Paper Reality

Paper girl stuck

In the real world


The end of it all

Greets me now

Never thought

New York which beckoned me

Would become a reality

Too simple so

I enter the Paper World

And it all fades to Paper because

Nothing is real in a Paper World

Made for me:

A Paper Girl


Where my mind leads me

All the important people mean nothing

In a Paper World

Reality shirks

From my spirit

Untamed as a wolf

Vitality and soul soaring suddenly

Now that I left that sullen place—

Known as life as you know it—

And entered

The Paper Town

No two hearts beat the same

In a Paper Town

And every place has its own name

In a Paper Town

So forever I will be

In a Paper Town

a/n Please tell me if you think there's anything that I can improve on. Disclaimer: I don't own Paper Towns, though this is probably vague enough.