Eye Of The Beholder

Summary: Set in Season Two, the boys take a break and Dean's flirting gets them into trouble!

Based off a dream that a friend had, and since it's her birthday it seemed only fitting to turn it into a story. Happy Birthday Jade Sterling! Beta'd by Floralia.

A break; that's what they needed, and that's what Dean was craving. Their go around with the Trickster and his pranks had put Dean on edge and in pain. Those girls had whumped up on him pretty good, not that he would admit it, out loud anyway.

Bobby had parted ways soon after the hunt and left Dean and Sam to lick their wounds. It was a bit surprising, but very welcoming, to Dean when Sam didn't put up a fuss at the idea of taking a few days off.

So, that had landed them in the first decent size town outside the college campus they had just fled. Hope, was a town of about 30,000 people, so big enough to have more than one bar, a diner, and a decent but cheap motel to stay at. Perfect.

That first night was great, both boys did what they did best. Sam stretched out on a half-way comfortable motel bed after dinner reading a book while Dean got ready to hit a couple of the bars in town.

"So Sammy, you sure you don't want to come and hang out with me? We could pick up a couple of hot chicks and make a night of it." Dean smirked at the familiar huff from Sam.

"No thanks, you said this was our down time and so that means I don't have to go to the bar with you. Unless you need a wing man to keep watch while you rob the locals blind at poker and pool?" Sam shifted in bed, waiting for an answer.

Dean shrugged. "Dude, no you get your beauty sleep and your geek on with the book. I'll be fine, just don't wait up."

Sam smiled. "Yeah, okay, just stay out of trouble."

"Hard to do that when it's your middle name, but I'll try." Dean shrugged on his leather jacket and moved to the door.

Sam just shook his head at the comment and waved his brother off as Dean left the room.


Sam slowly woke up the next morning, looking forward to a nice uneventful day. It was a big surprise to him when he could hear his brother humming in the bathroom as the shower was going. He could just make out the song, Eye of the Beholder, a favorite Metallica tune of his big brother's.

Sam was stunned first that his brother had beat him up after a night out on the town and shocked that his brother, the morning grump, seemed to be in a great mood. It was almost enough to make him go running in the bathroom yelling Christo!

Instead he sighed and hoped that his brother would be out soon so that he could take care of some important morning business. As Sam slumped back down in bed trying to ignore nature calling, he spied two white take-out bags with two coffee cups on top of the dresser.

That really struck Sam as odd; not only had his brother gotten up before him, but apparently he had been up and going for quite awhile.

He was pulled from his pondering as the bathroom door opened and a plume of steam enveloped the room. Dean was in full form, with a towel wrapped like a turban around his head and another towel wrapped around his waist.

"Hey Sammy, decide to join the land of the living?" Dean bellowed as he entered the room.

Sam quickly glanced at the clock and took in the fact that it was only 9 am, a respectable time for him to be getting up, and definitely a bit on the early side for his brother.

Sam slowly sat up in bed. "Who are you and what did you do with my brother?" Sam made a move to get up. "Actually hold that thought, I'll be right back."

Sam moved quickly around a smirking Dean as he made a bee line for the bathroom.

After taking care of business Sam slowly opened the door, peeking to make sure that his brother had already gotten dressed and wasn't in the process of putting on clothes. The last thing Sam needed after the odd start to his morning was to be mooned by his brother.

Relieved to find a fully clothed Dean sprawled out on his own bed eating, Sam entered the room.

"Okay Dean, what gives? You were out late, up early and are in a good mood, I don't get it." Sam plopped down on his bed and took the coffee and white bag offered.

"Geesh Sammy, I had a good night and woke up in a good mood. It's not that odd is it?" Dean mumbled out around a frosted donut that was shoved in his mouth.

Sam quickly looked away from the food debacle in front of him and took a sip of his own coffee. It was actually a decent cup. Dean had gotten him a hazelnut coffee that actually tasted like hazelnut. Life was truly puzzling at the moment.

Pulling strength from his morning caffeine fix, Sam decided to probe further. "Dean, you're not a morning person, period, end of discussion so yeah, this is a bit puzzling to me."

