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This is going to be a short one, maybe five to six chapters long. Had the idea for awhile and let it peculate until now. I like Gift and WW but just those two gets a little repetitive for me so its time for another shout out to a sadly neglected anime/manga.


From the Stars

Chapter – 1

Sitting at the ramen stall after yet another close encounter with death, Shinji Ikari twirled the noodles around in the broth. It was good ramen, far from the steak dinner they were promised though, but his mind just couldn't be stilled. "How do you like yours?" he asked the assembly of women seated by him.

Slurping down her noodle, Misato let out a content belch. "Good as always. Just wish I could get that damn argument with Ritsuko out of my head," Misato brow furrowed. Just talking about that damn woman made Misato's back chill and a cold brewing rage stoke itself. Misato pointed out how the angel that was dutifully trying to destroy humanity was lacking a portion on its right side, breaking what otherwise would have been perfect symmetry. The bitch, as she was referred to in Misato's mind, said it didn't matter and to concentrate on keeping humanity from being yesterday's leftovers.

"You don't seriously think something in space hit it, Misato, do you?" Asuka scoffed as she blew the steam from her bowl and watched it twirl in the night air. Having ordered the most extravagant meal at the run down stall, her order had just finished. "It's impossible for something like that to happen, and Akagi knew it. Damn this is hot," she spilled her noodles back in the bowl having nearly scalded herself with them. "And what happened to the steak dinner you promised?" she said offhanded.

Sliding his empty bowl back to the kindly old man who ran the stall, "Misato-san can't afford steak for all of us, but this way Ayanami could come with us too." He took a fugitive look at the albino and the standard wave of confusion mixed with dwindling allure took hold. Rei had been something of a fixation for the boy when he first arrived, but having gotten to know her better she was switching from object of affection to more sisterly but he didn't know why.

The reason made itself known again by wrapping her arm around his neck and giving him yank. "Stop defending her Shinji! Misato makes more than us, but she wastes it on beer! Hell we have to buy the groceries or we'd eat nothing but take-out!" and by 'we' it was assumed Shinji, but Asuka couldn't be bothered with such trivialities. Releasing the boy and turning back to her now safe for consumption Asian delicacy, "She didn't even invite Kaji-san along. Some reward this is."

Slamming her third beer, the owner knew her well enough to have the forth already on the table, Misato lashed out at the horrid idea. "Why the hell would I invite that slime ball out to eat with us? He hasn't done anything to help lately, unless you count trying to bang every woman at Nerv without a wedding ring," and Misato secretly thought he tried those too. What enraged Misato more was how she did miss the eternally unshaven man.

"So I could eat my reward with a MAN, maybe?" Asuka hurled back at Misato. "I mean, seriously, Kaji is just about as perfect as you can get!" The German missed the tiny frown that crested Shinji's face, but she wouldn't have known to look for it anyway. "Instead I have to eat with you three," she sighed and sucked back a few more noodles.

Placing her chopsticks on the bowl and sliding it back, "Ikari-kun is a man, does that not make your argument invalid?" Rei quipped. Dabbing her lips with the provided napkin, Rei wasn't use to a meal that actually had flavor. "Much like a glass of water and a lake, both are the same fluid just in different quantities," she added as Asuka's jaw dropped and Misato covered her mouth to keep from laughing.

His head dropping, Shinji pushed his stool away from the counter, "A glass of water?" He was used to Asuka's mocking him and Misato's teasing him, but to have Ayanami start making fun of him as well was too much. "A glass of water," he repeated as he started running down the street away from the trio of women and into the darkness.

Laughing so hard it made her throat sore, "Oh damn Wondergirl you're just plain cruel!" Slapping the counter as her mirth raised to new levels, Asuka was rewarded with her food spilling on her forearm and making a dainty red blotch of pain. "OH shit! That hurts," grabbing at the burn, "But seriously that was just perfect what you said to him," she winced yet smiled reliving the memory of Rei's 'epic burn'.

Misato wasn't laughing anymore however. "Asuka, Ayanami that wasn't very nice what you said to him." Jutting her finger at Asuka, "I think you have a lot to learn about men, little girl, before you can say that Kaji is a great man." Her hand was snaking towards her phone, she wanted to call section-2 to have Shinji brought back in, but she stalled. He'd want to burn off some steam, and having the goonsquad grab him would only make things worse.

