, harsh black outlining and a minimal amount of shading completed. I let out a low whistle as my eyes scanned it. This girl was good. "You're quite the artist," I commented. My grin slid into place naturally when she blushed and turned her head away. Score Axel, still able to make the ladies blush. A talent I was born with.

"Thanks," she said, her voice quiet and pleasant.

My grin must have intimidated her or something. She wouldn't look at me. "I'm Axel," I spoke as I handed the book back to her. She looked down at her feet and bent down to pick up her pencil, frowning when she observed the broken tip. "Commit it to memory."

The demand must have shocked her. She just stared at me and nodded. What an adorable little girl. I felt like a pedophile, she was so small and innocent looking. I'm sure this girl could really pack a punch if the situation called for it. "I'm Naminé," she said.

"Well, Naminé, I'm sure you and I are gonna be fast friends. You a freshman?"

She nodded and didn't offer any words. We started walking and I now ended up joining her on her trip. We were heading towards the art room.

"I'm a junior. I've seen you before. Wish we could have met in a less painful way, but they say the most important meetings are never the best. Perhaps it's destiny?" Alright, so I was laying it on a little thick. But I liked the girl, truly. I had a twinge of something calling me a meanie head since I was in a sense using the girl, but I was now hoping that a friendship could be formed. Flirting at the moment was a necessary to easily be accepted. If there was an interest, people were more susceptible to deception. I wasn't deliberately trying to deceive her, just get closer to the one I wanted.

"Maybe," she said, sounding very unsure. Her blush was still there. I loved having that effect on people. Man I loved being sexy.

We made it to the art room, stopping outside the closed door like I was brining her to her doorstep after a first date. I chuckled in my head at the thought. "Mind if I join you at lunch today? I've seen where you and your friends sit. It wouldn't be a problem would it? Sometimes I get tired of my own friends a need a change of scene." It was a plausible excuse, something that was understandable. I grinned, sexily, trying my best to seal the deal. The blush that hadn't fully disappeared flared to life again and I felt victory fast approaching.

"I'm sure it'll be alright. The only person who would have a problem would be Roxas I think, but he wouldn't say anything about it. He's not…" She looked like she wanted to shut up but I raised a brow, encouraging her with my curiosity to finish her sentence. "He's just not very social with new people. Or many people at all." Now she appeared as though she had just crossed a borderline and was waiting for the patrolman to start shooting her for treason.

"It's alright. It's easy for me to open people up. Besides, I like a challenge."

And what a challenge it was.

Back in current time I was sitting at the usual lunch table with my usual friends. And as per usual I was admiring my little blonde boy, watching him like I usually did (read: daily) and wishing he would glance over. After our run in after his English class today, I hadn't seen him at all. Sure enough he was doing his best to be elusive which he was highly skilled at. He'd make a good assassin with his skills.


I looked up, finding Marluxia rolling his eyes at me with a frown and handing me a peach. He wasn't even going to attempt a conversation and I didn't blame him. I didn't want to talk anyways. I wasn't exactly the happiest guy at the moment, not since That Night, and I was determined to get that certain someone's attention.

My eyes shifted back to the other table and I was actually shocked to be greeted with lovely eyes instead of a bowed head. Was he actually staring at me for once, not the other way around? Damn if that didn't spark a huge amount of hope and encouragement in my good ol' heart. This was a brand new development and not one that should be wasted.

I took a rather large bite out of the peach, enjoying the sweet taste and the look I was getting. It wasn't shock and there was nothing sultry. It was blank, like most of his looks, but something was underlying there, something I could only dream of. And just my luck, peach juice ran down my chin. With excitement running through me, my tongue peaked out and first ran over my lips, then down my chin to lap up the juice. His expression did not change, much to my chagrin, but he did in fact move just a bit in his seat, and I was able to identify that movement as something like a squirm. So I made him squirm huh? I grinned triumphantly and he noticed and must have understood everything. He glared at me and turned to look away. He moved again and I felt giddy on the inside.

That would bring a good conclusion to phase one and phase two was now approved and ready for action.

He was damn close. The sensations were indescribable, better than any other's that he had had with other partners. This was thrilling, fulfilling, perfect. Nothing could come close in comparison and if it weren't for the hands holding him still he'd be bucking his hips up since he felt like he couldn't get enough. A few more sucks, just a little more and he wouldn't last.

That was when he was released, the air cold suddenly and the feeling of lost over washed everything else, disappointing him greatly.

"How do you want to do this?"

"Hard," he had joked. He might have been a bit buzzed but he still wished there was some way to make this special. The only problem was that this was special solely to him, there was no sentiment involved in their actions for the other participant. He was sure by now, after doing this countless times with other people that his temporary lover felt it were some weird duty he had to perform. Living off of fake compassion and spur-of-the-moment lust, pretense love. It made no amount of sense in his head. He felt stupid for turning to this, knowing it was the only thing that he would get. The blonde on top of him didn't do relationships. He knew this. He was aiming to change this. He had to do something.

