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Summary-ish thing = Morgan discovers his dear and close friend Reid has some issues and moves to confront him about it. Naturally, Reid tries to hide his problems from him, as well as everyone else. But Morgan is persistent, because he secretly loves Reid. As they learn to cope through Reid's issues together, those feelings become too strong to be ignored by either party.

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"Hey man, can I talk to you," Morgan asked quietly, having halted Reid's departure with a hand to the smaller man's shoulder. Startled by the unexpected and unnecessary contact from his partner, Reid stared blankly.

"Now?" he finally choked, twisting around to remove Morgan's hand. Instead of sliding harmlessly away, Morgan doubled his grip. Reid froze.

"Yes, Reid. We need to talk now."

Morgan began to direct him to a room that Reid knew was empty. The touch of another man, and the firmness of that touch, sparked the anxieties that Reid had been fighting to suppress. His nerves propelled him to obey the other man's directions. Reid strolled as casually as he could with a racing heart to the room with Morgan at his back.

"Wh-what about the investigation?" Reid blurted out, his quick wits and tongue working to spare him from the inevitable.

'The inevitable?' he questioned himself. 'This is Morgan. He won't hurt you. He's your friend. Your best friend. And he just wants to talk.'

"The investigation can wait. This is more important."

Reid disregarded the nagging voice in his head that spoke the truth of his relationship to Morgan. He knew if he examined that fanciful idea right now, that he'd start the beginnings of another panic attack. Then he definitely would be considered incapable of work.

"Morgan, what's the matter?"

Reid stepped into the vacant room and felt the pressure of Morgan's hand disappear. He faced his friend as the door was closed, cutting everyone else off from them. Reid wet his lips and took a few shuffling steps back to put a more comfortable measure of space between them.

Waiting for Morgan to explain himself, Reid was acutely aware of the signs of distress in his normally straight forward and dependable friend.

Morgan slouched in front of the door, a hand still grazing the knob, neither facing Reid nor looking at him. His gaze, what Reid could see, was cloudy and uncharacteristically dark. The same darkness that Reed associated with Morgan's anger when his sense of justice was compromised by people who killed in cold blood and escaped persecution to do it again before they were caught.

Was Morgan angry? It couldn't be something to do with the investigation, at least not this one. Morgan had explicitly mentioned that this was something else, something more important. What could it be?

When the silence became more than Reid's nervous mind could bear, and Morgan remained as he was, frozen, Reid hesitantly attempted speech.

"You're not acting like yourself."

Morgan's head snapped up. Reid felt jostled by the intensity of emotion that his friend was displaying, and more because it was now directed solely at him.

"Neither are you."

It was said almost as an accusation. Guilt threatened the smaller man, but he barricaded that part of himself away. That part of him was dangerous, especially if exposed to another. Even more so if that other was Morgan.

"I'm not following you." After a swift deliberation, Reid went on. "What's bothering you?"

"You are."

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