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Now that Taylor was four, and old enough to really enjoy the holidays, Nancy and Rabbit went all out for Christmas. For the first time since they had been married, they bought a real evergreen tree and thoroughly decorated it. They hung a wreath on the door and stockings on a shelf in the living room.

Though Nancy loved the decorations, finding it reminded her of her childhood, she couldn't help but wish they decided to do the usual. When they stuck up the short, fake tree and didn't bother with any lights or door swags, Taylor was oblivious to the upcoming holiday until it was upon her. Now Taylor was off the wall, waiting for Santa.

"When is Santa coming?" Taylor asked as she squeezed some green dough between her fingers.

"Soon" Nancy said, smiling gently as she gave the same answer she'd given for the past three weeks. "Very soon" She added, placing the ball of dough she had just rolled onto a cookie tray before reaching into the bowl on the counter and grabbing another handful.

"Are you sure this is his favorite type of cookie?" Taylor asked, placing her own lumpy dough next to Nancy's on the tray and reaching into the bowl for more.

"Be careful" Nancy interjected, quickly pushing the back of the chair the little girl was standing on down as two of the feet popped up. "And yes, these are Santa's favorite" She assured her. They were Rabbit's favorite too.

"Can we leave him some milk tonight too?" She asked, placing another lumpy ball onto the tray. Nancy placed her own dough down and picked Taylor's up, rolling them, and placing them back down.

"Of course we can" Nancy answered. She turned away for a moment, trying to compose herself at the thought of milk. Once she had managed to keep her stomach at bay, she went back to rolling the last bits of dough.

"Why don't you do the sugar?" She offered, opening a container of red sprinkles and passing it to Taylor. "Careful" She murmured, helping to keep the girl's hand steady as she shook the bottle over the tray.

"Mommy?" Taylor asked, her voice dropping as she placed the sprinkles down on the counter. Nancy picked the tray up and pulled the oven door open before sliding it open.

"Yes, baby?" Nancy asked, letting out a long, tired breath as she stood back up. She grabbed the empty bowl and placed it into the sink.

"Does Santa still bring presents to bad people?" She asked, sitting down in the chair where she had been standing.

"Santa brings presents to everyone who tries to be good" Nancy explained, turning off the water and looking to Taylor. "I don't think you have anything to worry about" She added, brushing a blonde hair from her face. Nancy and Rabbit already had one 'gift' for Taylor that couldn't be returned.

"This is going to be a really good Christmas" Taylor said, hoping down off the chair and pushing it back to the table.

At the sound of keys rattling against the door, Taylor bound out of the chair and ran to the front door, sliding across the wood floors in her sock clad feet. "Daddy" She called in a sing song voice. A few moments later, she returned into the room, carried by Rabbit.

"What are we making?" He asked, pulling his sunglasses off his head with his free hand and tossed them to the table. Rabbit kissed Nancy's cheek before she carefully slid the cookie sheet into the oven.

"We needed to make cookies for Santa" She answered, standing back up and turning to him.

"They're his favorite" Taylor butted in, pushing her dark locks out of her face with both hands.

"Mine too" Rabbit added with a sly grin to Nancy. Reaching out, she smacked him in the shoulder with a dish towel from the counter. "Just saying" He replied with a playful smile before walking into the living room, still carrying Taylor.

"Daddy, how is Santa going to get into our house?" She asked, slipping out of his arms and jumping into a sitting position on the couch. "We don't have a chimney" She added, looking around the room in disappointment.

"Lucky for little girls like you, Santa has a magic key" Rabbit started, sitting down next to her and collapsing back into the couch. Even half days at work were tiring during the holidays. People drove like idiots, the thought not even crossing their mind that they wouldn't ever be home for the holidays if they did that. "He'll use the key and come right in the front door"

"What if the chain lock is on?" Taylor asked, somewhat sure that Santa wouldn't be able to get to their Christmas tree.

"I'll make sure it isn't locked tonight" Rabbit assured her.

"Are you sure he got my letter?" She persisted, bouncing off the couch and sliding down to the floor. Sal slinked out from behind the tree and purred gently, rubbing against her cheek.

"Uncle Tyler made sure he got it" He replied, closing his eyes and reclining his head back on the couch. He had the next few days off which was like his own gift from Santa.

"Are you sure Uncle Tyler really knows Santa?" Taylor questioned. Nancy had brought the letter to work with her and given to Tyler to stash away after telling Taylor that Tyler and Santa were friends. Tyler thought it was pretty clever and was happy to join in on the fun.

