Vantage Point Chapter 5: Moving On To the Future

It had been a few days since Tsukune had told Inner Moka about some parts of his childhood, and he hadn't brought it up since. Outer Moka hadn't said anything about it either, but she knew about it; Inner Moka had told her the night Tsukune told her.

For now, however, they avoided talking about that particular topic as if it was the plague, oh but they knew they would have to talk about it soon. Tsukune wouldn't dwell on the thought and if he did, it would be for just a fleeting moment. For now, he had to head to homeroom.

Tsukune once again, decided to not wear the school uniform, but he wasn't going to wear what he was wearing before. Now he wore a black dress shirt, with a Chinese red dragon on the sides and dark denim jeans with his sneakers. He decided to not wear the bandana, but opted to wear his punk studded earrings and a necklace of an angel's wing, hanging from a silver chain. He left the first three buttons of his shirt undone, feeling too lazy to button them up. He was wearing an undershirt underneath the dress shirt so he didn't really care. He left his hair messy so some of it was covering his eyes, but not obscuring his sight.

He looked at himself in the mirror and nodded in approval, this look felt like him and he liked it. Grabbing his backpack, he left his dorm room and went outside, to where he would meet Moka and from there; they would head to class together.

Moka sighed as she waited for Tsukune by the dead, withered tree on the path to school. Inner Moka had told her about what Tsukune had told her not too long ago and since then, she had been worried about Tsukune's emotional health; bringing up something as traumatic as that must've opened up old wounds.

But she told herself that she wouldn't bring up that topic until Tsukune was ready to talk about it. Her nose suddenly twitched as she caught a whiff of Tsukune's scent. She looked up and smiled as she saw the person of her thoughts walking towards her. Then she took into account of what he was wearing and she could feel the blood rushing to her cheeks but she couldn't help it; Tsukune looked good, really good. No, to say he looked good should be a sin. He looked handsome, and it made him stand out from the rest. She could have sworn she heard Inner Moka growl slightly in approval.

Tsukune smiled lightly as he walked over to Moka and leaned against the tree she was standing by.

"G'morning," He said, covering his mouth as he let out a slight yawn. Sleep was not coming to him easily.

"Morning Tsukune-kun," she replied, turning to walk to school. Soon enough, the pair were walking side by side, Tsukune ignoring the glares he was getting from the guys and the love/ lust looks he was getting from the girls while Moka did the same, only she was getting the glares from the girls and the lust-filled looks from the guys.

Tsukune's street training had improved his senses, so his ears twitched slightly as he heard footsteps rushing toward him. He turned his head and barely managed to duck from his assailant as she flew over him. He stood up and looked down at Kurumu, the girl who tried to kill him not just a few days ago as she got up and dusted herself off.

As soon as she got up, she tried to tackle Tsukune into a hug, but he swiftly turned to the side and watched with an impassive expression and a raised eyebrow as she kept trying to tackle Tsukune into a hug, but failed as he kept dodging to the side.

"Um, can you explain why you're trying to tackle me into the ground?" Tsukune asked, looking down at Kurumu with his normal slightly tired, impassive expression as she gasped for air. She slowly got up and turned to Tsukune with a grin.

"Good morning, Tsukune-kun!" She exclaimed, once again trying to hug Tsukune. Once again, Tsukune dodged, by stepping backwards and to the side.

"Sorry, I don't hug," he said simply, turning around and continuing to walk to school with Moka. Moka raised an eyebrow in curiosity at Tsukune. Tsukune glanced at Moka, raising an eyebrow.

"What?" He asked, as Moka quickly turned her head, facing forward.

"You don't hug people?" She asked, looking at Tsukune, slight concern in her eyes and voice. Tsukune looked ahead, and sighed. Neither noticed that they had stopped walking and were facing each other, nor that Kurumu was quickly catching up to them.

