"What are you doing?"

He had moved, slinked off to the side so he was lying beside the blonde on the bed, no longer hovering above him. The blonde turned on his side, his eyes narrowed with a mixture of curiosity and confusion. Why, he questioned. Why now of all times, after so long of trying, was there finally some real emotion in those pretty blue eyes?

"Roxas," he said but couldn't figure out where to go with his words.

"Axel," was spoken back, a few seconds later and just as smoothly. His tone was of waiting.

They were both naked, still obviously aroused and needing since Axel had decided to call a stop to their actions. Roxas did feel a jab of disappointment but something underlying, (Gratitude? Relief?) was stronger.

"Roxas, you can't possibly want this."

Turning away, Roxas replied, "How can you be the judge of that."

Amazed that he was actually getting worded answers, Axel was quickly drawing a realization from within himself. Roxas was different right now. He was open, more exposed and allowing answers, actual true and lengthy answers. This was his chance, his opportunity to talk to him, to express his own feelings and derive some from the blonde. Barter if need and just get what he wanted across to the boy.

"No one wants sex unless they gain something from it besides the feelings. And someone who does what you do-"

"And what do I do?"

Roxas sounded angry, put off and frustrated. He had been expecting to give Axel what he wanted and not have to worry about being pestered anymore, not have to suffer around the redhead any longer. Because Axel didn't need to know how he felt. He knew if he knew the truth, he'd be used once again, he'd be disappointed.

Axel knew it was time to be blunt. "Whore around." And now was the time where he waited for Roxas to sigh in anger and get up, dress angrily and leave. That didn't happen though.

Roxas stayed in the bed, turning back to Axel and looked so lost, like he was wondering just where Axel was going with this. His eyes met the green eyes he had come to know so well.

"What?" Axel asked then. "No getting up to leave? You aren't angry with me?"

Roxas shrugged, resorting back to one of his age old replies. "You're being honest. Whoring around, it's exactly what I do. Speaking of which, are you going to fuck me or not?"

Axel made no motion to the vulgar words, baffled by how this teen's mind worked. Was it just sex all the time up there or something? Why? Why did Roxas give himself away to various people so easily, act like it was nothing and walk around, an empty shell. He claimed nothing was wrong but that was clearly bullshit and Axel wanted to know why the hell no one really tried to do anything about it. It pained him to imagine Roxas just having sex with whoever wished it, knowing full and well that the blonde probably had no idea what it was like to be taken gently, to feel loved while being involved in such an intimate encounter.

"Yeah, I'm gonna do just that right now. Lay back."

And Roxas submitted, like a good little uke, and did as he was told.

He's in biology right now. I see him and the redheaded girl working on a lab or something.

Okay, I thought. That was a bit of a bummer since my government class was on the other side of the school. I got the text from Zexion which surprised me. I was friends with him sure enough, given that he was dating my best friend, but we've never really connected. He was a smarty pants (and a secret manipulator) and I was a pretty bright crayon myself. I think we clashed because we were on par with each other, both good people readers and able to control others. Sneaky bastards we are, I guess.

I hadn't even bothered sending him a text requesting his help since I was sure he'd figure this was a "insult to his superior intelligence and information obtaining talents" or some other crap like that. The only explanation for his cooperation was Demyx, hands down. The kid was too sweet and cute to say no to and when he was sucking up to you, he made you feel like you deprived a starving litter of kittens of food.

Any idea where he might be heading to next?

I loved my government teacher for his love of drawing very detailed time lines and various graphs and loads of notes on the board, meaning his back would be turned to the rest of the class a good portion of the time. It was easy to text in his class without getting in trouble. So I sent my reply to Zexion and waited things out, doodling random emoticons in my notebook and thinking about the past weekend.

Always punctual, Zexion texted me back in no time flat and my phone vibrated in my pocket.

I believe that he normally goes to the sophomore hallway afterwards, so I presume his locker.

My lips upturned into a feral grin and I felt the heat of success surface within me. I texted my thanks back to the sneaky schemer and he replied with his usual air of superiority that it was nothing, really. Shockingly enough he wished me luck. Not everyone is a bad person.

The class dragged on as usual and when the bell rang to signal our release, I was up and out the door within seconds. I just barely caught the papers on the inside of my notebook that were beginning to fall out because of my hasty retreat. So Roxas would be coming out of biology, possibly accompanied by Kairi and he'd be heading to his locker. The sophomore lockers were located pretty close to the science wing so by the time I reached his locker he'd be there already and hopefully still gathering his supplies and not already walking off.