Completely stunned at the sudden events, Rei just alternated between the jovial Asuka and her upset superior. "Did I say something that upset Ikari-kun?" she had just stated that two things were the same despite volume yet that caused Shinji to become distressed. The odd boy who actually talked to her, cared that she was alive, and honest to God liked her as a person had just ran off because of her and she didn't like that. "Did I say something cruel?" damn social graces would be the death of her at times it seemed.

Sighing again and shaking her head, Misato examined her shoes carefully as she thought of what to tell Miss Oblivious 2015. "Yes, yes you did Ayanami, even if you didn't mean it. Asuka's joy-gasm didn't help either. One day you're going realize just what you've been wasting Asuka, and I hope I'm there to see it," Misato dropped a wad of bills on the counter, waved to the owner and started walking towards her car.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Asuka fumed as her ride was leaving and she still had half a bowl to ingest. It had all been a joke, funnier because comparing the two men in her mind would have equated to the same comparison. "Ayanami totally pegged it! Kaji is great man and Shinji's just…" what was he really? He cooked for her, did her laundry, played games with her when Hikari couldn't…he was her pet.

Finishing where Asuka became confused, "Shinji is a catch. He cares, he tries, and for whatever reason he puts up with your shit! If I was younger I'd have that 'man' wrapped around my finger and I wouldn't take him off! But feel free to keep salivating over men like Kaji, and when you walk in on whoever charms your panties off sleeping with somebody else, feel free to cry yourself to sleep." Misato felt bad for snapping on Asuka, but the girl had to see reality. Men like Kaji only hurt in the end, she knew from experience, and ones like Shinji…well Shinji made her feel special and loved. "Come on, get in the car girls, I'll drop you off Ayanami. Maybe we'll see Shinji, he ran off in that direction."

Still overwhelmed with confusion, Rei followed orders as they were given, and Asuka wisely kept her mouth shut. Both teenagers were reviewing Misato's little temper tantrum, and weighting reality against perception. While Rei just wanted to understand how her words affected Shinji, Asuka was actually started to feel a little upset with herself.


No longer running, Shinji meandered slowly down the dilapidated avenue of Tokyo-3's rundown district. With the odd exception of Ayanami, nobody seemed to live in this section of the city. Maybe they're fixing it up or something, that would explain all the sounds of construction. No street lights, no cars, and blissfully no people could be heard as he moped.

"She probably didn't know what she was saying was an insult, but it still hurts," Shinji quipped as he kicked at a stray soda can and missed. Laughing at the audacity of the damn can for deftly avoiding his mighty wrath, he kept on walking. "Sure I'm not the biggest person, or the smartest, but does that really make me less than somebody else?" he asked the night sky.

It was something he hadn't noticed before, the stars in the sky. Living in the country with the teacher the night sky had been loaded with the tiny specs of light, Misato's apartment was smack-dab in the center of the city so he was lucky to see a handful, but in this section of the city he could see them again. "Maybe Misato was right about the angel, and something in space did hit it. That would be funny, traveling through space and hitting something like that," or horrific he didn't know what a space traveling race would make of the Angels.

"Wow! Shooting star!" he exclaimed with an odd childlike exuberance. Remembering the old myth of wishing on the falling space debris, "Would it be to much to ask for a little happiness?" Life was, for the most part, one big pile of shit for the poor boy. Sure he had his few friends, a pseudo mother in Misato, and one breathtakingly beautiful yet spiteful roommate. Looking back at the tiny spec of moving light, Shinji noticed it wasn't so tiny anymore.

Taking a step back, as if that would actually do anything, "Is it getting bigger?" The ghosts that followed Shinji shrugged as they could do nothing else nor would they be mentioned again. Paralyzed by a mixture of fear and intense fascination, Shinji witnessed the spec of light grow bigger, and bigger, and closer, and closer until…it hit him.

As what for a fraction of a moment looked like something from one of Kensuke's sci-fi movies crashed into him, Shinji found himself incased in a soothing white light. "Am…am I dead?" he asked the only figure he could see. And it was a figure that had he not suspected his mortality had gone out would have made for some spicier ideas.

All Shinji could see were twin braids of gargantuan size of the purest golden blond coming out from under what looked like a blue hat with a flat top with two wings coming out of the sides. The woman, he guessed it was from the petite waist size and simply gorgeous and perfectly molded rear-end, was garbed in pure white with two trailing cape like streaks of blue from her shoulder pads. A unique yet alluring garb to say the least. What else could she be but a true angel in the truest sense? "Am I dead?" he asked again.

