Chapter 5 – Abandonment

The songs we sing, croak. The composition we hear, cancels. The fire in my heart, burns.

Leaving home was the hardest thing I had to do. The ventures that I seek, shall they be as great as I seek them out to be? Katsumi at my side, little as possible. Time flying, this fast, should be illegal. As illegal as it is to sin. The looks that we get, walking hand and hand, down the streets, looking even more stranger than before. "Why would they be walking down the street together?" A woman completes with a puzzled expression on her face. "Mommy, mommy! Why are they walking together? Than guy has creepy eyes. And so does she! Blue and Green, what a combination! They scare me!" A young boy pleads as he tugs on the bottom of his mothers Kimono. The stares gruesome, horrible. The few coins we spare, and the hope we survive, shall last us an eternity. Please, spare us the