Damn this high school though. It was a pretty big school, considering kids from different surrounding areas attended it. There were over two hundred kids in my graduating class alone, and compared to other high schools, that was a pretty impressive number. So the school was big, meaning that within the four minutes we had in-between classes, I had to hightail it from one end of the school, second floor, all the way to the first floor on the other side. No way did they give us poor kids enough time to get from one class then possibly to our lockers then onto the next class. Late passes here were passed out like free samples at a food promotion.

I made it though, and I could see Roxas at his locker through the crowded hall. He wasn't alone, instead joined by Kairi and Sora. Casually, like all other times, I approached the small group and grinned my usual hello. Two smiles were returned and I was completely ignored by the third party. This was typical behavior but there was instant tension and dislike in the air and I wasn't the only one who felt it. Kairi felt it long before and her smile had seemed a little on edge, like she was nervous. Poor Sora, the kid just looked damn confused.

"How's everyone's Monday been treating them?" I asked, friendly as ever. I had grown very attached to all the members of this group and after a while, I felt like I was part of them now.

"Wonderful," Sora answered first.

"Sarcasm?" I questioned. It was Monday after all.

Honest as ever, Sora shook his head, chocolate spikes never falling out of place. "No sarcasm."

I stopped and really took in his whole attitude. Oh man I loved being able to see right through people. "You're glowing and acting as spunky as a guy who had some amazing sex the night before." I gave him a sly look, whooping on the inside when he blushed. "Aw, you did, didn't you?"

Right then the loud bang of a locker slamming shut (very unnecessary) sounded and echoed through the hallway. Many stares were pointed in our direction, all of which Roxas seemed to ignore. He stuffed his books into his shoulder bag and turned, beginning to stalk off down the hall. Phase two, ready to commence. Plan: casual conversation to fully evaluate mood and possibly extract some insight of what he's thinking.

Without second thoughts I raced after my blonde, knowing that in the end, I would win no matter what it took.


Euphoric was the only way to describe it. Unbelievable, something out of a dream he had dreamt so many nights. He couldn't even move yet, too mind blown to do anything else. He hovered above the blonde, eyes just barely open with the need to see the face below him. Flushed with full lips parted as he panted. Roxas squirmed very slightly, moved to get more comfortable and then pushed his hips back, signaling what he wanted.

The small movements of the hips sent Axel over the edge and he moved to meet those hips, gasping out loud. The sensation was instantaneous, tingles and blazing heat running through his body. His control was close to snapping but he wouldn't allow any animalistic side take over. He would do this slowly, gently, and lovingly. Make it special, he repeated to himself, over and over again. He bit his lip hard and thrust slowly. The heat surrounding him was too good, tempting him to loose it all and pound into the body below him.

The slow pace wasn't satisfying enough to Roxas though. He whimpered (shocking Axel) and pushed back against the body on top of him, gyrating his hips and trying to get Axel to pick up the pace, just do him hard and rough. That's what he got from everyone else and it was what he wanted now. He wanted the careless sloppiness he had come accustomed to. It seemed Axel had different plans though, and that wasn't something he was used to. This slow pace was confusing, the gentle touches, careful fingers that dusted over his skin, it was all new. He was used to being used, he knew nothing of being loved.

So that's what he was doing. Axel wasn't just using him as a quick fuck, no. Axel was making love to him.

That just wasn't right. He wasn't supposed to be loved, he was supposed to be used, right?


Axel had his eyes squeezed shut, concentrating on the feelings and keeping things going slow. Roxas' question, though, caused his eyes to snap open and he looked down at the clouded eyes, hazy lust mixed with puzzlement. It was just what he was expecting. He didn't expect Roxas to understand that sex wasn't just an act to derive the ultimate pleasure from each other. He wanted the younger teen to understand, to see, feel that sex could be so much more. He wanted to love Roxas, and that was just what he was doing at the moment.

He slowed his movements even further and brought his lips to Roxas' neck, soft kisses being placed there. He didn't even graze his teeth across the smooth skin, didn't bite down to mark what he believed to be his territory now. His hands were wandering, slowly from the slim hips and over the taunt stomach. His fingernails, blunt and light, grazed over the blonde's nipples and enticed a delectable moan to leave the lips that he had yet to taste. His tongue snuck out to lick a long, wet trail over the lithe neck and it traveled up to lick the outer shell of the small ear. Finally he allowed his teeth to take part and he nibbled Roxas' earlobe.

