The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt: Obsession
Penname: Zombie's Run This Town
Pairing: Jacob/Renesmee
Rating: T

Where was she? I thought to myself, pacing back and forth. I hadn't spoken to her in such a long time. She even ignored the text I had sent her. Where was she? What was she doing? Better yet, who was she with? When I was talking with her on the phone, there was the sound of someone laughing. I believed it was female, but it could have been male for all I knew.

That thought had me livid.

My hands curled up into clenched fists. I could feel my nails digging to my flesh. I ignored the pain, hardly feeling it. My skin would grow back in a matter of seconds. But while those measly seconds were being wasted on that, I awaited for her return, knowing that if she didn't get here soon, I'd have to take measures into my own hands.

Why don't I? my thoughts asked suddenly. Instead of waiting for her, I could get her myself. I could bring her back. Then she'd be with me.

I immediately left the small cabin that sheltered my little Nessie. As much as I enjoyed being there, I preferred to be with her in it. Being there made me share an unforgettable connection with her. Even though she was gone, her scent remained. Photographs of her were on every wall, her personal objects and material were also there, leaving me with some fine memory of her.

But that was never enough. I needed her by my side. I needed to hear her heartbeat, feel her warmth, taste the splendors that she is. I needed her, more than life itself. She was mandatory for me. She was a God that I must worship daily, an unspoiled divinity that was only for me. She was only mine to gaze upon, mine to touch, to caress. She was mine only, from the start and until the end – which is not in our cards.

I made my way through the forest, knowing it like the back of my hand. I cut across the river, not caring that my clothes had gotten wet in the process. I didn't stop until I was on my bike, but I couldn't ride off quickly like I had wanted to. One of the vampires came out of the house. It was the blonde, lethargic one - the one who was easily forgotten. He stared at me for a moment, his golden eyes and mind testing the emotions buzzing around me. I felt a growl build in my chest. I had never liked him.

"Where are you going?" he asked me abruptly, shutting the door behind him.

I faced forward on the bike, started the ignition, and hissed, "None of your business." Just as I started to drive away, he was in front of me, his hands gripping the handle bars and hauling the back wheel off the ground. Mud spat off it, splashing on me and the area behind.

"Don't even think about running Renesmee's day out," he said in a low, yet scornful tone. I glared at him, my jaw locked securely in place.

"Don't act like you care about her," I responded to his threat, acid leaking from tongue. His expression froze into an unforgettable stare of torment. I snorted and he lowered the bike. Once free from his locked grasp, I turned the handle bars and started up once again. As I fled from the reeking house, I heard his anguished whisper, "I do care, more than anyone could comprehend."

The thought of anyone caring more about her had me laughing, aside with a slight snarl. Only I was to care about her. She was mine, no one else's. She wasn't here for their fate or destiny; she wasn't here for their care. She was here for me and me only. I wasn't positive to where she was at, but my only and hopefully lucky guess would be Port Angeles. She and Kim, Jared's imprint, had planned to spend the day shopping – doing what girls do without boys. They said that to me with great determination that I couldn't help but to feel suspicious. I had heard her clearly when she stated that it was just a girls' day out, Kim and only her. But the way that they were acting so bubbly and cryptic at the same time had me itching to know what they were planning on doing exactly.

My little Nessie was up to something, something secretive and mistrustful. I was dying to find out. I would find out. My only problem was that she'd be upset if she knew that I was spying on her, therefore I would have to keep in the shadows. I'd do whatever it took to make sure that she was safe and that she would return home with me, hand in hand. I sped through the sleepy streets of Forks, making my way onto the highway until I was finally at my destination of want, of need. I parked my motorcycle outside a building, resting it beside the curb. I made my way through the small area of shopping and business, hoping to find some lead on either of the girls. I took scents around mine, decoding them until I found the correct ones. After minutes of doing this thoroughly, I heard it – a bird.

It was never really a bird, though. It never had been. I snapped my head into the direction of the sound, letting my eyes hit against the faces of unconcerned strangers that were rushing through shop after shop. Her laugh hit me before her I even saw her. But as soon as her sweet, melody-like giggle wandered into my head, I was hooked on seeing her. I saw a head of bronze curls. I saw her body sway back and forth. She swung back and forth on an old swing, letting her back and head fall backwards as she held onto the chains with her hands. I felt almost panicked watching her. I was afraid she'd fall and hurt herself. But the other half of me couldn't help but be entranced by the way her hair moved with the wind she'd formulate.

The sound of a male laughing pushed her out of my vision. My eyes snapped up towards a figure behind her. Tan hands touched her back, and I suppressed a monstrous growl. Just knowing or seeing someone touching her beside myself, someone who wasn't the same gender as her, made my thoughts scramble with anger. I couldn't keep myself back. She was mine - only mine.

I cut through the crowd, not stopping until I entered the small little playground. I listened to her laugh and even flirt with the boy. I watched her jump around with him, touching him, wrapping her fragile arms around him. His hands covered her body, his lips caressed her cheek. Her dark lashes closed over her coffee-colored eyes. A gentle, content sigh escaped her pink, delicate lips.

My fists clenched once again. My teeth clamped onto my tongue. My eyes glared. Being angry wasn't enough anymore, just being her best friend wasn't a reasonable excuse for us not to be together. She was my obsession, my hobby. She was everything I had always wanted, but she thought different. I'd never be enough for her, but she'd be enough for me – always. I'd make sure of that.

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