Originally a one-shot but someone requested a second chapter. (So its a two-shot now).

Someone likes you....

Satoshi (NOT the Satoshi/Ash from the main Pokemon series. Just borrowing his name)

Lucario (NOT the same one from my last one shot)

Satoshi was walking home from a long day at school. "Same shit. Diffrent day", he mumbled to himself. He lived in a small, peaceful town that always had a beautiful sunset each night. The young 15-year old had recently got in trouble at school today telling the teacher to- and I qoute - " Eat penguin shit, you ass-pounder" and was sentenced to after school-detention cleaning every single chalkboard in the school. It was around 5pm when Satoshi was finally allowed to go home and the sun was just setting giving the sky a nice orange over view.

"Its bad enough I don't take a school bus to school or that I barely have any friends.", the boy said to himself as he continued onward. You see, Satoshi is a loner. His parents died when he was 6 years old and that has left him bitter and cynical. He lives in a house all by himself (since being on his own all this time he's learned to take care of himself rather nicely and doesnt really need parental supervision) in the outskirts of town.

The wind started to pick up.....

"Its gettin' pretty cold out. Better take a short cut.", he shivered. The quickest way to get from Satoshi's house to school was through the forest and that's exactly what he did. He liked going through the forest. It was dark this time of day and Satoshi liked that. Satoshi really didnt enjoy other people's company and tends to keep to himself.

Satoshi began walking through the forest spotting pokemon every now and then. He kept walking for a good 5 minutes...walking....and walking...and walking.......


Satoshi stopped. Someone or something was following him. He could have swore he heard something in the trees above him when he was walking a few minutes ago.

He waited a second.....shrugged it off and continued walking home.

Well, he a last made it home to his quiet little home. Nothing new today- did his homework, ate dinner, watched some TV, took a bath, and went to bed.

The next day at school was nothing new, either. Slept through math class, sat alone at lunch, watched some punk kids have a pokemon battle at recess, swore at the teacher, and had after-school detention as a punishment. Same shit. Diffrent day. Well, around 5pm (again), Satoshi left the school building to head home. It was getting pretty dark pretty quickly as Satoshi was walking home (must have been daylight savings time) so he decided to traverse through the forest, once again. He was about a good 7 minutes into the forest when he heard that voice again.

"Hee-hee-heee. I got you now..." said the voice playfully.

Satoshi once again stopped. Know he knew he heard that. He turned his head quickly to his left and scanned the area. Nothing but trees. No luck on the right.

"We're gonna have SO much fun hee-heeee..." said the voice again.

Satoshi began to panic. He tried to move but to no success. He was too scared to move!

"W-who's there!?" said the frightened boy unable to move.


At last, Satoshi was at least able to move his head. He looked up and to the left. Nothing. Then he looked to the right. His eyes widened. Up in the trees he saw two big, red, devilish eyes stareing right back at him. The eyes must have sent a surge through Satoshi's body because the boy began to run. Run as fast as he could.

"Aww. Dont be that way. Hee-heee..."

Satoshi ran straight through the forest with that thing right above him in the trees. While running, he looked back to see his hunter above him. The creature was blue, about the same size as Satoshi and had a big, devil-like smile on its face. Before Satoshi could turn his head around, he slammed straight into a tree and fell flat on his back. Satoshi regained himself and listened for his predator. Nothing. "He must've given up." thought the boy. Satoshi continued onward towards home but still alert. He walked a good 5 or 6 minutes through when suddenly a branch on the ground snapped. Satoshi once again began to run but was tackled to the ground immediately. The poor boy tried to wiggle free but to no avail.

"Hee-hee-hee. I finally got you.", said the beast now atop Satoshi. Satoshi couldnt see its face but could see its arms. They were blue with black paws and a spike coming out of each paw. Satoshi could tell that this was a Lucario. And from the sound of its voice, a male. He could feel its breath hitting his neck.

"Lemme go! What do you want!?" said Satoshi angry that he let himself be pinned to the ground.

"I just wanna have some fun, Satoshi." said the Lucario in a playful tone.

"How do you know my name?"

"You see, Ive been watching you for some time now, Sweet heart. And Ive chosen you." answered the Lucario.

"Chosen me for what?" said the boy still trying to wriggle himself free.

"To be my mate."

"WHAT?! You cant do that! In case you havent noticed, IM A BOY!" screamed Satoshi.

"Yes, a very beautiful, attractive boy..." said the Lucario as he began to pull up Satoshi's shirt.

Lucario was too busy working on Satoshi's shirt that Satoshi slipped free and started running away. Lucario quickly pursued him down and grabbed him and pinned him against a near by tree.

"Slippery little piggy. Now where was I?" said the Lucario now facing Satoshi's front side with his paws pushed against Satoshi's shoulders.

"P-please. Let me go. Leave me alone, Lucario." pleaded the boy.

