"A Cup of Cocoa"

Kenny and Devlin held two separate mugs of hot cocoa and watched the orange glow of a lively fireplace set at the far wall of a small one level log cabin; in the world of holographic imaging in the spare room, snow fell silently in a lazy manor. Devlin cocked his head slightly to the left as his ears picked up the distinct sound of wood logs cracking from the heat. Looking over, the brunet found the raven black haired boy staring blankly at the fire as though either deep in thought or without any thought at all; it was without life that Devlin would bring the mug of cocoa to his lips, sip some, then slowly bring his hand back down until it rested on his leg. The movements were slow; almost robotic in style.

"Dev?" Kenny asked taking a few sips from his own cup "Something on your mind?" the brunet continued his query noticing Devlin's unchanging expression of his hypnotic glare. It was only after a few short seconds that Devlin finally turned slightly until he made eye contact with his step-brother.

"Actually...yeah, there is" the black haired boy spoke softly, nearly drowned out by the fireplace before taking a long swig of his drink.

"You wanna talk about it?"

Another round of silence fell upon them as Devlin slowly turned his look back to the fire; that was when, for the first time, Kenny noticed a streak of tears strolling over Devlin's cheek. Kenny remained silent unsure of what to make of the situation; he knew Devlin often isolated himself from the rest of the Tennyson family, yet he also knew that the boy was the very last person to show emotions of this kind. The brunet instantly felt sad about his brother crying in this way then irritated that he wouldn't say what was bothering him; for a few fleeting moments, Kenny saw Devlin not as his angsty unshakeable brother, but as a soft boy that needed to be held and reassured.

Without warnings, Kenny placed his cup on a small table and shifted his position to gently snag the cup in Devlin's grasp and place that one too on the table; sure that the drinks were safe from spilling, the brunet softly gripped Devlin and brought their combined mass towards his side arm rest of the couch were Devlin was able to slide one hand on Kenny's chest and nuzzle half of his face to the brunets neck and collarbone. After they were situated, Kenny drew a large blanket from the back of the couch until they were wrapped in its warmth and moved the same arm around Devlin's back holding him that much closer.

"What's bothering you?" Kenny whispered questioningly while softly running his free hand through Devlin's hair. A sharp drawn breath through Devlin's nose was the only response he received.

"N-nothing's bothering me..." Devlin whispered flexed his fingers against Kenny's chest. "It's just beautiful...the fireplace, the cocoa, the snow outside and us, in here, snuggling under the blanket." The moment both boys looked to each other, their eyes locked – Kenny's silently strong eyes giving Devlin's shaky unsure eyes a solid hold in reality; slowly, the boys leaned in and hovered momentarily until their lips brushed against the others. Almost as if by magic, Devlin calmed until he rested peacefully atop Kenny's body, all the while the brunet stroked Devlin's hair in a playful manor.

"It's nothing..." Kenny nearly chuckled "...compared to my girlfriend..." with this Devlin shot straight up staring his brother eye to eye.

"I'm not the girl! You are!" the black haired boy hissed.

"You're the one doing the cuddling so that makes you the girl of the relationship."



"Well then girl this!" Devlin stood on his knees with his hands at the hem of his pants but before he could do anything, Kenny shot up locking their lips together. Seconds; moments; time ticked by slowly until Kenny broke off with a smirk.

"Nope...you're still the girl."

Kenny watched as Devlin huffed, turned away and plopped himself down at the other end of the couch; the brunet crept closer almost playfully in his approach, Devlin turned until his back was faced to Kenny's approach.

"C'mon Dev..." Kenny tenderly gripped Devlin's shoulders and leaned in to gently nibble on the ear of the raven haired boy "...you know I'm just kidding, because you're just too adorable with when you're this flustered." Devlin's eyes lowered at the sound of his step-brothers voice and his warm breath whisking the skin around the side of his neck. Without warning, Devlin spun around on his knees and with as much force as necessary, toppled his brother at the other end of the couch.

"Devlin?" Kenny asked as the other boy pinned his arms to the cushions; a devious grin crept across Devlin's face as he loomed, lowered slowly until his lips gently grazed against Kenny's. The slight brush ended as Devlin ever so tenderly bit down Keeping Kenny's bottom lip held between his teeth and gave the skin a gentle playful tug. Letting go, Devlin admired the awestruck and pink blushed expression on Kenny's face.

"Just remember, I have a tendency to bite..."