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This is a Fan-Fic involving characters from the Devil May Cry Anime: Morrison and Patty Lowell.


Sacrificial Lamb

"Dante!" Cried the voice of young Patty Lowell. She shrieked out in anger while her hands shook the knobs of the kitchen faucet. It was out--the water wasn't going to run at all! "Dante! Hurry!"

"Yeah, yeah..." Dante spoke out as he began to slowly change his position from laying across his worn-down couch to sitting up straight. Though her pleas for his speed continued to belt forth, Dante had barely budged from his seated position. A simple pair of worn down jeans were about his waist. No belt present as they hung low on his waist. He wore no shirt--seemingly relaxing for the day.

"Dante! What are you doing?! This is serious!" Patty continued to call out from the kitchen. Though slow, he arrived on the scene, rubbing the side of his scruffy goatee as he witnessed the afpron and dress clad child standing on a stepping stool before the sink with an empty glass.

"What's the problem short stuff?" Words passed through along with an exhale.

"The problem is that the water is shut off! I wanted a glass of water before I finish dusting down this place!" One fist went to her nearly non-existant hip while her right hand held up the empty glass toward Dante. Her face showed deep anger toward the lazy slayer. This was his fault!

"No water huh?...Must of missed that payment." It didn't seem to concern him as he turned his back on Patty and proceeded back toward his couch. "Have your busy foster mom fly a bottled water down." His hand idly waved her off, leaving her standing in anger.

"If you get desperate enough...toilet's in the back."

That comment sent a disgusted feeling racing through her stomach. Almost enough to make her want to vomit! "Ahhh! I can't believe you!" She carefully placed the glass down while she got off the stepping stool. "I'm going to find Lady or Trish! Maybe they'll be more civilized!"

She puffed her cheeks, then spat her tongue out at the once again lounging Dante. "Good luck. The bottled water bill will go to me anyway." Were Dante's parting words while his eyes came to a shut with each arm folded behind his head.

It was just as Patty was prepared to leave that Dante's agent, Morrison, would open the doors of Devil May Cry. "Finally! Someone with a brain!" Patty exclaimed, happy to see the ever helpful Morrison present.

"Well," Morrison closed his eyes with a chuckle. "I can see the two of you are exactly how I left you last week."

"Only thing is the water is off!" Patty frowned, pointing off toward the kitchen. "I'm really thirsty Morrison, and Dante told me I should drink toilet water!"

"I said if you get desperate enough." Spoke out the calm and cool voice of Dante. "It's saved me money a few times."

"Yeeeuck!" Patty turned her head away from him, holding her hands to her mouth in pure disgust.

"Ha ha, he's only kidding, Patty. I'll bring by some bottled water after Dante accepts this next job." Morrison's words got Dante's eyes to open. A job meant money. Money meant pizza, booze, women, and strawberry sundaes.

"If the job's killing off some stray Sloth, you can shove it up your ass." He was sure that wasn't the case...but with work as slow as it was he couldn't really count it out. He wanted a real work out, not a three hit kill. Repositioning himself on the couch, Dante rested his forearms on his knees as Morrison approached him.

"Nothing like that at all. In fact, I think this is what you've been waiting for."

What he'd been waiting for? This had Dante's interest.

"A lot of people went missing and there's been stories of screams coming from an old abandoned mansion just out of town. People say they've seen a demon lurking in the area."

Dante lowered his eyelids at Morrison as he continued the story. Great. Another chump. Dante thought to himself. Morrison went on.

"They have feared this house for about twenty years since it's original owners died. They want to pay you top dollar to go in, kill the demon, rescue any survivors, and destroy the mansion."

A demolition job? Most of Dante's 'bills' were due to destruction. Now he could be paid for being absolutely reckless? "How much are we talkin' here...?" He would speak up, locking eyes with his liaison.

"Let's just say it's a little over how much debt you have. They have pretty deep pockets."

"Done." Dante stood up, giving a stretch of his arms and a yawn. "Sounds like a good job. Here I was thinking I'd have to wait on that loser Enzo for a job." He turned and began heading up to his room.

"Enzo?" Patty blinked curiously, looking up toward Morrison. "Who's Enzo?"

"Never met him, really. He brings Dante work sometimes..." Morrison was only going off what he heard...he was starting to think Enzo was Dante's 'invisible friend' for a while there."Dante even says the guy tries to imitate his look." The older man rubbed the back of his head while looking down to Patty who had her arms folded.

"He sounds pathetic." She huffed.


"The sacrifices...they have all been made. Seven humans..." A deep voice spoke in the darkness.

"Seven humans guilty of one of each sin. Humans bound for hell sent before their time..." The voice continued on.

"The blood to be spilled by the race that assisted Sparda at Temen-ni-Gru...the blood to be paid by the most incomplete without one final sacrifice..." The demonic voice took a long breath. It's vocal chords rumbling in delight.

"The blood of a demon willing to give it's life. blood...but it cannot be by my hand..." The demon became visible in the darkness as half of a man's face...the right side was a skull...almost shark-like. The mouth curved around his face with rows upon rows of sharp teeth. His nasal area was elongated to a sharp point, and his right eye completely empty.

"They all thought I was crazy...but I will sacrifice myself for this cause...yes...." He bellowed forth a chuckle.

"I will the hand of the Devil Hunter....come to me...."