Her voice, a gentle yet melancholy voice, wafted across the expanse of pure light. "Yes, and I am sorry that I caused it." Turning around to give Shinji an unabashed view of her face with her sad light purple eyes and exquisite beauty she continued, "But I will fix it. I will share my soul with yours so that you might live!" Reaching out to the boy she had killed accidentally, Valkyrie pulled him against her and as the light between them grew brighter and engulfed them.


Laying on her futon, Misato stared up at the ceiling. She should have been sleeping, but with Shinji still out on the streets somewhere and Section-2 still being the incompetent collection of retards she had no idea where he was. "Stupid," she mouthed but didn't know who she was referring. Rolling over she caught a glimpse of the cheap plastic framed photo of Shinji and her after the Jet Alone incident. It had been clipped from the publicity photos taken of her for 'saving the city' from the nuclear beast.

Her phone began to ring, and she didn't want to answer it. It was bad news, she knew it, what other news could you get at three o'clock in the morning. Nobody calls that early with good news, like she won that trip to the Yebisu brewery, or hit the winning lottery numbers. No, this was going to be somebody telling her they found Shinji's mangled body. Flipping up the phone, "Speak," was the only word she said.

"Misato! You have to get down to Nerv RIGHT NOW!" Ritsuko's frantic voice did nothing to ease Misato's nerves. "Crazy shit is going down and you have to get here now! I'd say bring the pilots, but well…Shinji's already here so get Asuka and get a move on!" her voice was laden with excitement and energy. She was going to be a millionaire! Laying on one of the spare labs was an honest to the Flying Spaghetti Monster space ship! After she reverse engineered it she could just about guarantee her own Hawaiian island.

On hearing Shinji's name, Misato shot out of bed like greased lightning, "You said Shinji's at Nerv?" Now the question was did she hug him, smack him, or both when she saw him. "And do I have to bring her royal highness down? Waking her up isn't a good thing, never is." As Asuka had the tendency to break things when rudely intruding on her dreamtime.

"I'm already awake, Misato, so shut up and lets get a move on," Asuka would never admit it to anybody but she had been laying awake just like Misato. Thoughts unlike any she'd had before were spinning in her mind. Thoughts about a life without that idiot in it, and she could honestly-to herself anyway- admit she didn't want him gone. "And why are you staring at me like that?" Asuka huffed and crossed her arms.

Putting her dirty cloths back on, she didn't have time to find something clean, Misato nearly fell over in her haste. "It's just…you're still wearing that sundress. Did you not bother to change out of it?" it was incredulous to think the great and mighty Asuka Langly Soryu had been so distraught over a 'non-Kaji' male to not change.

Blushing softly, and thankfully unnoticed by Misato, Asuka blew at her hair and stormed off. "I dress fast is all, now get moving so we can see what Akagi is all in a fervor over," Asuka had heard the good doctor's voice over the phone, not that she was listening with bated breath or anything, parish the thought.

Finally succeeding in overbalancing, Misato crashing into her nightstand and the tiny picture, the only one of Shinji and her, fell to the floor and the frame snapped. Looking down at it, a large piece had torn making it ready for the garbage, Misato felt it was a bad omen. "Shit," she hissed as she stepped over it and out of her room only to be hit by a flying jacket that Asuka threw.

The ride to Nerv was a very quiet one.


Covering her yawn, Misato was greeted by an overly excited Ritsuko, "Ok why are you grinning like some teenager who just discovered his penis?" It was creepy to see the typically frowning doctor so happy. "And how does it involve Shinji…not going to have to call the police and report you am I?"

"Oh yeah, actually that was what I called you down for. Apparently Shinji is the god of sex and after making me his slave I wanted to share it with you two," Ritsuko said without missing a beat. Giggling as Misato got the joke, Ritsuko grabbed her friend's hands. "Get this Misato, you were right about that angel today! Something did hit it, and it we found it!" now Ritsuko doubted it was the ship that actually collided with the angel, likely an escape vehicle but it was still a damn technological marvel!

Rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand, Asuka chose the mature and sophisticated path and ignored Ritsuko and Misato's perverted joke. "So you called us in here because you found some damn meteorite? And you never answered Misato in how this relates to that idiot? Did it hit him?" oh how she hated how she couldn't keep her actual fear out of her voice.

