Title: Letters

Summary: They come in secret, they bring pieces of news, they evoke guilt. She doesn't want to read them. An insight into the mind of Bellatrix Lestrange. Oneshot.

Rating: K+

The letters always began the same way.

My dearest Bella...

The letters arrive by owl, always carrying a Disillusionment charm. When lifted, it transforms into a handsome tawny owl. He ruffles his feathers importantly and gazes around the room in recognizable disdain. Her husband sneaks up behind her. He sneers and asks who could possibly be trying to talk to her. She replies with equal if not more contempt; she measures up to the full power of the Black heritage inside of her. He leaves, she knows, to inform their Master. Normally, she would ignore the letter. Filth purchased the owl and tamed it to serve the Muggle. The petite handwriting, however, always stops her: TO BELLATRIX BLACK.

I like remembering you as Bella. As our little Bella Black rather than Bellatrix Lestrange. You know how I hate what you do. ... I simply cannot get you out of my mind, how much I want to. ... I may as well be the last person you ever want to hear from.

The truth couldn't be any more far from that. She missed her sister. She hated Rodolphus. Marrying him, she knew, was the only thing that would appease her parents. It was the only way she could serve her Lord.

Teddy and I, well, we had a child. Her name is Nymphadora. She is beautiful. Looks just like Theodore. Although, she is a Metamorphagus! You would have been so proud of her, Bella. Barley a month old and already wielding so much magic!

Metamorphagus. Bellatrix has no regrets. Her darling niece looked just like her scum of a Muggle father. Her sight evokes no response, no mercy from Bellatrix; she only sees him: the disgusting man. Not a trace of her sister in the abnormality. Any trace of Andromeda was covered up by Nymphadora's morphing.

I hope Cissy is fine, too. ... I do miss you. I wish you could come back. I wish you didn't leave when you did. I know you also probably burn these letters. It's always a shock when Hermes comes back unharmed. ... Sirius is growing up nicely. He's turning into a fine young man. I don't suppose you forgave him either. Though, I wonder if you realize, you might be the one who should apologize.

Nymphadora Tonks was a mystery to Bellatrix. She never saw her niece until she came against her banded with The Order. She had the Black fierceness in her, Bella could tell. She didn't right away know it was Andromeda's kin she was seeing; too much of Theodore was in the unnatural offspring. Her eyes had drawn to Sirius and her lips curled over her teeth.

I can't believe it, Bella. How could you?

How could she? It had been easy, fairly simple. Fool's head was too large to even recognize a threat when he saw one. Fatal mistakes he made, Sirius Black. Idly Bellatrix wonders when the letters would stop. Sometimes she wonders if these deaths would cease if these letters did. Andromeda does not get the hint; Bellatrix grows more bloodthirsty, trying to push her sister away.

Nymphadora saw your photograph. She said you were beautiful. She doesn't know who you are of course. I told her she would meet her aunt one day. Will she, Bella?

She will. And she will die for it.

Love always,


Author's Note: It's my first time writing something like this. If you didn't realize, the italicized phrases are Andromeda's letters to Bellatrix; they do not all come from the same letter. Reviews are always welcome!