Vantage Point

Chapter one: Fresh start..I think

Tsukune was running. Again. This wasn't the first time he was running for his life. After all, if anything, after spending nine years on the streets, in the shady parts of the city, running is one of the major things you pick up, because your life depended on it. It did. Really.

So here he is, running for his life, again for what seemed to be the millionth time. With practiced ease, he rolled into an alleyway, and managed to roll into the safety of a few trash cans that happened to hide him from his chasers. Lucky for him too, because not even five seconds after he landed behind the trash cans, his chasers came into the alleyway, frantically turning their heads, but not spotting Tsukune.

Muttering profanities under their breath, they left the alleyway disappointed. It seemed they were hoping to have someone to release all their pent up frustration on. Luckily for Tsukune, it wouldn't be him. He waited about three minutes before coming out of the protection of the trash cans and left the alleyway, whistling a merry tune. He wasn't called The Escapist for nothing. He could easily outrun some of the best cops in the force with no problem. His fighting skills were something to be admired too.

Rumors had it, that Tsukune had taken on fifteen of the toughest thugs in the streets and managed to get away with minor injuries. And that's a rumor that for once, is true.

As to what those thugs wanted with him, he didn't know. He knew sure as hell, that he didn't do anything to piss anyone off. Despite his image, he was only fifteen years old. He was supposed to be in high school. And he already had taken the entrance exams, but with his solid C grade, plus the fact that he somehow "failed" the exam, crushed that idea rather quickly. Tsukune didn't have many friends amongst his peers, because of the fact that they mostly feared him, plus of the fact that he was rather strange.

But Tsukune didn't let that get to him, no sir! He didn't really care that he had less friends than he would've liked. Nope, he would never let that bother him. With his backpack slung over his shoulder, he walked in the direction of his apartment, which he happened to not be very far from, since he had led the chase close to his place before he ditched them. He didn't even bother knocking on the door before he came in. What did it matter, no one was home because no one would ever be home to say "Welcome back," or anything like that.

Tsukune was about to enter his apartment when he noticed the letter addressed to him, laying on the floor. He chuckled to himself, thinking it was the owner, writing him another letter full of complaints, but it wasn't. Curiosity fully aroused, he closed the door with his heel and plopped down on the couch and tore open the letter. He read the letter once, and then read it again, to make sure he wasn't seeing things. It was an acceptance letter to some place called Yokai Academy. Tsukune blinked in confusion.

"Thought no place would take me in," He muttered to himself, tossing the letter on the couch and heading off to his room. He started packing all of his things, which wasn't much, just his laptop, IPod, clothes, couple of notebook and clothes. He placed his IPod, laptop and notebooks into his regular backpack, and put his clothes in a duffel bag. He gently tossed the two bags onto the couch and read the letter again.

"Huh, the bus arrives at 8:30 tomorrow morning, and it doesn't seem I'll be coming back for a long while," He muttered. Tsukune then turned to a guitar case resting against the wall. He shook his head and frowned. "Should I take that with me, or just leave it?" He absently thought to himself, while he fixed himself some dinner, which consisted of nothing but a piping hot cup of instant ramen. He took the instant ramen to his room when it was ready and sat on his bed, cross legged, thinking while he was eating.

"I seriously thought I would never get into any high school, what is Yokai Academy about anyway?" he thought, chewing on the noodles before finishing the cup off. Tsukune laid down on the bed and stared at the ceiling, taking note of the time, seeing that it was almost ten thirty at night. Letting his eyes droop, Tsukune quickly found himself falling into a dreamless sleep.