"Didn't have that many people to hug," was all he said before he turned around and started walking again, this time in a slightly brisk pace. Moka blinked in confusion and worry before she started to catch up to him. Little did either notice the glowing red gem that was the centerpiece of Moka's Rosario slowly dim before it returned to normal, a noise emitting from it, almost as if it were humming…

Tsukune could practically feel his eye twitch as he took in what he was hearing. There was no fucking way he was ever going to join a club in this school, no way not a chance. He'd hated socializing for the most part with a passion, mostly because he was always casted out of the social "bubble".

Moka looked at Tsukune with worry, ever since Ms. Nekonome said that they would have to join a club, she had noticed that Tsukune's irritation level was swiftly rising and if he didn't calm down….

Well, hopefully someone wouldn't get hurt…too badly. They had gone to nearly every club stand in the club festival, as Ms. Nekonome said there would be, and hadn't even stayed near the booth for two minutes before either Moka got unnerved or Tsukune's ire would rise, forcing them to leave and look at the next booth.

Currently, they were just wandering around, not really looking for anything before trouble reeled in its ugly head in the shape of a rather beautiful girl in an almost light orange bikini.

"My my, what do we have here? Are you two looking for a club to join by any chance?" She asked, with a polite smile. Moka started to feel rather unsettled by this girl, until she realized what she was wearing and automatically knew what club she was in. She almost gulped; she didn't want to tell Tsukune that she couldn't go near the water in case he wanted to join this club.

"What's your name? I'm Tamao Ichinose," Tamao said, her hand reaching out to shake either Moka's or Tsukune's. Moka ended up shaking her hand, because it seemed that Tsukune would not.

"Hi, I'm Mo-" She started to say before Tamao cut her off.

"Moka Akashiya and you must be Tsukune, correct?" Tamao said, smiling at both of their surprised looks, or at least Moka's. Tsukune just nodded, confirming everything Tamao said.

"How did you know?" Moka asked. Tamao chuckled, covering her mouth with her hand as if she was some kind of noblewoman.

"Oh everyone knows about you," She said, and Tsukune's eyes narrowed. Everyone knew about them? That wasn't good, well for him at least.

"Really, is that so?" Moka asked. Tamao hummed in confirmation.

"Anyhow, I noticed that you two were looking for a club to join, would you mind taking a look at the swimming team?" She asked rather politely, almost too politely Tsukune noted. Moka was about to decline, but Tsukune spoke before she could say a word.

"Sure why not?" He said, and Tamao smiled and turned on her heel, leading them to the swimming pool. Moka quickly followed her, and Tsukune did as well, albeit confused as to why Moka suddenly seemed less energetic than before.

After a couple of turns, the three of them found themselves at the swimming pool. It was now that Moka seemed slightly afraid, but of what Tsukune wondered.

"I may not be able to go near the water, but if Tsukune wants to join then who am I to stop him? I could just watch from the sidelines," Moka thought to herself, forcing a smile as they went closer to the pool. But Moka did have her limits; she stood behind the fence while Tsukune and Tamao went right to the pools edge.

"The changing rooms are right over there," Tamao said, pointing to a couple of shack-like buildings that were apparently the changing rooms. Tsukune silently nodded and went over to the changing room, finding that they had plenty of swim wear to choose from. At this point, Tsukune couldn't really be bothered anymore so he just changed.

Tsukune came out of the changing rooms about five minutes later, wearing a white t-shirt and back swimming trunks with white racing stripes on the sides. He still had on his necklace and his earrings. Walking back to Moka and Tamao, he almost didn't notice girls stare and drool at seeing his well-toned arms.

Meanwhile, Moka was having a conversation with herself, more specifically her inner self.

"What are you talking about Omote?"


"Don't call me that."

"How come you get to call me Omote, but I can't call you Ura?"

"I never said you couldn't. I meant don't call me Ura-CHAN."

"Oh. Well, what do you mean what was I talking about?"

"I heard you five minutes ago, actually debating on whether or not to go into the swimming pool. You baka, you know that vampires cannot stand water! It's only because of those herbs that we can actually have a bath or shower!"

"But-but, I was just thinking abou-"

"Tsukune? The human? I know you were, and are you telling me that you want to put your, no our lives in danger just for him? Have you finally lost your damn mind?"

