Heyyy there! My first slash-fic. I didnt forget the bet... Hope u like it =)

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing of this (just the plot and my words), this fic is just written for entertainment.

Rating: T because of SLASH. Flames will be used to burn the homophobia in this world...

Friedrich lies awake, inhaling deeply. He turns onto his side. The hard bed will give him bruises tomorrow, that's for sure, but his eyes still wont close. Instead, his brain replays the events of this morning, when he and Albrecht laid in the bathroom together. Limbs entangled, skin to skin and tears wettening both of their faces. He can still feel Albrechts cold hands caressing his hair, his trembling chest pressed against him. He can still feel him, he can still smell him.

And he tries to hate himself for that.

He isn´t supposed to think of his best friend like that. He is a proud, strong boy. He belongs to the Elite. No guy, especially not him, is suppposed to think of a bloke like that. (Even if Albrecht is as fragile and beautiful like a girl. Friedrich caught himself thinking that Albrechts face was like the face of an angel.) Albrecht is his guardian angel. If Friedrich threatens to become the fanatic, aggressive monster the Nazis want to turn him into, Albrechts sad and dissapointed look is all he needs to calm down.

Suddenly, a whimper stops his musing. Friedrich freezes, well-knowing who that sound belongss to. Very careful, he turns around. There he is, his angel, so vulnerable. He lies there in the fetal position with his trembling back turned to him. Friedrich gulps and stands up slowly, walking to the crying guys bed. Carefully he lays his hand on Albrechts shoulder, and his best friend winces at the touch. "Sh…", Friedrich whispers, slowly stroking his back. He feels Albrechts body tensing at the touch.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea…

He pulls back his hand and steps backward to his bed when suddenly Albrecht turns around and grips his wrist firmly. "Please don't go. Please… Friedrich, stay with me." Friedrich cant help looking into those beautiful, desperate eyes and he knows that his best friend is ashamed for his barely audible words. Friedrichs mind is racing, afraid of his conflicting feelings. Anyways, he cant let Albrecht down. So he climbs up his bed, wincing at the terribly loud "squeeeeeeak"-noise it makes. But nobody seems awake... and Friedrcich doesn´t even care. Albrecht shifts to the edge of the tiny bed to leave space for him.

He is unsure what to do to comfort his best friend. What does Albrecht want him to do? His heart is beating incredible fast because he is lying next to his one desire. And their legs are touching so slightly it hurts... But his guardian angel is still sobbing so he puts him into a tight embrace. He is so afraid that Albrecht will turn away or hate him forever but he just snuggles into him and relaxes. And the strong boxer just stares at the ceiling and inhales Albrechts scent and it makes his mind go blurry... And Friedrich doesnt move, because he doesnt want to spoil the moment.

No words are needed, they just lay close to each others chest. Listening to their heartbeats, smelling their mingled breath, feeling the others warmth burning their skin.

And as he felt his friend fall asleep on his chest, his breath warming the crook of his neck, Friedrich knew, that tomorrow they would find them in this suspicious position; and who knew what would happen then... But he didnt care, because the moment belonged to them.