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I have decided to have a bit of a crossover with TNG.

Enter a young Lwaxana Troi!

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On with the Fan fiction

Pavel's POV

I groan and look around me, seeing bright lights and a very anxious Dr. McCoy.

"Jesus, kid! Give me a goddamn heart attack! I do not understand how in the whole wide and destructive universe you can actually have a nightmare under a very heavy sedative. You are a train wreck! You hear me? A massive train wreck! First you slice yourself to shreds for God only knows what reason. Then you give me a heart attack because the goddamn heart monitor goes off the charts! Why do you have to be so terribly fragile?"

"I. Am. Not. Fragile." I stress every word in my attempt to get the point across.

"Whatever, kid. Oh – we stopped at the nearest star base to get a counselor for you and lucky me, I got Lwaxana Troi. Why do I always get the nut cases? Jim's already tried to bed her and now she's trying to seduce Spock! What kind of counselor is that?"

After this I just tune out his rant. I am not in the mood right now.

I look around sick bay and see a young woman, possibly just out of Star Fleet, with dark brown hair and very black eyes attempting a seduction of a very stressed looking Spock.

"Please, Counselor, I do not understand the way Captain Kirk had attempted to seduce me nor do I understand your attempts. Please cease your actions." I nearly laugh at Spock's attempt to stop the woman, who I now know is Counselor Troi, from angering his girlfriend.

"Are you listening to me? Kid!" I turn back to Dr. McCoy, who is a bit red in the face from a long rant, looking at me with annoyance in his eyes.


Oh very intelligent Pav. You have just become the youngest person ever to graduate Star Fleet and you come up with the answer of Huh? What is wrong with you?

"Uhggg. All righty then. I'll spell it out for you in nice and easy letters. I am putting you on a new drug that is supposed to be just incredibly effective for depression. I've been trying to test it out on Spock, but he keeps insisting that Vulcans have no emotion. Uh huh. Tell that one to Jim. So anyway – I am putting you on a drug that should bring you out of this depression you've been in. Hopefully it works." I look at him and nod. I know that I will not remember any of what he said because of my drugged state.

"Good. Here are the pills and off you go. After you see Counselor Troi come back here so I can give you the medication. Now get out of my sick bay."

He turns around and grumbles something about arrogant kids knowing nothing about the gravity of the situation, or something like that.

I slide off of the bio bed and try to slink past the counselor. It doesn't work.

"Hey! Are you Pavel Cheeky? Well, of course you are. Come here." she says with authority.

I groan and trudge over. I just want to get this over with and go back to dealing with problem on my own.

"Counselor, I really don't think it is necessary to make me talk to you. I can deal with what I'm dealing with. And my name is Chekov." I pronounce the last part slowly to make sure that she got it.

"You call slicing yourself to ribbons 'dealing with it,' eh? All righty then. If you want me to report you to Star Fleet and get you kicked out for good than go ahead and leave. Otherwise you will follow me."

She turned on her heel and walked out of sick bay.

I stood there staring after her for a good five minutes before running after her.

"Wait! Counselor Troi! Wait!" I shout running down the hall to the turbo lift where she is standing.

"Ah. Chirpo. Nice to see you made it." I groan. Another person who gets my name wrong.

"Please... just call me Pavel." I sigh.

"All right. Now you may follow me." I nearly have to run to keep up with her.

"Pav!" I here a familiar voice call out to me.

It is Nyota. She runs up and hugs me very very tightly.

"I thought we had lost you." She pulls away from me and hits me over the back of the head.


"That's for scaring the shit out of me." She laughs at my confused expression.

"Is this your girlfriend?"

I look at Counselor Troi, shocked.

"N-no! Of course not!" I stutter.

"Well you can't be free – so who are you dating?"

"I don't think that is any of your-" I am cut off and nearly knocked over by Hikaru hugging me.

"Pasha don't you ever ever ever scare me like again. Got it?"

I groan. When is everyone going to figure out that I am fine? A little bit angry with myself, and still recovering from a nightmare, but still fine!

Counselor Troi looks at Hikaru with a sudden interest.

"Are you dating him?" 'Karu looks at her with shock and confusion on his face.

"Yeah. Why is this strange woman asking me these questions Pav?" He turns to me.

"She's the counselor." I grumble.

He nods. "Oh. That explains a lot."

"Can we just get this over with?"

Counselor Troi looks at me. Then she looks at Nyota, and 'Karu.

"We are doing this alone. Please leave." She says.

"We're still in the corridor. And isn't your office over there?" Nyota asks pointing towards the door that says counselor. When did that happen?

"How long have I been asleep?" I ask.

"336 hours, 48 minutes and 17seconds." I look at Hikaru.

"So you're telling me that I've been out for two weeks 48 minutes and however many seconds?" I've been out for that long?

"Yeah. Dr. McCoy had to sedate you so that your...so that you could heal." He purposely skips over saying that my cuts could heal. I look at him and sigh.

"I'm sorry 'Karu." He looks at me shocked.

"Don't say sorry for that. It's not-" He is cut off by Counselor Troi.

"Sweetie I think that your boyfriend needs some time to recover. Can you leave us be for just a bit? I promise I'll return him for you." She looks at him with adorable eyes. Barf.

"Uh. Sure. Yeah. Pav as soon as you're done you're coming straight back to our quarters. Got it?" He looks at me and I sigh.

"Okay 'Karu." I look at Counselor Troi. "Let's get this over with."


She turns on her heel and walks towards the her office.

"We don't have time for the grass to grow. Come along." She says.

I follow.

When we get to her office I look around. It looks...well...plain for her insane personality.

"Sit. Don't ask why I haven't decorated. Star Fleet regulations this and rules that. Pfft." She snorts.

I sit in a somewhat comfy chair.

"What was the nightmare about?"

She really just had to ask. I am in deep shit now.