"Santa won't forget about Sal, will he?" She asked, scooping the cat into her arms and rolling onto her back as she rubbed her sock clad feet over the wood floor.

"I don't…" Rabbit's voice trailed off. This was her first real Christmas and he didn't want to have to have the 'Santa' talk with her anytime soon. He didn't want to make any false promises. "I think you should ask Mommy" He answered, running a hand through his hair.

"Ask Mommy what?" Nancy asked, pausing in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room to turn off the lights, before walking over and joining Rabbit on the couch. Settling in next to him and curling up her feet, she rested her head on his shoulder and he slipped his arm around her.

"Will Santa bring presents for Sal?" Taylor asked, scrambling to grab the grey tabby back after he scurried out of her arms. He slipped away into the dark kitchen, leaving her laying on the floor.

"I'm sure he'll bring him something" Nancy answered with assurance, glad she had thought to cover the pet aspect of the holiday. Sal would get a few new toys and a bag of treats. Nancy decided to save the feline's dignity and leave the kitty Santa suit on the rack. "Don't roll around on the floor" She said after a pause, yawning and closing her eyes.

Taylor crawled over to the couch and climbed up into Nancy's lap, looking up at her. "When will Santa come?"

"Not until you go to bed" Nancy responded, opening in her eyes and letting out another yawn. Santa was going to need a nap before any presents appeared under the tree.

"Which is right now" Rabbit added quickly, taking a breath and standing up. Grabbing Taylor, he swung her over his shoulder, giggles filling the room.

Nancy found herself leaning over and beginning to doze off as the giggles quieted down. Her blonde hair sprayed across her face creating a curtain between her the glowing, rainbow lights of the tree. It seemed only minutes later that Rabbit was joining her on the couch, slipping himself between her body and the armrest. He rested one foot on the couch and one of the floor, allowing her space to recline on his chest.

"Where's Taylor?" She asked, her voice slightly groggy but relaxed.

"In bed" Rabbit replied quietly, gently soothing her blonde locks away from her face before resting a hand on her hip.

"Already?" She questioned as she exhaled, her body moving closer to his.

"It's been almost an hour" He replied with a small laugh, looking down at her.

"Oh" Nancy answered, in a surprised yet quiet voice. "I guess I fell asleep" She added, starting to sit up, only to be pulled back down by Rabbit.

"Stay for a few minutes" Rabbit said, using little pleading to convince. He happily wrapped his arms around her, resting his hands on her flat stomach once she had settled in again. "Do you think she'll be surprised?" He asked, resting his chin on the top of her head.

"About what?" Nancy asked, interjecting a yawn into the question.

"Gee, I don't know…" Rabbit chuckled gently, tracing circles over the shirt clad skin on her stomach. "Maybe you're impending pregnancy?" He suggested.

"Yes, that" Nancy smiled and closed her eyes as she placed her hands over his and followed his sporadic tracing pattern. "I'm sure it'll be her favorite gift unless we find out it's a boy" She answered.

"I'll be happy if it's a boy" Rabbit answered. Nancy smacked his hand gently and smiled, her face hidden from his view. "Or a girl" He added, kissing the top of her head with a grin.

"We should get to bed so Santa can come" Nancy said after a long pause, sitting up right. She rubbed her eyes and pushed her bangs away from her face. She stood up and reached for his hand, giving him a gentle pull up. Resting his hands on her shoulders, they left quietly, the only sound that of their socks brushing tiredly over the floor.

The next morning, after all the gifts had been open and the paper strew across the floor in a red and green hurricane, Taylor settled down on the couch, new toys in hand, between Rabbit and Nancy. Rabbit caught Nancy's eyes over the little girl's head as he finished ripping the hair of the new Barbie doll out of the box.

"Taylor," he started, handing the doll to her. "Mommy and I have another gift for you" He looked to Nancy to take it from here. Taylor said nothing, preoccupied with the doll in her lap. Nancy took the Barbie and placed it on the other side of her.

"What?" Taylor asked, looking up, her eyes bright with joy.

"Mommy is growing a baby in her belly" Nancy finally said, after finding the right words for the mind of a four year old. "But he or she won't be here for awhile"

"What do you think?" Rabbit asked as Taylor looked over to him. "Are you excited?"

"Am I going to have to share my dolls?" She asked, reaching back over Nancy and snatching the doll back by her blonde hair.

"No" Nancy laughed, grinning and running a hand down Taylor's dark hair. "If the baby is a girl, we'll buy her her own Barbies"

"Oh, good" Taylor broke into a smile as she squeezed her own doll tightly.