"Lay on your back," he said softly and gripped the slim shoulders and forcibly (though still gentle, always gentle) turned the blonde over and he was hovering above him now. And he didn't do much at first, didn't dive in to start preparing him, didn't just forcibly take him with no care. No, he stared down into the blue eyes, looking into absolutely nothing. There was no expression in his eyes, no emotion. Just a hard sheet of steel, a look of waiting, as though he were wondering when this would be over and another line could be carved into his bedpost. If you looked hard enough, it could be presumed that a miniscule amount of lust and need was there, but this whole situation was a routine for him, nothing new to bring excitement.

He was stuck. He wanted nothing more than to take the blonde, bring out cries of passion and just make them both feel good, spark some emotion and possibly build a strong bond between them. Nothing brought you closer to a person than sex, right? This was his ultimate goal, his way of forging that bond and keeping the blonde forever, just for himself. But with the emptiness he was staring into, something compelled him to stop, to think, to yearn for emotion. His heart cried out for something. He couldn't do this. He wanted it, but his almost blonde lover truly couldn't want this. There was no possible way.

I had started getting acquainted with Naminé's little group and for the past few months, I'd gotten along with them pretty well. I was right, assuming the silver haired one was Riku, a sophomore. The brunette was the blonde's fraternal twin, Sora and he and Riku had been dating for nearly a year now. The redheaded girl was Kairi, Naminé's (strangely enough) twin. How often did you get two sets of fraternal twins that grew up together and were best friends? Add in Riku who grew up with them and had swept Sora off his feet. This was a strange bunch and I was intrigued.

So after getting friendly with all of them, there was one person who I had yet to crack. My little blonde boy.

Roxas was his name and he was quite the hard ass. He spoke to the bare minimum amount and his face seemed to have frozen with a scowl. For the first school year I had gotten to know the group and all the way up to current time, I had never once seen the boy smile. That was a side goal I had long ago set for myself; do my utmost to upturn the permanently down turned lips. But try as I might, I had yet to succeed.

So I had become a new groupie for their little "family" as I liked to call it. I got along with all of them and I was in the process of merging this group and my other group of friends together, a procedure that was proving to be a bit difficult (though not as difficult as getting Roxas to smile). My friends were a bit wild, eccentric I guess you could say but I loved them and I fit right in with them. Besides, the new family I was joining wasn't exactly clean and calm either. They had their share of perverted conversations and wild antics.

I thought it was funny that Roxas stuck around with them. There was obvious evidence that he cared for them, it was just that it was clear that there was something wrong with him. I could only imagine what that might be, whether he was just a natural brooder or if perhaps something had happened to him to make him clam up. And another detail that I had never been able to ignore was that, for some reason, Roxas did not like Riku. At least, that was the feeling I developed. Strange as it might sound, I never missed the bitter look in those beautiful eyes whenever they looked at the older teen. It wasn't something that I could dismiss and I was determined to get answers when I was more comfortable with everyone.

I spent my summer with both groups of friends, finally successful in getting the two to intermingle. Of course they all hit it off like this was a natural relationship that was meant to be. I felt proud, like a parent who just achieved something great for their children's better wellbeing. That task was done, but I still had to crack Roxas.

The next step I had taken with him was dropping hints. Flirting here and there, trying to get him to talk to me more. I asked him simple questions, what's up, what class do you have next, want anything from the vending machine? Anything that required an answer. I'd either get one word (two or three if I was lucky) or the more common shrug of the shoulders. I had grown nervous as I did my best to increase the efforts without being too forceful. He seemed to pick up on what I wanted and his one word answers turned into various gestures and he would do his best to avoid all contact with me, physical and with the eyes. It made my heart sink and I began to comprehend that I was feeling this disappointment because I truly wanted him to talk to me, wanted him to like me. Going into my senior year, I had finally been able to understand that my apparent lust had turned into an infatuation and was now developing into a serious crush. I wanted him for more than a casual fling. I wanted him all to myself as my boyfriend.

At the moment I was walking the halls with the crowds, my books clutched in my hand at my side tightly. I wasn't wearing my customary friendly grin, instead looking like a man who was determined to murder. I didn't care, I was growing frustrated with Roxas' continuing avoidance of me. He must have come in expecting me to act the way I currently was. I should have expected this elusive behavior and have stationed some "spies" to help me out.

I pushed by people, at the same time fishing my cell phone from my pants pocket. Damn skinny jeans made that near impossible, but I had the phone in my hand now, opening it up and selecting numbers to send a text to. It wasn't too late to recruit some loyal helpers. They'd call me crazy but they wouldn't say no. It was too much fun to ignore something like this.

Keep an eye out for my blondie. Text me if you see him with details on where he's heading. Little sneak is avoiding me and I have a plan already in action. I want to know which class he's in for each period.

Stalkerish, creepy, freaky? Hells yes. But I was determined and this was necessary. I needed the help. I needed to do what I could. This wasn't only about what I wanted anymore. It wasn't since I first knew the truth behind Roxas' cold behavior. This was also about his wellbeing.

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