The fact that Axel was thrusting into him at an even slower pace was driving Roxas mad. He wanted it hard, fast. Not this slow pace as if he were…being cared for, being given the pleasure instead of supplying it. This wasn't supposed to happen. He wasn't supposed to be taken gently. And no matter how admittedly good it felt it was just…not right.


The first time I heard about Roxas' secret (maybe not so secret) life was towards the end of my junior year. I overheard a couple of guys talking about a "freshman blonde bombshell" who was an easy person to satisfy anyone's sexual needs, male of female. I was just washing my hands in the bathroom when they walked in and were talking in hushed tones, just going about their business.

"…gorgeous thing, no? You've seen him, spiky blonde hair, blue eyes. He doesn't exactly look like someone sexually active, he doesn't even really talk much. But apparently once you have in in bed, he's a devil."

I didn't want my mind to think of Roxas right off the bat, but the description seemed to fit. I had already washed my hands once, lather then rinse, and I decided to repeat. Something in my stomach squirmed and burned angrily, working its way into my chest as the two other kids continued to talk about my blonde bombshell.

"Really, man? I've never been with a guy before and I think I'd rather keep it that way. Whatever you do is your business, I guess."

At least that kid was smart. He wouldn't touch Roxas, not if I had anything to say about it. The other one seemed to need a talking to though. I could easily picture the seedy ideas he had running through his head. I felt my face heat up due to some strange jealous twinge that poked at my ribs.

"Heh, suit yourself. You don't know what you're missing until you bat for the other team. If you're ever curious enough, I'd say ask him. Which I might plan to do." The kid was now washing his hands at the sink next to me. I recognized him as a kid from my grade, but not someone I had bothered to really get to know. He looked up into the mirror and smirked at me. "Wouldn't you agree with me, Axel?"

So he did know me. Should've known. I wasn't one to publicly stroke my ego or to even do it intentionally, but sometimes I couldn't help it. After all, I did make myself well known with my rebellious antics and such. I'd probably gloat to myself a little more had the subject we were on been different.

"You know what I've heard," I said and turned towards the paper towels in order to conceal my mischievous grin. "If you fuck a younger boy who's cute enough to make you feel like a pedophile, your dick will shrink to the size of your pinky before falling off." A deep laugh bubbled in my chest but I expertly kept it in. Composing my face, I turned back and threw the most genuine looking grin I could manage. The other two's faces were so priceless it was actually hard for me to keep myself in check. "I'm just saying. I'd stay away from him and be good if I were you."

After I left the room, I laughed out loud and gasped for air. I wish I would have been able to take a picture of their faces. They had just made my day but a picture would've been enough to make me grin everyday for quite a long time.

Besides the memory, I had another thing to thank them for. More information on my sweetheart. And I think I knew where to get my answers.

"You want something from me."

My idea for answers came awfully close to the subject I was questioning myself. His twin brother, the adorable, lovable Sora. He should know what was up with Roxas and he was such a sucker that it'd be easy enough to get the information I wanted. A little treat here, a flattering word there and surely he'd be putty in my hands.

Now, it sounds mean, and I admit, maybe it was. Essentially I was manipulating and bribing in order to get what I want. That had to go against many religions somehow. But I wasn't a follower, so I did feel slightly less guilty. There was less of a chance of being struck by a lightening bolt. No, the cute little freshman was just that, cute, and being a loving junior who's job it was to look out for the underclassmen, I could only go about this in the most innocent of ways.

"What are you talking about, Sora? Can't I take one of my friends out for ice cream after school? I see no harm in what I'm doing." I have always known my innocent act was obviously not so innocent. Wasn't this kid supposed to be naïve? I thought so and I've observed such behavior on more than one occasion. Normally his clueless tendencies would leave his friends exasperated.

"Axel, you told Riku to shove off, bitch and moan on his own, then wank off if he felt too lonely until I was safely returned to him. He's not going to be happy with you and probably me as well. So if I'm left with any issues, you are going to be to blame." Sora licked at his cone of strawberry ice cream and seemed to ignore the fact that my arm was wrapped around his shoulders. I had told Riku I would return him safe and sound and without so much as one hicky marring his skin. Our city was full of pedophiles and gang rapes, so I had no choice but to look possessive. Aside from that, he seemed to fit almost perfectly at my side. He must fit perfectly at Riku's side. I could only imagine Roxas ending up as my perfect match. Oh to dream…

"Well I needed to be firm in order to let him leave us alone. Can't I have some one-on-one time with my buddies? I mean, how often do you and I get to talk, huh? Just the two of us?"