Her mouth opened and closed a few times, but no words came out, "About him…well I'll take you to him later." The Shinji issue was something Ritsuko was perplexed about, but as the boy was unconscious it made questioning hard, and the little girl with him was likely going to take up a majority of question answer time. "Just come with me and I'll show it to you," she was already jogging down the hall back to the office.

"We had to keep it a secret that Section-2 found it, or the Japanese government would likely take it from us," and Ritsuko wasn't going to let some damn politician steal her future fortune. Passing the guards she had personally chosen for their ability to shoot but not think, Ritsuko wasn't taking any chances. Making a grand gesture to the vessel, "There she is, isn't she just the most beautiful thing ever?" she had to resist the urge to rub against the sexy yet sleek ship.

About to comment on Ritsuko eye humping something, Misato found her ability to talk gone. She was standing in a room with a spaceship, and not one of those oddities the American's used to use. "Holy fuck…are you serious?" the reality of Ritsuko's excitement were well founded. If the thing before her was the genuine article, it would change humanity forever! The science behind such a device could make fighting the angels a piece of cake, end world hunger, make delicious cake that was not a lie, and open a whole new world of options for humanity!

No longer able to contain her glee, Ritsuko dashed into what she figured was the cockpit and started running her fingers over everything. "It's the real deal, Misato. And its all mine…ours…Nerv's…whatever," she sputtered out correction after correction. Being a scientist altered Ritsuko's perception on things, technology and advancement were above such petty things as love, especially when her lover had the nasty habit of being abusive. Well fuck him! With the money this thing will make me I'll buy myself a harem of cabana boys. One for each limb. The trickle of blood down her nose went unnoticed.

It was Asuka who, while initially just as enthralled with the sleek space traveling device, broke the awkward silence. "How does THIS have to do with Shinji? I mean if he's here, I assume it has something to do with this thing? Where is he?" she nudged the still stunned Misato in the ribs to jump start the woman's brain.

Shaking her head, Misato started to get that chill again, "Yeah, Rits, while this is the find of the millennia, where is Shinji-kun?" The broken and torn photo came back to mind and it slapped Misato's senses like a red-headed step child. "Am I going to have to go in that thing and drag you out of it?" and from the heavy panting she heard Misato was hoping she wouldn't be interrupting.

Dabbing the blood with a very stained handkerchief, Ritsuko pulled in her senses with the promise of spending more private time alone with her new toy later. "He's in room adjacent to this one. From what Section-2 was able to discern, he was found at the site of the crash. Alive but unconscious," Ritsuko preempted Misato's question as she opened the door to Shinji's lovely Medical suite.

Brushing past the doctor like a heat seeking missile, Asuka drew back the curtain to see the bed. "The fuck is this?" she yelled and pointed at the assembly of bodies on the bed. Shinji lay peacefully with his arm wrapped around little girl, five by the looks of it. The child had the most content look on her face and her fists full of Shinji's shirt. "Did that idiot kidnap that girl or something?"

Her body felt light and queer to her, but Misato was starting to formulate an idea. Alternating between the sleeping duo and Ritsuko, she saw her friend looked annoyed. "Ritsuko…where is that thing's pilot?" Misato flinched towards the lab with the ship. "I mean, was there a body inside that you removed, did it run away, or…" her head swiveled back to the adorable little girl murmuring into Shinji's chest.

"Oh come on, Misato, you can't seriously think a little girl is a damn space alien," Ritsuko fumed and paced in the room. "I think Asuka is a little closer to home on this one," she did not miss the shocked and disgusted look that crested Misato's face. "Face facts Misato, Shinji was found at the crash site with this girl already on him! Are you suggesting it crashed, the little girl gets out, and just falls asleep on him?" And knowing that one Ikari had sick sexual fetishes, Ritsuko couldn't help but think maybe it was hereditary.

Scowling at the dumb blond, Misato walked past her friend and next to Shinji's bed. Brushing some of the mighty blond hair away from the girl's face, "She is precious, but I know Shinji isn't like that. Maybe he saved her from getting hit by that thing then?" she turned to Ritsuko hopefully. "But by looking at her clothing…she's obviously not Japanese. Asuka, could you stop trying to kill him with your mind," the look Asuka was giving would have stopped Shinji's heart if he saw it.

