This is a one-shot that I came up with after listening to Don't Jump by Tokio Hotel, My Immortal by Evanescence, and Never Too Late by Three Days Grace. It might be either one chapter or two, so that's all up to you guys!

The night sky was as dark and eerie as it ever was. Dark, sick clouds covered the moon, leaving no light at all. Rain poured everywhere and anywhere as lightning and thunder roared like two wild animals. The wind echoed through the empty streets.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi sat on of the many benches in the amusement park. His whole body was soaked, but he ignored it. All he could think about was the note that was crumpled inside of his fist. The words on their kept repeating in his head, like a movie.

Ikuto, I want to thank you for always being there for me, but now you don't have to take care of me anymore. Goodbye.

The note was sent with no name, but by the handwriting he could tell who it was.

"Amu" He said her name. He clenched his teeth. The note confused him greatly and that made him furious. What did she mean by 'you don't have to take care of me anymore'? Ikuto had a bad feeling about this. Her note reminded him of a suicide note he saw on TV once, but Amu would never do that, right?

Ikuto closed his eyes and focused on Amu. Over the last few weeks he noticed her smile become less and less genuine. Her eyes didn't seem like the brilliant honey-colored eyes he knew so well, and her soft, pink hair was always mistreated now.

Ikuto snapped his eyes open and stood up. He felt the area around him grow colder.

"Amu," he said to himself," you're not trying to…" He clenched his fists so hard that it felt that his nails would break through his skin at any moment. "You idiot!" He screamed and took off running.

The navy blue haired teen ran as fast as he could, thinking of her the whole time. 'Why didn't I realize it before? Ever since her charas disappeared, she's never been the same!'

He finally reached his destination-Seiyo Academy. He knew she would be here, but he couldn't tell why he knew that. The gates to the school were open, so he dashed in. The actual doors to the building were closed so Ikuto picked up his speed, jumped, and kicked the door open. He skidded forward a bit, but he quickly composed himself and ran straight towards the stairs. He climbed up as fast as he possibly could.

'Please, let me not be too late' he desperately thought. He turned his head upward and saw the door to the roof was quickly approaching. When it was finally in reach, he opened the door.

There, on the very edge of the roof, was a girl of about 12 to 13 years of age, but her back was facing Ikuto so she didn't notice he was there. Her pink hair wasn't in her usual side-ponytail, but just a regular ponytail. She wore a simple white dress with a black ribbon that tied around her waist.

"A-amu…" Ikuto whispered. In his eyes, she looked more beautiful than she usually was. Amu seemed to hear him and she turned around to face him.

"Ikuto" she said. They stared into each other's eyes, and Ikuto could tell by Amu's solid gold eyes that she was serious about this. He needed to stop her.

"Don't do it"

Unconsciously, Ikuto was slowly moving towards Amu.

"Ikuto," Amu began, "I can't take it anymore. Ran, Miki, Suu, and even Dia left me. I'm useless without them."

"No, you're not."

"Yes, I am." Tears began to form in Amu's eyes. "I'm sorry."

Amu turned away from him and took a deep breath. She heard Ikuto yell her name and heard his footsteps quicken. Amu closed her eyes and gracefully took a step forward from the edge.