He licked at his frozen treat again and the perverted part of me wished he were his brother so I could watch a different cute little pink tongue lapping up the dessert. My stomach coiled and I had to remind myself that this was Sora, not Roxas.

He didn't say anything at first. In my free hand I licked at my own strawberry ice cream and just waited.

We were walking through the park, which had more people than I originally expected to be here. It was spring and a pretty nice day, but it was nearly three in the afternoon and I had thought that most people would be at work. Heh, I'd call then lazy if they weren't jogging or peddling bikes.

"You still want something from me. So what is it? Because I refuse to take part in any sexual innuendos you might have."

I didn't even think the kid would know a word such as 'innuendo.'

"I could never ask something like that from you. As good as I am with being stealthy and hiding from people who want to cause me harm, I have the distinct feeling I'd receive a blitz ball to the head and other unpleasant places." I didn't know from experience, but I was sure that no one would want to mess with the star player of the blitz ball team's boyfriend. I've seen Riku play and he's got a mighty strong arm on him.

I led the boy to a bench and sat down, him sitting right beside me. The arm that was around his shoulders ended up along the back of the bench behind his head. I looked possessive enough. Riku should be satisfied. Protection without full on touching or kissing or hand jobs.

"So maybe I do want something from you." Sora glanced up, his tongue just barely sticking out after going at his ice cream. He looked so cute it hurt. Why couldn't Roxas be adorable like this? "I need your help."

"My help," Sora said slowly. His brows marred and I could see all the questions appearing on his face.

"Yes. I need your help with Roxas. I want to say it's obvious that I like him much more than a friend, but since I don't know how clear that is, you know now. I like your brother. But he's such a closed off shell, I'm not sure how exactly you approach him." I was shocked by how sincere I sounded. Only more evidence of how desperate I was becoming.

Sora looked conflicted. He refused to meet my eye and he seemed to have completely forgotten about his ice cream all together. It felt like time had reversed and the spring air reverted back into its end of the winter chill. This seemed to be an uncomfortable subject, but I refused to back off.

"Look, Axel-"

I could tell he was reluctant to say anything. I noticed the signs of it quite a while ago, pretty much right after I had first taken notice to him. I was intuitive and a people person. It was hard to keep something from me.

"Something happened to him. Am I right?"

Again he seemed reluctant to answer. "It's not my story to tell."

That didn't satisfy me. I knew I was going beyond my rights in pushing the issue, but I was determined to get my answers. "Look, it's either you or him, and I doubt he's going to talk to me. I want to help him, Sora. Seeing him looking so…depressed all the time. He couldn't have been like this all his life. He had to have been different before this…whatever happened. I want to be able to do something. I'm not kidding when I say I really like him. Maybe I can help."

I saw him contemplating what he wanted to do. So I kept my mouth shut (beside eating my dessert) and allowed him time to figure out what he wanted to do. I know I didn't offer a strong argument, but one thing I was sure of was Sora's want to see his brother return to normal. They had such a strong bond, it was clear as day, despite the blonde counterpart's put-off behavior. If anything else, an offer to help by someone who was sincere about his feeling should be a risk worth taking. And I wouldn't say I was an untrustworthy guy. It depended on which side you were on, my own or the so called 'enemy' side. Sora seemed to have been as desperate as me.

"You must have noticed it, then." He paused, then went on, still not looking at me. "The way he looks at Riku. The resentment he has."

So I wasn't imagining all of the glaring that had been directed towards the silverette.

"He doesn't resent Riku, exactly. More…he resents the fact that I have a loving boyfriend who hasn't done me wrong. He resents out strong relationship."

I was shocked by the sheer sadness that gripped Sora, that squeezed all of his emotion out at that one moment.

"He was used. The summer before we started high school. Some guy…he was way older than we were…he took an interest in both of us actually. But Riku put him in his place over me, so he turned to Roxas. And Roxas hadn't had a real relationship before that. He was so happy that someone so much older and experienced took an interest." His voice actually cracked when he talked. The hand behind him wrapped firmly around his shoulders as my instincts kicked in and the very rare nurturing side I had seeped out.