"Maybe," Asuka tried to accept Misato's crazy notion as possible. Shinji was strange, but not pedophile strange. If he was though, she'd have to kill him, it was a simple fact. "Wake him up so we can get some answers from him," she said as she oh so leveling slapped the crap out of Shinji. After the forth love tap, and Misato grabbing her hands, Asuka grinned as Shinji groaned and opened his eyes. "Wake up sleeping beauty, we have questions," she smirked at Misato.

Rubbing his sore cheek, Shinji's eyes wearily opened, "Was it a dream?" A woman so perfect couldn't actually exist. He must have just ran into a street sign and dreamt the whole shooting star fiasco. Taking stock in his surroundings, one of the labs, and the people hovering around him, Misato looking nervous and Asuka ready to kill him, Shinji made the logical conclusion, "I'll make breakfast in a minute, I had the oddest dream."

"Val-chan wants to eat too!" Valkyrie announced her waking by chiming in on Shinji's comment. "Valkyrie is hungry!" but she wanted to go with the nice boy that she was with. Pulling him into a seat position, easy because Shinji was so stunned he was little more than a human sized doll. "Lets go get some food!" her energetic voice filled the room yet nobody seemed to say anything.

Eyes he size of sauces, "Um…high there…V-Valkyrie," Shinji ventured that was the child's name. His dream, of the achingly beautiful woman, seemed to mock him as the little girl 'could' have been that woman in the future. "Are you guys playing a joke on me or something?" he turned to Misato and Asuka, and noticed Ritsuko pacing by the door.

Reaching out and scooping up the giggling girl, Misato had to get some answers. "How about you come with Aunty Misato to the vending machines to get you some snacks, Val-chan, and we let Shinji talk to that nasty woman behind me?" Misato tugged on the child who had an iron grasp on Shinji's shirt. "He'll be right behind us, ok?" Misato pleaded and thankfully the little brat let go. "Asuka lets go," she wasn't going to let Asuka throttle Shinji without good cause.

With Misato out of the room, Ritsuko took her half of question-answer session. "Shinji, what the hell are you doing with that little girl?" Never one for tact or mincing words, Ritsuko just went straight to the point. "Asuka thinks you kidnapped that little girl to screw your frustration away, and that's a crime," now if the girl was older and he paid for it Ritsuko would just lump him in with Gendo.

Proving his innocence was easy, as Shinji screamed like a little girl, "WHAT?! How can anybody do that type of thing to such a little girl?" The sheer audacity of the accusation, and his reaction to it being cast on him was enough proof for Ritsuko. "I mean all I remember is Ayanami said something that upset men, Asuka laughed at me, and I ran off to be alone. As I was walking I saw a shooting star, and then everything went white and I woke up here with her." No reason to tell the doctor he had a dream of a woman of such inconceivable proportions that Touji would have had wet dreams of her for the rest of his life had he seen her. That would have just been silly.

"That's it? You just walked, saw a light in the sky, and bam you were here? You didn't see that girl and try and save her or something equally heroically idiotic?" Ritsuko stuffed a cigarette in her mouth. Self preservation was something Ritsuko put a lot of stock in, but while watching Shinji's action as of late she had the sneaking suspicion he didn't. "Maybe you just don't remember that part," she wanted to light her smoke so bad, but abstained.

Eyes fixed on the door, Shinji couldn't explain it but he was so worried about that little girl that he had just met. Part was his own abandonment as a child, he didn't want anybody to go through that type of pain, and the other part was his dream haunting him. "I don't know, maybe. It's all a big blur," grabbing at the sheet he was on, "What is going to happen to her?"

Shrugging, Ritsuko leaned headed for the door, "Likely get her to tell us her parents name and we send her home. I'll have Maya or somebody take her home with them until we can get this sorted out. Now if you excuse me, I have things to do and I need them done now," she headed back to her cornucopia of scientific advancement. Leaving Shinji resolved to take care of the girl himself if he had to until her parents could be found.


Setting a can of tea and a sweet roll on the table in front of the girl, Misato could feel Asuka's patience waning. "There you go, eat up kid," it wouldn't do any good to scare the hell out of the child. If she was crying she wouldn't answer any questions, and as much as Misato would rather shove pencils in her ears than hear about Shinji stealing children she had responsibilities.

