Surprise surprise

"You don't love me anymore?" I said between sobs.

"No" Edward said with an emotionless face.

It has been 5 weeks since Edward left me and it's been a living hell. I woke up this morning throwing up in the toilet it's the third time this week. I heard the door open and close and someone run up the stairs.

"Bella what happened?"

Jake all but shouted as he pulled my hair out of my face. When i was done he picked me up and carried me bridal style to my bed.

"Bella are you ok? Did you eat something funny?"

"Well if food poisoning lasts three days then yes"


Jake always scared me when he got angry. So I moved back and he noticed and his face softened and he stopped shacking.

"Im sorry bells. I shouldn't of shouted Im sorry." I moved to him, and grabbed his hand. Mine and jacks stomachs rumbled we burst out laughing.

"I'll go make breakfast while you get cleaned and dressed ill bring it back up so you can have breakfast in bed."

I nodded and Jake jumped of the bed while I walked to my closet i put on grey sweat pants and grey tank top. I went over to my bed and started to think not a good thing. I started thinking about what happened over the last couple of months. Alice threw me a birthday party, jasper tried to kill me at said party. Edward and the Cullens left. I've been Bella zombie as Jake and the pack called me. I find out my best friend is a werewolf. Charlie was shot on duty. Renee and Phil were in a car crash and died. I have no family left but the pack also live on the Rez.I was brought out of my thoughts when. I got a really bad pain in my lung and its like its burning i couldn't take it i screamed curled up into a ball. Jake rushed in.

"Bells what happened? Shh Shhh come on bells." He pulled me out of the ball. I was shaking with sobs Jake stroked my cheek with his massive thumbs wiping my tears away. When I stopped he just looked at me, waiting for me.

"Jake i have this really bad pain in my lung help me please." Jake picked me up bridal style and ran out the door. He began running to folks hospital i heard him calling the hospital and the pack. He ran for his life to the Rez hospital. Once he reached the hospital the nurse ran to us with a wheelchair that Jake put me in. The whole pack was there and the imprints. I was wheeled into the medical room. Dr. Greene came into the room and told the pack to wait outside.

"Good-morning Isabella could you tell me what hurts and how long it has hurt?" i nodded

"My lungs it burns like hell and it feels like something is sucking my lungs into a black whole today is the first time its hurt this bad but it's been in pain for about a month but to tell you the truth I've been Bella zombie the last month so i wouldn't have noticed the pain if it did get worse i didn't notice anything i was just numb." He nodded

"Isabella." I cut him off


"Bella I'm going to do some tests and then we will find out what's the matter okay?" i nodded.

He done some x-rays and other medical stuff but i wasn't paying attention i was thinking about my dad, mum and Phil. I was brought out of my thoughts when Dr. Greene started talking.

"Bella do you want your friends to come in here to find out the results?"

"Yes there my family." He nodded and went outside. He came back in with the pack and imprints. Jake went to one hand and Kim went to my other hand. Dr. Greene cleared his throat we all looked at him.

"Isabella Im sorry but you have a very rear lung cancer. The cancer has spread too far to do anything about it. Im sorry you have 3-4 months left to live."