"Riku didn't like him. He said he didn't have good intentions. We actually ended up arguing about the fact that he claimed Roxas and I were 'pedophile magnets.' I was insulted, but after what happened, I realized he was right."

Sora was one heart-wrenching kid. I was amazed by how easily my heart went out to him. It sounded terrible already, but I knew this wasn't the worst of it. The key I needed was still to come. "What happened, Sora?"

"He used Roxas. Stole his virginity when he wasn't ready. Raped him. Told him it was his fault, that sex was all he was good for and would ever be good for." The brunette took a deep breath to steady himself. He ended up leaning his head on my shoulder. "I think he tortured him in the head, more than his body. And ever since then, he hasn't been right."

"That would explain it then…" I whispered this, not fully intending Sora to hear. He glanced up curiously, his face flush and eyes watery.

"Explain what?"

There was no reason not to say anything. Beside, he probably already knew.

"I heard that Roxas has quite the array of lovers. Willing to be with anyone who asks of him."

Sora's face explained right away that he knew exactly what I was talking about. His eyes held disappointment after I said this and he lowered his head. So he knew of Roxas' escapades.

"I can't stop him. I've tried, but I don't know what to do anymore."

Now I was finally seeing what was sitting beside me. A desperate brother who had run out of options. That was why he'd so easily confided in me, I was sure. I was just another option that could potentially help but I was certain he figured I would fail. I had to prove him wrong. I didn't know what exactly I could do, but I didn't want to let Sora down after hearing this and putting him through the story telling.

"I'm scared for him."

There was no way I could let this kid down.

He ended up moving faster than he had wanted. It wasn't his fault. The heat, the tightness, the bliss, and the sweet sensations invoked the animalistic side to take over. He hadn't been as rough as Roxas had wanted it, but he hadn't finished as gently as he would have liked.

Both were winded when they were spent. It was sticky between them with Roxas' essence on both their stomachs. They were both coated with sweat and the room smelled of pure sex.

Axel had pulled out and he moved to lie beside the blonde. He wanted to hold him and fondle him further, but apparently Roxas had other plans. He was pushing the blanket back and preparing to get out of bed.

"Where are you going? I'm not finished with you."

Roxas stopped and looked back at Axel. His face was guarded once more, all emotion that had leaked from their passion having dissipated. "I didn't take you to be a two-a-night kind of guy. But whatever you want." Secretly Roxas had wished Axel would have just let him go. The redhead was making this night so much harder.

"I don't want anymore sex. I want you. I want to hold you, that's all. Stay with me tonight."

This never happened. Roxas wasn't used to this kind of treatment. Between the 'love making' and now the cuddling proposition, he was wondering if he was in the right dimension. He had to leave, he absolutely had to get out of here.

"Don't try and run out on me," Axel said and grabbed the boy's small wrist. He forcefully yanked him back down onto the bed, the blonde ending up sprawled over top of him.

Roxas stared at Axel before asking, "What is wrong with you? Do you not understand how a one night stand works?"

Those words were painful for Axel to hear. He frowned at Roxas, unable to hold back. This was his chance, his now or never.

"Roxas. I like you. Extremely. I know about you whoring around and I'm going to ask you one simple thing. Stop sleeping with everything that walks and breaths and stay with me. Just me."

Roxas was stunned for just a moment before he started struggling. "Let me go, Axel. I have to leave." He got up and was about to get off the bed when Axel grabbed his hand, effectively holding him in place.

"What?" Axel questioned. His tone was darker now, sounding almost hurt. "You got another appointment? Someone else to fuck now that you're done with me? Is that what you want to believe your whole life, Roxas? That you exist just to be a fuck toy to every human being on the planet? If you're going to let someone from your past ruin your life, then go ahead, let them. If you want help, then you know how to get a hold of me. If you want to stop making your brother sick with worry, then you know where to find me. And if you ever finally come to term with the fact that you have feelings for me and want to quit this pathetic life you're leading, then know I'll be waiting for you."

Roxas didn't look back at Axel. He understood fully that Axel wouldn't give up. After over a year of observing and getting to know him from a distance, he knew full and well that he would hear from Axel again. But he could always pretend that it wouldn't happen.

He dressed as quickly as he could and left the room.

I couldn't believe it when he said more than two words to me.

"Axel, leave me alone."