Opening the roll first, Valkyrie shoved half of it in her mouth instantly. Once her face was sufficiently covered in saliva and sugar, she beamed a smile so radiant it might have caused some people to become diabetic. "That was delicious! Thanks lady, but why isn't Shinji here yet?" she got up and stood on her chair to look back in the direction they had come.

Watching Asuka's leg jerking up and down as she sat cross legged, Misato's smile was as fake as press on nails. "He'll be here in a minute. Now why don't you tell us how you know Shinji? And about your parents, do they know you're out like this? Tell us a little about yourself Val-chan?" Misato tried to be good but little children never really were her thing.

"Yeah, why don't you tell us where that pervert nabbed you from so we can take you home," Asuka barked venomously at the child. Instantly regretting her snide comment, Asuka saw the child draw her hand to her chest and get a little teary eyed. "Sorry, just answer the questions alright?" her tone lacked much of the animosity that had just terrified the girl.

Watchful of the angry redhead, Valkyrie's tiny hand snaked out and nabbed the can of tea. "My parents are back at home with my sisters and Sanada," she took a sip of the tea and stuck her tongue out. "Bleh this tastes nasty, Valkyrie wants something sweet!" she fussed and tossed the can at the garbage can. "I don't know why I'm here…I forgot why I left home," she finally answered when Misato put a new can of melon juice on the table.

Her headache starting to throb, Misato didn't want to think about the trouble of getting this child home was going to be. Who would have thought a five year old would run away from home. This is just fantastic. But getting the blonde child home would have to come later, "Now why don't you tell us how you know Shinji, you seem to be very fond of him," with that death grip she had on him Misato gave her odds of being horrified by the answer at being fifty percent.

Sipping the new can Valkyrie found the new concoction to be to her liking and proceeded to empty the can. "Valkyrie gave Shinji her most precious thing!" she knew that much. She felt his soul mingling with her own, a warm and soothing feeling which she hoped he felt along with her soul.

Getting out of her seat, and tossing it hard against the wall, "What did you say you gave him?" Asuka was staring into those soulful eyes and wanted to ripe them out. "You gave him what?" she felt a fury inside her growing so brightly that she knew if the girl confirmed what she had just said, Shinji was going to be in for a very quick and painful death.

"Val-chan gave Shinji her most precious thing," Valkyrie confirmed. What else could her soul be considered than her most precious thing? "And he gave me his as well. It's warm and fuzzy!" she tittered as she felt Shinji's soul within her.

Before Misato could react or say anything, Asuka was off running full tilt back towards the boy. Getting down on her knees, Misato gently grabbed Valkyrie by the shoulders. Maybe the girl was saying something that was being misunderstood. "W-what exactly is your most precious thing dear?" Her brain was screaming 'please let it be something else' over and over again in a permanent loop.

"Val-chan gave him part of her soul when my ship hit him," Valkyrie said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Part of his souls in inside me now! Its very warm and makes me happy," she hugged herself. "Can we go back to him now?" she pouted cutely as Misato started sobbing tears of joy and picked her up.

Rubbing Valkyrie's head through the mighty hat, "You scared the ever loving crap out of me little girl." She'd worry about the whole soul business, oh and rub Ritsuko's nose in the truth about the ships pilot later. "Now lets got stop Asuka from killing Shinji shall we?" she headed back towards the room…only to find out she was to late.

Shinji lay on the floor, blood pooling from his head and ears as Asuka had a chair in her hand and stood over him. Dropping Valkyrie like a sack of potatoes, now a crying sack of potatoes, Misato rushed to Shinji's side and politely hurled Asuka at the wall. "What the hell did you do to him?" she screamed as she grabbed Shinji's wrist to check for a pulse. "Oh my god you killed him! You actually killed him!?" she screamed at Asuka.

Her body numb, Asuka didn't know what happened. She hadn't meant to go so far. Her anger just got out of control, and hearing that Shinji had kidnapped a child and forced himself on her…she snapped! "I…he raped a child Misato! I didn't mean to…but once I started hitting him I…I…oh God I didn't mean too!" tears streaming down her lovely face, she meant it too.

Rushing over to Shinji's cold body, Valkyrie cradled his head, "Wake up, Shinji, wake up!" She didn't understand why the two women were freaking out, but it scared her and she wanted Shinji to make the scary stuff go away.

