The Crimson Rose


By: Chi~

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The Crimson Rose

Waiting For Death

It would be done with cold swiftness. She knew that for sure.

Though, she had to confess from all the honesty in her large heart that she held no regrets. Most of the tragedy that had happened during that year wasn't something she could control, therefore none of it was her fault. She had loved a man, even though she hadn't known his true nature, lost her children, got them back, fell in love again, and then finally taken due to her first lover's sins needed to be attained for.

To attain for his sins, well…that was death.

No regrets, remember. None of it was her fault, and her daughter and son were in safe hands now. Her brother was with them, out of harms way and protecting the children she could no longer care for.

Her lover…the man she loved and wished she had loved before she had even been touched by the liar who had her before, was and would forever be safe. He could take care of himself. He was a closed book; nothing would touch him. He wouldn't let it. It had been a hassle to even get him to open up to her without causing her so much grief, but when he did…well…she was glad she was able to love him – the short time she was allowed to, that is.

She couldn't express how much happiness she felt when she both realized and got a confession that he loved her just the same. Deeply. Truly.

She had known the love would be destructive, due to the fact that she knew she would be taken by her children's captors. She couldn't say anything until the time came – when she would be taken. He had no idea how much she wanted to. But, she didn't. She can only imagine how much anguish he must've felt when she was forced to be taken into custody.

She could only imagine how much betrayal he felt when she went without a fight.

Luckily, she was too numb and impassive to even give a care to act like she didn't care about him. She knew that if she showed some behavior that she hadn't loved him as much as she said and had showed – that he would definitely turn away and not pursue her. But she hadn't. She only gave him a cold look, one that almost made her heart break from his confused and almost shocked look back, and turned from him, following her captors obediently.

God, she loved him. She hadn't even loved her first lover as much as she did him. Everything about him; what he stood for and what he did…

Her own hands were tainted with blood, only because she had the ability to do so since her children had been taken from those very same hands of hers. She had been a women bent on revenge and was willing to kill anyone that got in the way of saving her children. Yes, she had tainted herself willingly.

But her children were safe now. There was no reason to kill just to get them back. There was no reason to fight anymore. Now was the time to pray for forgiveness for her own sins and die. Peacefully.

There was still a storm within her, though. A storm she wouldn't be able to tame. Not even if she tried.

Yes, the love had been destructive. And would be until her final breath. She still loved him, and always would – even after death.

Her eyes, glowing in the darkness due to the full moon's, turned to the night sky and looked up at the stars. It was a clear night. A perfect night for her death, she decided – smiling humorlessly, of course. Such a beautiful night…

Damn, she could see his face. She kept seeing his face. It made her clench her teeth. It made her heart wrench painfully in her chest. It made her legs weak. Everything was going against her; she had tried so hard to stay strong – to keep everything at bay. She hated that her eyes were burning almost agonizingly, pushing her more and more over the edge. She had to cry. She hadn't cried at all that whole year. Her heart had been chilled cold and only beat with excitement when blood rained around her.

Crying wouldn't change anything. She was stronger that this. She had killed many with her two hands; she had hated with all her heart. How could she just fall to her knees so easily?

Her body told her otherwise. She couldn't move; all she could do was turn her head a little to her left and stare out at the moon. She didn't even shake from the chilled air of the dungeon she was in. She was just still, seemingly peaceful.

A peaceful night to die…and she couldn't feel any peace.

He was there. Always there. In her mind. In her presence. In her heart. He would never go away. She tried her hardest to at least let go of him as the time went – bit by bit. But both her heart and his words – his face – wouldn't let her. It was as if he wouldn't let go of her hand, no matter how much she screamed and fought for him to let her go.

Their souls were intertwined and there was no way of breaking away from each other.

He would be with her until the end.

She sucked in a breath as she felt moisture slowly make its way down her cheek and finally drop from her chin to her arm. She knew; he would die with her.

Somehow, she was standing only moments later after first tear flowed down her face. Many came, but she was standing and grasping the window-seal of her cell. A breeze from outside wafted around her, running through her hair and chilling her shoulders. She didn't know what she was doing, but she just let her body and heart do what it wanted. She might as well, she had nothing left.