A whopping four words. It was a record number of words spoken to me in public by him. I wasn't actually going to take his words to heart (though I was excited that he referred to me by my name).

"No can do. We need to talk and you know it. I want to know what's going on between us." Kids were rushing both ways through the hall. I hated how congested these tiny walkways could get and the fact that students easily got personal with each other fairly quick due to the lack of walking space. In fear of getting separated, I put my life on the line and gripped Roxas' waist in order to ensure we'd stay together. He stiffened by my touch and glared straight ahead.

"We have nothing to discuss."

"Oh yes we do," I countered. It was getting hard to hear him and I had no choice by to pull him into the nearby bathroom. It was empty and this made me incredibly happy that I was born with a penis. Had I been a girl, there would definitely be no private moment in the little powder room next door. "Look, I don't want to be pushy but sometimes you have to be. What's going on, what have you been thinking? You had to have thought about what I've said, right?"

For a brief moment, I could see the carefully constructed walls breaking down. I wasn't expecting such a question from him but he asked it anyway. "How did you know I liked you?"

There were two things with him asking me this. First off, he was actually speaking to me, showing some sign of true humanity. Second off, he was making a major confession.

"I'm very good at reading people. And intuitionist, I've been called. Generally I'm never wrong in my accusations." It was partly truthfully, but I had actually really accused him of having feelings for me in hopes of being right and invoking some sort of reaction out of him. Clearly I had been successful.

He said nothing more after that. I wished he would. I loved hearing him speak, especially in such a normal tone of voice, not his usual cold and emotionless drone.

"Well," I said. "Do you have some sort of answer for me?"

He had to have had some inner turmoil inside of him. I knew I wouldn't get any answer that I wanted. "You never demanded a straight answer. You said that if I figured anything out, then I had to come to you. Well I haven't come to you, have I? Shouldn't that be your answer?" I would have been disappointed if I hadn't acknowledged the different tone of voice he was using. He sounded different…not as empty. Maybe he was contemplating a few things and facing old conflicts. One could only hope.

"I don't have an answer. But you said you would wait. So that's all I'm asking for."

He left me standing alone in the bathroom, wondering just how long of a wait I'd be in for.

I had tried everything I could to help Roxas. I offered to take him out, I talked to him as a friend, told him he could tell me anything. I was running out of options and it seemed hopeless. He only continued to stare at me blankly, like he wasn't even seeing me.

So with nothing else, I had one back up plan and there wasn't much planning with it. It wasn't something you could easily plan out. It would be something that I would just have to roll with and do my best to turn the entire event in my favor. Maybe, just maybe, I would be able to do something. I needed to get through to him, so my only choice now was to use his own problem against him.

"Roxas, I want you this weekend. Saturday night, come to my house, okay?"

He didn't speak a word. I didn't know how his deals went down. I just said what I needed to say and that was it.

He looked at me and with a flicker of something unknown in his eyes, then he nodded his head.

My last chance was set in stone.

The final phase was the most tormenting. Waiting.

I told him I would wait for him and I did not lie. He didn't come to me right away like I had hoped. As the days till my graduation flew by, I began to worry that he would never come to me.

But it wouldn't have been a completely loss. My efforts wouldn't have been for nothing. Because since I had slept with him and talked to him, there was a change.

It wasn't really noticeable at first. He had to have made amends with himself and his past since he was becoming what was left behind of his old self. I didn't know who Roxas was before his run in with that jackass who broke him, but I had the distinct feeling that I would be able to recognized his rightful behavior.

He smiled. His lips actually moved until they were smiling. He laughed along with his friends at lunch while I quietly observed day after day. The shine in his eyes that was returning, a sight I had never seen before, pulled at my heartstrings.

A month passed and I was finally at the stage of pining after him, now so more than ever. Marluxia and Demyx made fun of me everyday, but I would normally flip them off and return to my hobby of Roxas Watching. Screw them, I wouldn't stop watching him finally being happy.

Sora was quite thankful as well. He had come up to me one day and hugged me tight. "Thank you," was all he said. I couldn't resist hugging him back. At least one of my goals was complete. I knew, at this point, that even if I didn't get the love I craved in return from the blonde, at least I could be satisfied that I put his brother at ease.

It was a month and a half after the events had taken place when I received that text message.

If you're still waiting for me, then I'm sure you wouldn't mind going out with me this weekend?

Well who would've thought he could actually be so talkative?

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