Chapter 19

Alice P.O.V

Maria put her hands on my angels head. I couldn't believe she wanted to marry me. Bella let her shield down a Gray wolf jumped at Maria, Maria just ripped of Bella's head when the wolf got to Maria. I ran to Bella I picked her body parts up. I felt something pock out of her pocket I put my hand in her pocket and there was a picture of me and her and a ring. I whimpered and put it on my finger. I carried Bella back to her house I ran up the stairs until I got to her bed I put Bella down I began putting her body parts together. Carlisle came in Em came in with 3 deer's 2 bears and 1 mountain lion Rose, Esme and Jasper helping. "There isn't enough venom gets that blood in her NOW!" they all started feeding Bella once they were all done there was a loud crash and a boy ran in here and up to Bella.

"Come on Bells I can't survive if my older sister died on me please come back." Everyone gasped.

"Come on me, mum and Leah need you I can't lose you not again."

"Leah would come but she's scared you still hate her for taking Georgia from you."

"Who's Georgia?"

"Bella's best friend after you guys left they became good friends they talked over the phone and meet every weekend. But one day Leah meet Georgia and she imprinted Georgia started spending more time with Leah and started to ignore Bella. So Leah and Bella fought that was the day before Bella 'died'. Leah has been guilty ever since when I found out Bella was a vampire I have been trying to find her since. When I heard that bitch tear my sister apart I couldn't lose her again." Esme walked over and hugged Seth. "So you're the Boy she always draws. You're Seth." He looked shocked she drew him. "I'm Seth Clearwater brother of Leah Clearwater and Isabella Clearwater we found out we were family the day Charlie died It turns out Charlie and my Mum had a fling and Sue got pregnant but Charlie and Renee decided they should keep her so we didn't find out until he died." I walked over to Bella's wardrobe and pulled out a folder I laid it on the bed next to my Bella's body. I opened it.

"She showed me before the fight but I don't know anyone." Seth pointed to the people then said the names.

"Me, Leah, Bella, Mum." I turned the page.

"Leah, Me, Mum and Dad." I turned the page.

"Bella and Georgia." I turned "the pack in wolf forms."

"Bella and Paul.""Bella and Jake""Bella and Brady they had a weird relationship they were like mother and son because Brady's mum left him at the hospital."

"Bella' Emily, Kim and Claire the imprints." "Bells and Charlie." "Bells, Renee and Phil." "Bells and Mum." "Bells and Leah." Bella, Quil, Embry and Jake."

"Jared, Paul, Me, Sam and Leah" "Bells when she was found in the forest by Sam." "Bella cliff diving" ""Bella and Jakes bike." "The wedding dress she designed for you, Alice" "the house I lived in." "The wedding for Sam and Emily." "Sam junior and Isabelle Sam and Emily's twins""My imprint."

That was it I looked over at him. I went over to Bella I stroked her cheek.

"Can I ask something?" "Sure Seth." He looked at the family. "Why was Bella being ripped apart and you just stand there?" "She gave up her life for mine and she had her shield up so we couldn't do anything she put it down just as you arrived."

Two weeks later.

It's been two weeks no one thinks she is goanna make it this time. We all said our good-byes an hour ago I couldn't believe she was gone again.

Bella's P.O.V

I felt something on my face I pulled it off. A sheet? They thought I was dead? I teleported to the bottom of the stairs the Cullen's were trying to stop Alice from killing herself.

"Who died? You're all acting like someone did. So who was it." Everyone looked at me next thing I had all the Cullen's on top of me. When they got off me I gave them all a hug when I got to Alice I picked her up and swung her around in the air then kissed her passionately.

"I love you Alice."

"I love you too." I smelt the air.

"No way! Is that who I think it is?" I put Alice down then swung her on my back, she giggled. I turned around to see my little brother Seth sitting on the Sofa. "Seth?" "Hey big sis." I ran at him jumped over the sofa and threw him in the air then caught him I hug him really tight.

"OMG what are you doing here. How's Stacy? How's mum? What about Lee-Lee and Georgia. What about the Pack?" "Whoa hold on there! Stacy's good were married and she's pregnant.""OMG I'm goanna be an aunt."

"Yep mum's good Leah is well Leah she blames herself for everything she feels well bad for everything." I nodded "the pack is good Jakes in charge and Sam stopped phasing." "Seth can I see Mum and Leah?" "Hell yeah" I laughed I remembered something I took Alice off my back I grabbed her hand I walked her to the sofa taking the ring that was on her finger so she didn't notice. I bent down on one knee "Mary Alice Brandon Cullen you are my life my everything my air my love you amaze me with everything you do. You beautiful inside and out. Mary Alice Brandon Cullen will you marry me?" she squealed a "YES" I picked her up and swung her around I kissed her with so much love. I can't believe how much I love this girl.