Zigato's explosive diarrea

the script for a parody cartoon of the game Damnation

story book style opening scene

Zigato walks over to where his friend Rourk is sleeping.

Zigato: "Good morning Hamilton Rourk this is your wake up call, please move your ass."

Rourk dosnt respond

Zigato walks over to his motorcycle and starts it up reving the engine loudly

Zigato: "wakey wakey Rourk"

Zigato turns off the motor, Rourk is awake

Rourk: "you dumb shit"

Zigato holds out ice cream: "our breakfast is melting"

Rourk: "i guess thats why you woke me up.

Zigato hands Rourk an ice cream cone

Rourk: "what flavor?"

Zigato: "vanilla what else"

the 2 friends are eating the ice cream.

Zigato: "you want chilli for lunch"

Rourk: "ya i love chili"

Zigato: "first we have to go to the strip club remember"

Rourk:entusiasticly "ya lets go"

after there wounderful trip to the strip club. They are riding there motorcycles through the desert to fat freds chilli shack.

Rourk: "man did you see those hooters on that german chick. Those are the boobs i really like."

Zigato: "me too"

Rourk: "just dont tell my girlfriend about this. If she finds out she'll cut my dick off and i need that."

they keep riding until they reach the restaraunt

later they are ready to order

Rourk: "ill have a medeum bowl of chilli with mild sauce."

Sexy waitress to Zigato: "what'll you have hun."

Zigato: "ill have a MEGA VOLCANO LAVA ACID 200 ALARM CHILLI super sized."

sexy waitress: "you sure hun".

Zigato: "ya"

later there chilli gets to thier table

Zigato reads the warning lable: " warning may cause burnning liquid shit to spray out your ass at mach 3."

Zigato: "ya right how bad can it be."

later they are driving through the desert.

Rourk: "that was good."

Zigato: "oh ya best chili ever, besides my mothers of coarse."

jaws music starts playing. Zigato's stomac rumbles

Rourk: "what was that?"

Zigato's stomach rumbels again

Zigato: "Rourk i gotta take a shit."

Rourk: "theres a rest stop at the next exit."

Zigato while his stomac rumbles again: "i don't think i can hold it that long."

Zigato sees an outhouse by a cliff: "a shitter, im saved."

they stop and Zigato rus to the porta potty

Zigato kicks down the door and begins shitting and screaming

pooping noises

2 hours later

more pooping noises

3 hours later yet more pooping noises and a few screams of pain and anguish

so much later that its night time and Rourk is reading a video game heros digest magazine, sitting by the bikes.

Zigato shouts: "the shit is so acidic that its burning through the toilet paper every time i wipe".

Rourk hands Zigato a ball of industrial extra scarring steel wool through the door: "here use this".

Zigato: "ill have too"

after half an hour Zigato finnaly finishes on the toilet.

Zigato: "oh my God it was horrible. it burned clean through the bottom of the porta potty."

Rourk: "yeah i see it."

the camera pans to show the audience the bubbleing acid shit.

Rourk: "i was going to enjoy a leasurely ride home but we'll have to signal The Coursair. we dont know when your diarrea will strike."

Zigato pulls out a flare and lights it 3 minutes later The Coursair flys in and picks them up.

they are onboard the airship when the jaws music starts playing and Zigatos stomac rumbles.

Zigato: "oh my God here it comes".

Zigato runs to the bathroom only to find it occupide by professor Winslow. he tears the door off its hinges and throws the professor out

Winslow lying on the floor with his pants down: "that was rude."

Rourk: "he has diarrea"

Winslow: "explosive diarrea"?

Rourk: "professor you don't know the half of it."

end for part 1