"S-stay away from him," Misato tried pulled Valkyrie away from the body as her body felt totally drained of all warmth. "She was mistaken Asuka! It wasn't what you thought it was!" Misato again tried pulling Valkyrie away from the body only to have the girl slip out of her grasp as if she was covered in oil.

Kissing Shinji's forehead, Valkyrie exclaimed happily, "Shinji's awake again!" and dove into his lap. "Val-chan wants you to make the scary ladies be quiet!" she quipped.

To their combined horror and revelation, Shinji sat up and wrapped his arms protectively around the little girl. "Ouch Asuka, I think you hit me to hard that time. You might have seriously hurt me," he patted Valkyrie's head as she hid her face against his chest. "Don't be afraid of them, Val-chan, they didn't mean to scare you," he murmured softly.

"S-Shinji?" Misato said incredulously, "But you were dead! You didn't have a heartbeat, no pulse, you weren't even breathing!" But there he sat, alive and well and cradling that bundle of questions and confusion. "Wait…wait wait wait…if part of his soul really IS in her…she can bring him back?" she asked herself trying to piece together the oddity she just saw.

Feeling Valkyrie tugging on his shirt, Shinji looked down at her and smiled, "It'll be ok, I don't know what Misato is talking about either." And to his shock, Valkyrie lunged upward and actually kissed him on the lips. The oddity didn't end there either, he felt himself responding to it, power surged through him, and the light and gentle weight of the little girl changed into something very different. Opening his eyes, he found himself closing them when she kissed him, he was staring at the full bodied woman that he'd seen in his dream.

"Shinji-sama, I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused you," Valkyrie's majestic voice chimed like church bells in his ears. Getting off the boy, Valkyrie helped him up to his feet, but found herself holding his hand regardless. Turning to the older woman, "My name is Valkyrie, and I don't know why I've reverted to a child before…but until we can find a way to give Shinji-sama his soul back I believe I will need to stay with him."

Squeezing her hand as her voice began to break, "You'll stay with us until we can fix this thing." Shinji didn't know what the hell was going on, but he wasn't going to just let this woman face it alone, not after she apparently saved his life. "But I think we better sit down and talk about this. Right Misato-san, Asuka?"

"Questions…right. Where do we start with questions," Misato's voice was almost gone. She was about to explode when the child kissed Shinji, but then the whole age change thing happened and now Misato was beside herself. The older Valkyrie appeared to be late teens maybe early twenties, had breasts of the most impossible size but yet still elastic and not flab, and a face that could have made Buddha blush.

Asuka, well Asuka fainted when Valkyrie showed up in her full glory, so she was napping peacefully on the ground and dreaming that none of this had ever happened.

Over the course of the next hour, Valkyrie confirmed that her ship had collided with the angel, she called it a spawn, and had to crash land in an escape pod. That was when she hit Shinji and melded their souls to keep him alive. She told the pair that she was a princess from the planet Valhalla, which just so happened ruled the known universe. When questioned why Earth had never been contacted before, Valkyrie bashfully admitted that undeveloped planets were left alone until they had sufficient technology.

And then in a puff of smoke, adult Valkyrie became the child Valkyrie again and was asleep before Shinji laid her down on the bed.

Life was going to be a lot stranger, and Misato had a lot more questions for the girl. But was proud when Shinji remained steadfast in caring for her. "We'll give it two weeks and see how things go from there. We might have to get social services involved, but with her being an actual alien, I think contacting next of kin is going to be a bit of a problem."

Pulling the sheet up to her chin, Shinji was rewarded with a sleep giggle. "Sleep well," he tussled her hair and sank heavily into the chair Asuka had used to bash his skull in. "This is so confusing right now, Misato, that I don't even know where to begin."

To that Misato could only nod. Whatever caused Valkyrie to grow up, the woman didn't say before rudely regressing. Next time they'd ask her, and they'd ask her a lot more things. But for now the girl slept with one hand holding one of Shinji's fingers.


Yeah that's right, Eva/UFO Princess Valkyrie crossover! Its such a stupid idea that I just had to write it ^_^ I have most of the chapters worked out in the ol' noggin and it won't be a very large story. Mostly going to be humor and such, if you couldn't tell. Just something to spice up my writing options until I get started on novel 2.

Hope ya like it, and I hope it gets ya to check out Valkyrie. Its an odd little fanservice show, but it doesn't get the credit it deserves…I love that catgirl gun.

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