Breath sucked into her lungs; words floated into her mind. Her eyes drifted to the ground yards below her. She saw the pedestal. She saw the noose. She felt nothing of it as she began to sing,

"I hold your hands like ornaments
And all I meant was to be kind…
And all I meant was to be kind…"

Tears dripped onto the stone under her small, fragile, but bloodied hands.

"I pull your heartstrings tighter,
And play my song as loud as I can," she leaned out the window a little, letting her tears fall the fairly long way down to the earth.

Her voice raised in volume a little, letting out the bubbling sorrow that she felt. (She had no idea that even in her anguish; her melodic voice was still beautiful.)

"I'll sing my heart out for you
I'll sing my heart out for you…"

Who could hear her song? Did she care who heard her? She decided she didn't care as she leaned back in her cell, moving back into the darkness.

"How does all this feeling grow?" She sang softly, looking down to where she thought her feet were in dark.

"How does all this feeling go on?" His face flashed in her mind again. Again. Again. Again.

"I pull my sleeves out further and," she had no sleeves to pull.

"I prepare to fight my demons," she had no demons to fight.

"I will not lose again this time," her heart told her she didn't lose; her head said otherwise.

"So wrap your arms around me
And sing the words as loud as you can," she hugged herself, holding herself at her elbows. Part of her hair slid from her shoulder and hid her face from the moon's light. Her only light.

"We are together in this world…"

Her heart skipped, remembering the very night he had…

"…together in this world…"

She heard her voice falter and shake. But she regained was bit of control she had to swallow and continue. Her tears gladly continued with her.

"How does all this feeling grow?
How does all this feeling go on?"

She choked a little, but kept going, ignoring it. She didn't know why…just didn't know why.

"How does all this feeling grow," her voice was lower; still beautiful. "How does all this feeling go on?"

Again, he was there. Again. Again. Again. His hand, still intertwined with hers. Squeezing hers. Breathing her in; whispering to her. Him. Him. Him.

Her eyes became rivers as her head slowly rose up to the moon's rays. A soft smile painted her lips.

"And I will lift my head above the sky," like she'd sang, her head rose a little, raising to the sky.

"And I will see the stars tonight," she sang softly, beautifully, and with all her heart. Staring at the stars.

The rest of the song was his, and in the last moments she had before she was escorted to her death, she listened to his beautiful voice finish the song.

And during that time, she continued to whisper, "I'm sorry."

She really was. And she realized that she really did have regret; just one.

Falling in love. And him loving her back.

Her knees met the cold stone floor. Her shoulders shook. Her hand clamped over her mouth. I'm sorry…

Her sobs were not heard by the naked ear; the night was what heard her.

The night's silence soothed her. But the regretful maelstrom inside her continued and would until she hung by her neck from leveled ground. Until her breath was gone and her heart had stopped in her chest.

Until he joined her in the afterlife where she could only apologise and ask for forgiveness.


"I pull your heartstrings tighter,
And play my song as loud as I can," she leaned out the window a little, letting her tears fall the fairly long way down to the earth.

She suck in another breath to continue her song and her sorrow, before - unfortunately - she stopped short when she felt herself begin to slip. She didn't catch herself in time.

"...," she scowled as the air whipped around her and the ever-so-lucky cart of hay came closer; she had falled out the window. Her scowl deepened, however, when she saw a random man, dressed in familiar armor, pulled the cart out of her landing range. "Shit."

Of all the times to fall out a window - OW!

Well. I will explain.

Lyrics: The lyrics, "I pull my sleeves our further and, I prepare to fight my demons, I will not lose again this time," is only a metaphor for the events that have yet to happen…or, more like 'did' happen, but you don't know. You'll understand it as the story progresses. There's already some clues though, so it shouldn't be hard.

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Song: The song is "The Magic of Us," by: Bim. It's a heart-warming and heart-wrenching song that just made me want to use it, and this was the perfect opprotunity. There's more lines to the lyrics, but those won't be used until the very last chapter of the story. (I don't own the song by the way, just so we're clear! ...We're not? Oh...well...can I have a head start before I'm incarsurated? Thanks. :breaks off in a sprint:)

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