"Im sorry, Satoshi. I cant do that right now." Lucario said as he pulled off Satoshi's shirt and pushed his furry, yellow body up against Satoshi's now exposed chest.

"Can't you find someone else to mate with? Im a human!"

"Im not interested in my species. I wasnt interested in anything untill I saw you, my love." Lucario started to lick Satoshi's neck.

A bulge began to form in Satoshi's pants and Lucario noticed this.

"You like that, hmm?" grinned the Pokemon. "Lets take a bit further."

Lucario started to undo Satoshi's pants. Satoshi grabbed Lucario's paws to stop him but to no luck. Now the only clothing the boy had on was a red pair of boxers.

Lucario put his paw on Satoshi's penis and began to seductivly fondle him through his boxers. Satoshi's cock began to grow hard.

"Lucario, please stop! I...I dont want this!" said the boy with the jet-black hair as he began to silently cry.

"Really? From what im feeling, you DO want this. Dont lie to me, my sweet prince. Liar's get punished." Lucario teased.

Satoshi tried to kick the pokemon but Lucario was to fast. Lucario chuckled to himself at Satoshi's cheap attemp at escape.

"Lets begin the fun, shall we?"

Lucario pushed Satoshi to the ground and snatched off his underwear to reveal the boy's 8 inch manhood. Lucario held Satoshi down by his stomache and slowly put his tongue on the tip of the boys penis. It twitched as the dog's tongue started to lick it.

"L-lucario....n-n-no...please.." whimpered the boy as he tried to raise the pokemons head away from his member.

Satoshi felt his body go numb as Lucario shoved the entire cock into his warm mouth and began to bob his head.

"Oh, god. This can't be happening!" thought the poor child as Lucario was continiuing with his sick pleasure.

Lucario continued until Satoshi came inside the pokemon's mouth. Lucario gulped down all of the sweet juice not missing a drop.

"T-there. You got what you wanted now go away." demanded Satoshi.

"Oh, no no. We've only just started, sweetie." giggled Lucario.

It dawned on Satoshi on what Lucario intended to do. Satoshi curled up in the fetal position shaking in fear. "No. No not THAT."

". Now be a good boy and cooperate, Satoshi." said the Lucario as he grabbed the boy and forced him on all fours. Satoshi struggled to get away and Lucario elbowed him straight into his back causing Satoshi so tumble to the ground below him. Satoshi cried out in pain and defensivly curled into a ball.

"I told you to cooperate, boy. I dont want to have to hurt you, do I?" said Lucario as he once again brought Satoshi on all fours and quickly mounted him placing his fully erect cock at Satoshi's back entrance.

"Please dont, Lucario. Please dont rape me any further...if you stop right now, I can forgive you and we can just be friends..." begged Satoshi.

"Lets not call it rape, Satoshi. Lets just call it love. And I want to be more than just friends with you, you silly piggy." said the Lucario.

"Dont worry. I'll be gentle giggle...."

Lucario slowly pushed into Satoshi's rectum. The boy screamed out in pain as he was penetrated by the Pokemon's 10 inch length. Lucario squeeled with pleasure as he felt how tight Satoshi was around him.

"Oww! Oww! It hurts! IT HURTS!" cried the 15 year old boy as Lucario began making thrusts inside of him.

"The pain will pass, honey pie. And dont act like you dont love this as much as I do. I know Lucario's are your favorite pokemon. All the more reason for us to make sweet love."

Lucario began to thrust deeper into Satoshi as Lucario's pre cum began to squirt all over Satoshi's insides. Harder and harder Lucario went. Deeper and deeper he pushed.

"S-Satoshi....ugghh...Im going to give you my knot now..."

"N-NOO! NO! Dont do that! Please! It already hurts enough!."

Lucario ignored this and brought his entire length into the boy opening up Satoshi's hole even more.

Satoshi cried like a baby as he felt Lucario's doggy knot push inside of him while Lucario screamed in ripe pleasure.

"Sweetie pie, Im going to cum now.."

"STOP! Take it out of me first and go behind a tree or someth--" but Satoshi didnt get to finish his thought because at that moment, Lucario shot his doggy seed deep into his captured lover. Some of the love juice dripped out of Satoshi as he and Lucario fell flat to the ground drained.

"T-that was fun...wasnt it, my love?" huffed the pokemon.

Satoshi didnt answer. He just lay there holding himself. Shaking. Trembling at what he was just victimized of.

"giggle You don't have to answer if you dont want to." said the cruel Lucario as he got up and cleaned himself off.

Satoshi stayed motionless. Lucario got back down and hugged his prey and licked the back of his neck.

"Walk home through the forest again tommorow and I'll see you real soon." whispered the Lucario into the boys ear.

The Lucario ran off with false hopes of the next day leaving the boy curled up on the ground in the darkness.