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A half-moon glowed on smooth granite boulders, turning them silver. The silence was broken only by the ripple of water from the swift black river and the whisper of trees in the forest beyond.

There was a stirring in the shadows, and from all around lithe shapes crept stealthily over the rocks. Unsheathed claws glinted in the moonlight. And then, as if on a silent signal, the creatures leapt at each other, and suddenly the rocks were alive with wrestling, screeching cats.

At the centre of the frenzy of fur and claws, a massive brown tabby tom pinned a bracken coloured tom to the floor and drew his head back triumphantly.

Haha! Now I've got you right where I want you, Oakheart you sexy thing! Tigerclaw thought, but what he said was:

"Oakheart! What are you doing in our territory? These sunbeds belong to Thunderclan!"

Oakheart laughed kinda maniac-like,

"After tonight Tigerclaw, they will be just another part of Riverclan territory!" the bracken coloured tom spat back

"Ewwwwwwww!!!!! Honestly, that was gross! Say it don't spray it!!" Tigerclaw squealed girlyly.

"Did you just squeal like a girl?" Oakheart asked in amazement.

"No." Tigerclaw said, recovering from his squeamishness, "anyway, Riverclan can't have the sunbeds, we reserved them with our towels!!"

"Wrong Tigerclaw, Wrong! We can, and we are!"

Some other cat (possibly Longtail) screamed, "Oh poo!!! More Riverclan warriors are coming!!!"

Tigerclaw lifted his head to look around for whoever had let out that scream, making a big mistake. He took his eyes off Oakheart.

Oakheart took full advantage, and kicked him in the voonerables, before running away. Tigerclaw bent over double, gasping for breath. That always happened when he looked away, he should have learnt by now.

When he had regained his breathe Oakheart was gone, lost in the sea of fighting cats. Tigerclaw let out a hiss, then looked around as he heard a scream.

More Riverclan warriors had pulled themselves out of the river and thrown themselves into the frenzy, far outnumbering the Thunderclan cats. As he watched, he saw a huge Riverclan tom, still dripping from his swim across the river, pin down a smaller, brown she-cat.

Like a ninja, Tigerclaw threw himself at the enemy tom, throwing him across the clearing.

"Quick, Mousefur, get out of here! You're too hurt to fight on!" he hissed at his clan mate. She obeyed, thinking yes!!! Now I can go on the x-box!!

The Riverclan tom leapt at Tigerclaw, raking his claws down the tabby's nose.

"You git!!" Tigerclaw snarled, then laser beams shot from his eyes to hit the enemy warrior; whose fur fell out with a poof and drifted to the floor, leaving a very self conscious tom naked wearing just a pair of love heart briefs. Crying and trying to cover himself up, the Riverclan tom ran away, looking much smaller than he had originally.

"Hah!! FAIL!!!" Tigerclaw screamed manically


Tigerclaw looked around,

"Who is it?"

Redtail rolled his eyes, Starclan the guy was dumb, there was no way he'd ever be able to try to take over the clan.

"It's your conscience, douchebag," Redtail meowed, "turn around."

Tigerclaw turned around,

"Redtail!" Oh Starclan, please tell me he didn't just hear me scream manically.

Redtail sighed,

"Tigerclaw, this fight is pointless, we're never going to win, and we're outnumbered twenty to one. I'm gonna call a retreat." He meowed.

All Tigerclaw heard was,

"Tigerclaw, blah blah, useless, blah blah we're blah going to win, blah blah twenty to one, blah blah retreat." All the way through Redtail's words, all Tigerclaw could think was, wow, Redtail really sounds like my conscience, hmmmm, that's odd......what? wait....retreat?

Tigerclaw jumped up to join Redtail on a rock that was miraculously empty of cats.

"What?! Retreat?? We can't retreat, Thunderclan have never lost before!"

Redtail sighed,

"Your bravery will be honoured, Tigerclaw, but Bluestar wouldn't want her warriors to fight a battle they knew they couldn't possibly win." if only so she had warriors to do all her dirty work, like go out on patrols, and bring her food, Redtail added mentally.

"But....but...." Tigerclaw stuttered, helplessly, and then he wailed childishly, "it's not fair!! I want to carry on fighting!!"

"But you're not in charge, I am. And I say RETREAT, THUNDERCLAN!! RETREAT!"

Immediately, the Thunderclan warriors turned and ran back into their own territory.

The Riverclan warriors looked amazed for a moment, and then they broke into that time honoured song,


At the back of the Thunderclan cats, Tigerclaw looked back, one day, he thought, I'll get them back.....one day....I'll, I'll.......I'll lead THUNDERCLAN into battle and we'll make them....make them.....make them sorry they ever took these sunbeds! Yeah, that's what he'd do. With these thoughts, thought, Tigerclaw followed the rest of his clan.

That night at the camp, a blue-grey she-cat sat looking up at the sky, her fur turned silver by the moonlight.....at least, that's what she thought. In fact she was turning grey with age, but everyone knew how sensitive she was about that and chose to avoid saying anything.

A beautiful, slender tortoishell padded out of the ferny corner of the camp and padded over to the other she-cat, who dipped her head in greeting,

"Hello, Spottedleaf. How is Mousefur?"

"She is well, Bluestar, she is a healthy young she-cat, she will heal quickly." and I'm fine also, thank you so much for asking.

"I am worried, Spottedleaf. Thunderclan hasn't lost a battle in its own territory since I became leader. And we've had fewer kits born this year. WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO US!!?"

Spottedleaf sat back, worried that Bluestar was going to go into one of her mood swings.

"Calm down Bluestar, it's still barely new-leaf, there WILL be new kits born, as soon as it warms up." No-one wants to have their kits in the middle of winter, she added mentally.

"But training our young takes time, Spottedleaf. I can't see how Thunderclan can survive with such low numbers of warriors. Has Starclan spoken to you?"

"Not yet Bluestar, but I'm sure that if they have anything to say..."

Spottedleaf froze, looking up at the sky, her fur prickling. Bluestar waited patiently, knowing that Starclan were speaking to the young medicine cat.

She waited.

And waited.

"HOW LONG IS THIS GOING TO TAKE??!" She yowled, patience gone.

Spottedleaf blinked, snapping out of her trance.


Bluestar scowled at her, "well? What did they have to say?"

Spottedleaf frowned, "what ARE you talking about Bluestar?"

Bluestar gawped at the young medicine cat for a moment, then exploded,


Comprehension dawned on Spottedleaf,

"Ohhhh...they said 'fire will save our clan'."

"Fire??" Bluestar asked, incredulously, "But fire is feared by all clans? How can it save us?"

"I have no idea, Bluestar, but if Starclan say it will happen..."

"We have to trust them." Bluestar finished, thinking, very well, Starclan, fire will save our clan. I just hope it hurries up about it.

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