"N-no, I was just t-thinking-"

"Thinking? No, you weren't you moron; that much I can tell you."

"Hey! I am not a moron; I'm a part of you!"


"Ha, I win this round!"

"AS I was saying," Inner Moka growled out, "A mere HUMAN boy is not worth risking our lives for. This is MY body, more so than it is yours. Remember that."

"How can you say that? Have you already forgotten the story Tsukune told us not too long ago?"

"No I haven't. And what was said that day has nothing to do with what we're talking about right now."

"Yes it does! You just don't want to admit it! Are you going to tell me that you have no sympathy for him?"

Inner Moka fell silent at that, choosing not to answer that question. Instead, she chose to look out of the Rosario's "eye" and saw Tsukune walk out of the changing room. She then tuned into what Omote was saying, and couldn't decide whether or not to chuckle or sigh in annoyance when she saw that Omote was still demanding that she answer her question.

"Keh, instead of demanding answers from me; why don't you go back out into the real world?"

"Eh, what for?"

"You'll see. So just do it."

"Fine, but we're going to be resuming this conversation soon."

As Outer Moka focused back on the real world, she could have sworn she heard Inner Moka say:

"Ha, we'll see about that."

Moka shook her head to clear away the thoughts and looked up and nearly gasped at what she saw. A small blush threated to take over her face as she took in Tsukune's arms and face. Inner Moka's voice echoed in her head.

"Tsk, he's wearing swimming trunks, hell he's wearing a shirt too! What exactly are you blushing for?" Inner Moka taunted, allowing herself to let out a small chuckle as Outer Moka's blush grew.

Tsukune was slightly confused when he saw Moka's face turn red, but shrugged. Tamao, however, grinned and nearly licked her lips as she took in Tsukune's form. She reminded herself that it wasn't time to strike yet.

"Uh, Moka? You getting changed too?" Tsukune asked, lightly scratching his head. Moka looked up at him as her eyes widened before she shook her head.

"N-no, I'll be fine here," She said, smiling slightly as she stood safely behind the metal fence. Tsukune blinked in confusion before Tamao placed her arm around his shoulder.

"Don't mind her, Tsukune, for now we'll work on improving your swimming technique. But first, you'll have to take off that pesky shirt," Tamao nearly purred as she moved closer to Tsukune. Tsukune narrowed his eyes as he stepped away from Tamao and shook his head.

"No, I'm just fine wearing a shirt in the pool."

"What? But it's going to get wet!"

"I don't care; it's my shirt so I can do whatever I want with it. It's not yours, so why should you care about what I do with it?" Tsukune asked rather tersely. Moka raised her eyebrows at the statement, even Inner Moka was curious. Why was Tsukune getting so defensive all of a sudden?

Tamao, however, was not okay with Tsukune trying to defy her, but she put up a fake smile. "Okay, Tsukune. Whatever you say, it is your shirt after all," She said almost too sweetly. Tsukune noticed this and started to get suspicious. He shook it off and jumped into the pool, Tamao diving in after him.

Tsukune was the first to surface, and to the disappointment to the nearby girls watching, his shirt was thick enough to not reveal much even though it was wet. Tamao quickly came up after him.

"Good entry, Tsukune-kun, let's work on your technique first," Tamao happily said, not noticing Tsukune's eye twitch in annoyance for being referred to as "Tsukune-kun." Moka watched as Tamao "taught" Tsukune how to swim. Ha, Moka scoffed to herself, it was more like Tamao was using this chance to rub up against him as much as she wanted to.

"Ah, so Tsukune, are you considering joining this club?" Moka asked nervously, looking at Tsukune and Tamao, who had her arms wrapped around him, 'teaching'. Tsukune looked at Moka, before looking at Tamao, and then moved to get out of the pool. Tamao looked at him in shock and confusion.

"Heh, swimming isn't my thing. I'm not particularly a big fan of water," Tsukune said as he got out and walked towards the fence, where Moka was standing. It was now that Moka discretely looked him up and down now that he was up close. Even Inner Moka would admit that she liked what she saw a little bit.

