1 Zelda, Link, and Ganondorf sit at a table from Zelda Ocarina Of Time

Don't take this seriously non of this is try and no Flamers plz

Link: Why did I have to become a kid it $&@#% Sucks

Zelda: Get over it

Link: I was past puberty. That was good

2 Zelda: Shut up

Ganondorf: Don't cry about it link or I will have to kill you

Link: You are just mad cause I defeated you

Ganondorf: Better watch what you say kid now that you are a kid I can kill you easily

(Few minutes later)

Zelda: Ganondorf are you gay

Ganondorf: No of course I am not gay why would you think that

Zelda: I saw you hitting on the guy prisoners at Gerudo Fortress

Ganondorf: No I was just…uh…uh… talking to him nicely because he was my friend

Link: I think he is gay because only woman raised him

Ganondorf: I AM NOT GAY!!!!!

Zelda: The first step is acceptance

Ganondorf: Your right (Starts to cry) ;_;

Link: I knew it ^_^

Ganondorf: what are you talking about you were the one that turned me gay

Zelda: I was in love with a gay guy. How could this happen. (Starts crying) ;_;

Link: I am not gay really I am not

Zelda: I should have know when you told me that these shoes were so last year

Link: I am not gay. I can explain why I said that it was because I have fashion sense

Zelda: No you don't look at what you are wearing green is not your color

Ganondorf: Ok I have accepted that I am gay. Now all I need is some one else gay

Link: Don't look at me

( Impa comes in)

Impa: it's bed time but we only have 2 beds. I will not sleep so I don't need one

Ganondorf: (Winks at Link)

Link: OK