Dean huffed. "Sorry to give your geek brain a cramp. I met a couple of fun chicks last night and while I wasn't able to rock their world the way I wanted they did point me to some suckers just waiting for their money to be plucked from them. The girls wanted revenge and I just happened to be able to help them."

Sam heart skipped a beat in worry. "Revenge? What did you do, Dean? Do we need to leave town?"

Dean rolled his eyes. "Samantha, don't get you panties in a twist. I just played being the new boyfriend, and then I took Todd and his buddies for five hundred dollars in poker winnings!"

"Dean, seriously? You made that much in one night and they didn't want to beat your ass afterwards?" Sam put his coffee cup down, worried that his brother had placed himself in harms way without back up.

"They were so drunk they couldn't even stand up. In fact, they probably don't remember much about the night at all. Easy pickins." Dean flashed a big grin.

Sam sighed. It didn't sit well with him that Dean had taken advantage of the drunks, but he knew better than to complain about it.

"So we're good money wise for a while now, huh?" Sam responded as he opened the white bag in front of him and took out a glazed donut.

"More than good, I had made a good hall while we were holed up trying to figure out the Trickster. Those college kids were giving their daddy's money away." Dean replied as he tried in vain to wipe the frosting off his face with the back of his hand.

"Have you ever heard of napkins Dean? They're a great invention and handy when you need to wipe your face." Sam smiled as he got the finger in response.

"Dude, a man doesn't need a napkin. Anyway, I thought that since we're on a break and now that we have a bit of extra spending money, that we might splurge a bit." Dean stood, grabbing his empty cup and wax paper as he moved towards the small trash can near the door.

"That's cool, what did you have in mind? I mean, I'm in if by splurging you don't mean hitting the strip clubs all night." Sam cringed at the thought of having to sit by as his brother plied overly painted women with dollar bills.

"Hey, hadn't thought of that but no. I don't think this little berg has a strip club anyway. I was thinking of getting a room at the Holiday Inn. It has a hot tub and a heated indoor pool. There's a nice restaurant in it with a bar. We could laze around there for the day and be entertained without leaving the building. Plus, my friends from last night said that there was a woman's tennis tournament going on in town and that most of the girls competing from out of town are staying there." Dean was almost salivating as he spoke about the last part.

Sam finished his donut and shook his head. Women running around in short tennis skirts would be more up his ally than strippers and it was true that they needed a break, so this did sound appealing.

"Sounds like a plan, but if you do score with a tennis pro, I don't want to have to sleep in the Impala." Sam whined back. A break would only be good if they both got to enjoy it.

Dean chuckled. "No worries stretch. I can always stay with the lovely woman in her room, or book another. I have the extra cash."

Sam smiled. "Then it's a plan. Just give me a few minutes to shower and we can go check the Holiday Inn out."


Dean was feeling on top of the world as they headed down the main drag towards the Holiday Inn. A quick glance at his baby's dash board reminded him that they needed gas. He spied a Shell Station not a block away and pulled in.

"Hey Sammy, go pick some snacks out for the room and I'll fill my baby up." Dean spouted as he opened his driver's side door.

Sam sighed. "Dean that sounds so … dirty."

Dean smirked. "Yeah well, get you mind out of the gutter and grab use some grub. Don't forget the Peanut M&M's and Mt. Dew."

"Yeah, the food for loser brothers." Sam mumbled as he walked away.

Dean almost responded but decided to cut the kid some slack. Sam seemed to always walk with a slump now a days and with a permanent chip on his shoulders. Dean just hoped some time off would liven his brother up.

Dean was brought out of his thoughts as the gas pump clicked to let him know the tank was full. He grabbed the credit card receipt and made his way to the store.

Sam was standing in line and so Dean joined him, and was pleased to see his little brother had picked up lots of his favorites. Looking away from the goodies in Sam's long capable hands, Dean spied the place. It was just like all the other convenience stores except for one thing.

The clerk taking money was smoking hot. That wasn't the norm, for sure. Usually it was a bored teenager or a bored overly worked woman way past her prime.

Maybe there was a college town close by? That could explain the fine piece of ass running the register.

Dean's eyes began taking in every detail that he could from his position in front of the counter. The hair was blond, definitely a dye job but a damn fine one. Her eye's were an emerald green and her breasts... well, let's just say they were perfect. Not too big and definitely not too small. All things pointed to them being real, which was a big bonus.

