This idea has been sitting around in my computer for a while. It's not as dark as I orignally was aiming for, but it is what it is. Reviews are very much appreciated and will be taken into account. Please enjoy.

Being Voldemort's daughter isn't easy. Never has been, never will be. But who's to say that hard isn't fun?

My father was evil. There's no other word for it, and that's a fact that I learned to live with from the day I was born. I've never known my mother, and I never really had a desire to know her after doing some growing up. That's just how it is, being Voldemort's daughter. You learn to be curious about things that you can find out about, not about things that you can't. And you learn to live with those facts.

That's what it's all about, isn't it? Living: How to do it in the most effective way possible, for as long as possible, preferably forever. That was my father's philosophy, anyways. I have nothing wrong with Death. He never did me wrong. Only Life has, and that was what my father couldn't seem to understand. For him, Life was something that must last forever.

Harry Potter understands my philosophy. He's also amazingly hot-headed and naive. Imagine! A boy who thought that Albus Dumbledore, of all people, was the cure-all for all his problems with my father. Yeah, right. Dumbledore understood naught about death until his last years. Then was when he finally learned to accept that Death never did anybody wrong. Only Life ever did.

Like the time that I found out that having a father who tortures and kills people for a living isn't normal. When I found out that normal is being a loving, caring person who can't possibly take pleasure in torturing people who have done them no wrong. Oh, that night was terrible.

And all the times that I've been watched a little too closely just because of whom my father is. I get it, people are scared of the great You-Know-Who, and any offspring he may have. Most of the time, I don't mind when people are suspicious. They have a right to be. But it's just plain annoying when I have to deal with all that hate mail. Sometimes I wish that the wizarding post was like the Muggle post – it only gets to the recipient if you've got the right address. Which is why I've been living untraceably for all my life, more or less.

I've learned to live with Lord Voldemort as a father. He, unfortunately, never did learn to live with me as a daughter. I was just his youngest Death Eater in training, his newest spy on Hogwarts, the only heir to Slytherin after he's gone (not that he'd ever be, according to him). He never did figure out the fact that once I grew up a bit, I was only rarely fighting for him.