"Hey, I'll get changed and then we can go and look around some more, 'kay?" Tsukune said, and Moka nodded. Tsukune turned around and was heading back to the changing room before he felt a hand grab his ankle and pulled him to the floor and into the pool. Tsukune heard Moka call out to him as he was dragged under. He managed to hold his breath as he kicked away the offending hand and swam back up to the surface, gasping for air.

"What the hell?" Tsukune nearly shouted, as Tamao broke through the water's surface; but she looked different. Replacing her legs was a long, slightly fat, tail with a fin at the end. She smiled, revealing that her teeth were no longer human, but just a multitude of sharp fangs. Her mouth looked like a shark's. There were three slits on both sides of her neck, and her nails were now claws.

Moka gasped, but she shouldn't have been that surprised. Tamao was a mermaid, after all.

"Humph, I can't let you leave Tsukune. I've been eyeing you since Orientation. Not only are you good-looking, but your scent is absolutely—delicious. Almost like—a human's," Tamao said, licking her lips. Tsukune grimaced in disgust.

"Sorry, but I'm not interested in being eaten by a—what are you anyway?" Tsukune asked, genuinely confused. If it weren't for the situation at hand, Moka would have laughed, but seeing as how Tsukune's life was in danger, she bit her tongue. Instead, she ran to the pool and thoughtlessly jumped in as Tamao and her lackeys closed in on Tsukune.

Almost instantly, the purification effects of the water came into play as Moka felt the water sapping away her yokai, electrifying her body. She couldn't hold back the scream of pain as she splashed around, tethering on the edge of consciousness. Tamao laughed as Moka screamed out in pain.

"Just as I suspected, she's a vampire and a vampire's one major weakness is water!" She said, as she began to laugh. Tsukune bit back a gasp of surprise and went underwater, intent on saving Moka from possibly dying. Tamao noticed this and whistled, calling on her lackeys to stop him as she herself went after him.

Tsukune felt a webbed hand grab his ankle, and turned around to see that it was one of Tamao's lackeys. He would have growled if it weren't for the fact he needed oxygen to breathe. He deftly kicked her in the face and felt no sympathy for her as she clutched her broken nose. Of course, even though this only took less than thirty seconds, it was enough time for Tamao and her group to catch up to him.

Tsukune wasn't ready for the barrage of claws that came at him and barely made it out of the assault, but not without injury. Three nasty looking slashes were on his back, the blood turning his shirt a dark, copper red. Tsukune spun around in time to catch a tail that was about to smack him in the face. Tsukune held onto this tail with a grip he was almost surprised he had, and swung her into a small group of lackeys that were rushing him from his right.

Tsukune looked up in time to see Tamao coming straight for him. Thinking quickly, Tsukune used the bloody water to shroud himself from their view. They all rushed in, thinking that they had him, but confusion was quickly spread as they couldn't see where he was and their noses couldn't pinpoint where he was because the blood was his. Soon, they were fighting each other blindly, unable to see or smell where Tsukune was.

Tsukune smirked as he swam down to Moka, aiming to grab her hand, but missed and grabbed the Rosario floating in front of her neck…

Uh-oh, what's going to happen now, when Inner Moka is released?

Inner Moka: Shut up and get to work.

Me: Hey! Don't push your luck, I've been busy!

Inner Moka: With what exactly?

Me: Uhhh….

(Tsukune come into the room)

Tsukune: Playing Tekken 6, growling at someone to give him AC: Brotherhood, and amusing himself with his new iPod touch.

Inner Moka: *growls* Is that so, Tsukune? *turns her head to face me, but just sees a bunch of leaves swirling in the wind*….Where'd he go?

Tsukune: Oh, he said something about 'running away from the evil clutches of Satin' or something like that…

Inner Moka: Why that little bastard! *Runs off to kill Raider, or at least cause him physical harm, or put him in the hospital*

Tsukune: …Or he could have just went to get something to eat…. *Chuckles* Oops...