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The reply stung unexpectedly. Guilt or paranoia or one of the terrible things that he'd been experiencing lately crowded around inside him, burning through his body like an internal fire.

Reid opened and closed his mouth several times in succession before his voice returned to him in an anxious stammer. "What do you mean?"

"You got anything you need to tell me about, pretty boy?"

'Yes. I need to tell you everything.' He bit his lip. "Morgan, you're not making any sense."

"Just answer the question, Reid."

The commanding edge to the bigger agent's tone unnerved Reid. His swift "NO!" came out too vehemently. Too quickly. Reid felt his control of the situation slipping.

"Really? Are you sure about that? Nothing's been eating away at you or making you feel less like yourself? You're not under any kind of pressure that you need to talk about?"

"What are you going on about? What is all of th –"

"Reid!" Morgan cut him off dangerously. "I've known you for a long time now. I recognize it when something is wrong. I know that when you get yourself involved with something unusual that it is bad.

"Now! Add that to the fact that I study criminals – who are generally lying, sometimes very well – and uncover the truth based on their expected actions and/or issues, I think it's pretty damn foolish to think that you can get away with lying to me!"

"I'm not lying about anything! I'm…I'm confused about you are doing! I don't understand what's going on!"

"Well apparently, neither do I. That's why I came to you."

"Morgan, I still don't – "

"I'm asking you as a friend who cares, if there is something you want to talk about? Something that you should or need to tell me?"

Reid licked his lips and tried to think past the anxiety building in his chest. He did not want to talk about his capture, nor the events that had transpired between Hankle and himself that the team still did not know about. It was unimportant. Irrelevant. And there was no way that Morgan could have learned about it. Even if he had, his anger seemed misplaced. It didn't fit.

That experience was really the only thing bothering him. Keeping him up at night, making him squeamish when they were on a case, and causing him to feel uncomfortable around other men.

Looking back at Morgan, Reid winced when their eyes met. Morgan was all business.

"Umm…I…I'm…I have been having a little trouble…handling things after…well, the Hankle Case. But it's…it's nothing big! Nothing I can't manage. I'm just taking a little longer than I thought to get back on track."

Morgan was still staring, waiting for something. Reid searched for what else to say. What he could do to make the sadness and anger leave his friend's eyes.

"It's not affecting my work. Don't worry. I can still do my job. And it's really not that bad any more. I'm getting better now. I am fine."

The silence lingered. The pain in Morgan's eyes pronounced itself.

"I thought I told you to come and talk to me if it bothered you any more." The dark man shook his head in resignation. "You say this isn't affecting you in any way that's big."

Reid swallowed.

"No. And like I said, it's not a problem now. I've…I'm…I'm fine again. I've…put it behind me."

"I disagree. Would you care to tell me about all of it? What this has done to you?"

"No offense, Morgan, but this really isn't your business. And…I don't know why you're bothering with this. I'm handling it on my own. So just…leave it alone. It's all in the past, so let's just forget about it. Please."

Reid involuntarily shrunk back as Morgan's demeanor altered, the concern momentarily obscured by anger.

"No I will not let it be!" Morgan began to shout, brandishing his arm violently through the air.

"I will not just forget about it when my best friend is…" He paused, seething, and continued in a lower, vicious tone. "Is taking drugs! And then! Then he's hiding it from me and acting like everything is okay!"

Reid blanched. For several minutes, he could not summon thought. No rational thinking or way out of the situation occurred to him. He gaped, and could no longer maintain eye contact. Trapped in a way he hadn't thought possible, Reid stuttered a series of phrases to dissuade Morgan from completely uncovering the truth.

"I'm not…I…I wouldn't…I…I don't know what you're talking about! We're going to miss the pl –"

"I was in your bag."

Reid stilled. There was no way that Morgan could have seen the bottle. No way. There was no way that this was happening. This was not happening to him. It just wasn't. Maybe Morgan was referring to something else.

'Like what?' he snapped at himself. He needed to stop hoping for things that no longer were and think of a solution. Some way out. But how? What was there, when Morgan was cornering and demanding the truth from him? What could he do?

He was going to lose his job. They would put this in his record and he was never going to be able to easily find work again. Worse still, he was going to lose his family here. He was going to lose Morgan.

"You got an answer for that, pretty boy?"

"Morgan. I…We should be leaving with the others," he said quickly, the remnants of panic inhibiting his thinking process. Reid moved to side step the other agent and leave. Morgan blocked his path, a surprisingly gentle hand gripping his shoulder.

"Spence," he spoke more softly. "We need to talk about this. Right now."

"What we need to do, Morgan," Reid began, retreating from Morgan and his touch, feeling dirty. "Is get moving. We have a case right now in case you have forgotten."

"The case be damned! This is more important!"

"No Morgan!"

"Yes, Reid! Now what in the hell were you thinking getting hooked on this stuff? Why did you do it? Huh? Was is because of the Hankle Case? You were talking about it earlier."

Flinching as though he'd been struck, Reid fell silent, gaping helplessly at the floor.

'I can't think!'

"Well? You gonna tell me why you've been using drugs?"

"It's not mine," he lied automatically.

"Excuse me?" Morgan demanded incredulously.

"It's not," Reid said, forcing himself to meet the other agent's eyes. "I…I…confiscated it from some kids outside the grocery store."

"Kids outside of a store! Do not lie to me! If it's not yours than why the hell have you been hiding it? This conversation has made you clearly uncomfortable, and why would that be if it was not yours?"

"Because we're going to miss the jet!"

"Jet? You're still worried about the god-damn jet?"

"Yes, Morgan! We're going to miss it!"

"Reid! Tell me what you're doing it. I know you didn't get it from some kid. Quit trying to lie to me."

"Morgan I…I don't know what you're talking about!"

"The drugs Reid! Why did you start? Was it because of the Hankle Case? Or was it sooner from something else?"

"No Morgan! I told you – "

"Is something the matter?" Hotch's sharp inquiry cut Reid off. Morgan whipped around to face the other man standing in the doorway. Reid felt the panic rise as his leader looked from Morgan to himself and back, taking the situation in and formulating his own thoughts.

'Oh god,' Reid thought, feeling faint. 'He didn't hear us, did he? Oh my god.'

"I'll expect an explanation about this later. But for now, do you two suppose that you could get on the jet? We have a job to do. Or is there a problem that requires for you take time off?"

"No!" Reid cried, then deflated when both men looked at him. He licked his lips. "Umm…it's nothing. I can work. Sorry to keep you waiting."

Hotch stepped into the room to un-barricade the door. Reid rushed out, nearly bumping into him on the way.

"Is there something I should know about?"

Morgan deliberated, watching Reid depart through the glass. He was practically jogging away from them.


Morgan sighed, resigned to his duty.

"Honestly. Yes, you probably should. But I'd like to talk to Reid about it first. So that I understand what's going on fully. See if there's any way I can help him."

Hotch regarded him carefully, and nodded his acquiescence.

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