Just outside, Morrison's car had pulled up. It was raining now, and the fact it was came as an annoyance to Dante.

"Sunny days with a slight chance of drizzle huh?" He mocked the weather woman who had been on television earlier in the day. Dante rested his cheek on his fist, glancing out the window at the mansion. He seemed bored already.

Morrison shut his eyes, facing the windshield."Here's the place Dante. Just go in, wreck it, and we'll be out of here.--Huh?" His eyes flung open as he heard the door open on Dante's side. Then the back door as he dragged Rebellion out of it's guitar case.

"Yeah yeah. Just get lost will ya? I got the explosives. You'll know when I'm done." Dante dismissed him, slinging Rebellion onto his back. Swinging his hand back, he'd shut the car door, leaving Morrison inside. Each step Dante took sunk into the muddy ground beneath his black boots. Looks like he'd have to wash them..again. Once the bill was paid.

He heard Morrison drive off, and now Dante was sure his human friend was now safe from potential harm. He approached the door slowly.

All he could see ahead of him were booze, women, pizza, and ice cream. He'd have his debts squared away, and a brand new tab to spoil himself on. Wasting time wasn't an option. Dante reached the front door and broke the door in with a powerful kick. He watched as the door vanished into the darkness of the old mansion.

"Huh. No lights." He didn't care. He could still see fine in pitch black darkness. He began to step inside. Each step made the wooden boards beneath him squeak. He heard a howling of the wind outside...accompanied by the pitter patter of heavy rain outside.

"Well, looks like there's no demon. Wild goose ch..." He trailed off as something fell to the floor with the sudden gust of wind inside. Ivory was drawn the very instant the item struck the ground. It sounded as if glass had broken as well.

Approaching the darkened area, Dante would crouch down to pull up a fallen picture frame. Examining it with the coming thunder flash...he would drop it once again with a light gasp.

Dante didn't want to believe what he just saw...he looked to the other pictures on the wall, straining his eyes as hard as he could. "...No way...this house belonged to..." Before he could finish his sentence, Ebony was drawn out facing the wall alongside Ivory. An explosion went off from behind the wall, sending dust and debris Dante's way.

Rapid fire shots went off, destroying chunks of wood before they even got close to him. He could ear nails and woodchips zip past his ears and his waving white hair. The Demon appeared--it had to be at least thirteen feet tall. It looked very similar to the Vangards back at Temen-Ni-Gru all those years ago...just more...fleshy.

The creature screamed, it's odd shark-like features and half-human flesh caused Dante to grin. Though the pictures were destroyed, he still had a job to do. "Thought there was somethin' fishy about this ready to go, JabberJaw?"

The creature cackled, weilding it's great scythe before Dante. "Dante....finally you have come!" It seemed rejoiced, cackling madly. "Finally...death has come..." It leaned in, Dante held his ground.

"Really? Well death and I are pretty tight, dude. I give him a lot of new customers." As soon as he finished speaking, Dante began to unload bullets at the massive reaper. A loud scream of agony came echoing through the house as the beast vanished into smoke. The wind picked up, shaking the flooring.

It wasn't dead, it was using the darkness as a cover.


Dante stumbled forward as blood splattered against the floors. His own blood. His back had a great gash in it, slowly starting to heal up. He brought Rebellion out with his right hand, looking about himself in the darkness, gritting his teeth.

Thunder erupted, lighting up the room. That very instant, Dante clashed Rebellion with the creature's scythe only to have it vanish again. Swinging with perfection, the Devil Hunter would miss every time, listening to the cackle of the demon as it landed cheap shots on his body. Every small scrape made his heart thump harder beneath his ribcage. The frustration of not being able to land a single hit was setting in as end tables, doors, other parts of old furniture and even the floors were decimated by Rebellion.

"You dissappoint me..." The ghastly voice echoed from every which way around Dante. Angered, Dante stood in place, and strained his eyes ahead of himself. He heard a howl of wind, and violently spun to his body around, slicingng into the air with Rebellion with his left hand.

The weapon peirced through the center of the reaper's split-face. With his right hand, Ebony would be placed in the hollow eye socket. "...I see you." Dante spoke out coldly, releasing fire into the skull of the hooded reaper. The entire outside of the mansion was lighting up from the gunfire and horrible groans of the creature.

Once Dante was done, he'd sheathe his sword at his back, spinning Ebony back into her holster as well. "Well...that takes care of that...." He stated, leaving the creature to burn away slowly into dust. Dante approached the area he'd seen the pictures...all of them destroyed. "..........."

He kneeled down, turning over one that was ripped up from the sudden explosion. He examined it's remains for just a moment, allowing it to drop to the floor.


After Dante had seft the explosives up in the house, he stood outside of it, a good ways away. "Well...this place is ancient history. Too bad...she'd probably do the same thing if she found it like this." He took a breath, looking up into the rain..and the black abyss overhead.

The rain was washing away the blood stains about his torn jacket and vest. It was also relaxing his mind. Another boring job...but the money was coming. Looking back to the house..he held the detonator before himself. "Adios." Were his parting words as he pushed the button.

However...the instant he pushed the button, he noticed a pale white haired gentleman standing in the doorway. His long royal blue coat fluttering in the wind. His hair down around his face from the rainfall. His katana held in fist.

"--Vergil?!" Dante gasped, though whilst that air was sucked into his lungs, he witnessed the entire building go up in one big flash of fire.

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