Her name tag said Eve. Perfect. She was perfect, Dean just needed too get her attention and...

"Geesh Dean, take a picture, it'll last longer." Sam grumbled out next to him.

Dean gave him a light shove. "Shut up bitch, and don't get any ideas, she's all mine."

Sam chuckled. "I won't cock block you if that's what you're worried about. But dude, you so don't have a chance. She way out of your league."

Dean rolled his eyes. "Says the woman's man."

Sam huffed. "I have eyes, and I've caught some details you've probably missed. First off, she's reading One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, it's sitting on the counter behind her. That points to the fact she's either really well read or going to college. Second off, even though she's working here she has expensive taste. Her purse is behind the counter and it's a Gucci. Those aren't cheap and it doesn't look like a knock off, and even if it is, she still likes things that are fashionable."

"God, you are such a girl Sam! I have eyes too, and I figured her for the college type and I can handle that. The fact you know so much about purses is way beyond disturbing." Dean turned hoping to get a glimpse of his flustered brother, only he was disappointed. Instead of a flushed and embarrassed sibling, he was faced with a sad and miserable looking Sam.

"Jess liked handbags." Sam replied quietly.


Dean lightly bumped Sam letting his brother know he was sorry for going there. Sam swallowed hard and tried to smile.

"You're up Romeo." Sam did smirk as he spoke those words.

Dean looked towards the front and it was indeed their turn to pay. Sam quickly set down the items for purchase and moved back a step leaving Dean to deal with the transaction.

Eve gave both boys a quick look and then started scanning items.

Dean silently cursed to himself; he was giving her his brightest smile and she'd barely acknowledged him. Still, he wasn't down and out, yet.

Dean cleared his throat and was pleased when Eve gave him eye contact.

"So uh, Eve is it? I was wondering if I could ask you something?" Dean watched as she stopped scanning items and looked right at him.

"It is Eve, what is it you boys need?" Eve was now eying Sam.

Dean could see Sam cheesing from the corner of his eye. Just great, I won't cock block you... The kid would have to pay later.

"Yeah, me and my brother are new to town and I was wondering if you knew of a good place to eat dinner at?" Dean decided to start with a simple question before going in for the kill.

Eve nodded and started scanning again. "It's not that big of a town but Bob's Diner has decent food for a cheap price. Oh and the Holiday Inn has Paddy O' Quigley's which is a great place to eat."

Bingo! Time for the kill.

"Really, cause we're staying there tonight. So Beautiful, how about you show me just how great that food is and meet me for dinner?" Dean turned on his best come on baby smile.

Eve huffed. "I should have known, figured you were that type. That will be $15.49."

Dean's smile fell. He could see Sam stifling a chuckle behind him.

He slowly placed a twenty dollar bill on the counter and spoke. "And what type is that?"

Eve frowned. "You are traveling through and think you're hot stuff and that all the girls in town are dying to be bedded by you. Well I have news for you, you maybe pleasing to the eye but I want more out of a guy then a pretty face. So no thank you, if you want that type of girl, then hit the bars tonight."

Before Dean could respond Eve had her hand out with his change. "$4.51, have a good day."

Dean grabbed the money and glared as he headed for the door, not bothering to grab the bags. He could hear Sam's apologetic voice behind him and the sound of plastic bags being picked up.


Sam stayed quiet on the way back to the room. He knew Dean was pissed at the girl from the convenience store and it wouldn't be wise to speak to him until his older brother cooled off. There had being grumbling all the way to the hotel and Sam had made polite agreeing noises.

He was relieved to part ways with his brother as Dean headed inside to get them a room. Sam waited quietly in the car.

Sam was a bit shocked and relieved when Dean came back with a smile on his face.

"Sammy, the day is looking up. You should have seen all the hot babes hanging at the pool already. Its only mid-morning so I say we unload and head down." Dean's tone was full of confidence.

"Sure thing Dean, a good swim in a heated pool sounds like a plan." Sam replied.

Dean rolled his eyes. "Yeah, you swim, I'm finding me someone to keep me warm tonight."


Eve took her break shortly after Dean left. She so hated his smug type, and really had had enough.

It was time for his type to truly learn a lesson.


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