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You're mine…

I was thrilled to pick up the scent of the mountain lion. It'd been two weeks since I've had the pleasure, having to make do with elk. And, elk was getting old already. That wasn't a very good sign considering it had only been three months since my change.

Just before I made my fatal leap to stake my claim on the massive feline, an intoxicating scent filled my nostrils; a scent that caused venom to pool in my mouth and my entire body to nearly buckle under its intensity. Flicking my eyes off to the right of my quarry, I saw the object of my desire. The compulsion to drown myself in the provocative scent was strong, but the fear that filled me was infinitely more intense.

A couple lay tangled in a sleeping bag on the forest floor as intertwined in each other as they were in the vinyl sleep sack that barely concealed them.

Humans. Oh no…

Even on the molecular level, I felt myself tense up, preparing to strike. The perturbing itch in the back of my throat caused by my thirst grew to an insurmountable inferno at the thought of my mouth filling with the crimson vibrancy that pulsed through their bodies. I wasn't going to be able to stop.

Why did I leave the house to hunt alone? WHY?

"Jasper," I whispered, too low for the humans to hear, "help me; I beg you. I'm so sorry."

As if he had been standing behind me the entire time, his arms were around me before the last word of my plea fell from my lips. The comfort I felt from being in his embrace was all-consuming, and my body went limp in his arms as he whispered in my ear.

"I've got you now, dear boy. Everything's going to be just fine," he crooned.

The scent of the humans was eclipsed by the mouth-watering scent of Jasper. Citrus and sweet tea, the scent of the man who made me whole, that I loved more than life itself.

"That was pretty close, darlin'. What compelled you to hunt on your own when you haven't encountered a human since your change?" he continued to whisper.

I could hear his erratic thoughts murmuring in my ear along with his spoken words.

"Foolish. What if I was too late? Never again. Don't do this to me again."

"I'm sorry, love." Even at a whisper, my voice reflected the anguish I felt at making him worry.

His arms tightened around me. "I know, and it's okay. I'm just glad I got to you in time."

Our hushed conversation was cut short by a growling moan. Snapping my eyes back to the couple in the sleeping bag, I noticed that the gentleman's lady companion had disappeared from sight beneath the covers. The rapid rise and fall of vinyl made it quite obvious that she was vigorously working to bring about her lover's orgasm. While I was nearly murderous in my thirst just moments before, I was now quite aroused; a condition that surely did not go unnoticed by Jasper.

"Well, isn't this a delightful change of events?" he whispered, proving me right. "You're quite the little voyeur aren't you, my dear boy?" My entire body shivered as his hand slid down my belly to cup my erection through my pants. He brought his other hand up to cover my mouth, stifling the moan that I unsuccessfully tried to hold back.

"Shhhh…" he whispered in my ear as his nimble fingers deftly worked open the fly of my pants.

I melted further into his embrace and whimpered against his hand as he pulled my erection free, giving me a few strokes before sweeping his thumb across the head. I couldn't stop my body from jerking in his embrace; I was so sensitive at that point that an instant climax wouldn't have surprised me one bit.

"What do you want Edward? Do you want me to make you come?"

As if he were answering for me, the man in the sleeping bag arched his back and cried, "Oh, fuck yes!"

I nodded my head as my hips bucked into Jasper's hand, and, much to my dismay, he removed it briefly. I groaned, missing the exquisite contact. Moments later, his hand returned, and I realized he must have licked his palm - quite thoroughly - as his hand began to swiftly glide up and down the length of my cock. My head fell back, causing the hand covering my mouth to slip a little, and I groaned a little bit louder, earning another faint "shhh" from Jasper. I began to rhythmically thrust into his hand, and, unconsciously, I turned my head, taking one of Jasper's fingers into my mouth.

Growling, Jasper nuzzled my neck and ground his hips and, subsequently, his erection into my ass. "See what you do to me, dear boy? What you always do to me?"

Moaning in response to his question, I sucked on his finger hard, hollowing my cheeks and laving the icy digit with my tongue. Jasper's strokes on my erection began to falter a little as he tried to match the rhythm of his hand to that of his hips. I was certainly not complaining. The man could flick a piece of lint off my shirt and I'd convulse in pleasure.

"Mmm…fuck, Edward. Do you have any idea what I'm gonna do to you once I get you back home?"

I squirmed in his arms as I imagined the possibilities and came very close to collapsing as the tempo of Jasper's strokes increased. The slick wet sounds of being pumped by Jasper's hand combined with the thrusting of his hips against my rear drove me that much closer to release, and I could not control the groans that rumbled through my chest as I twisted and turned my body to meet his advances in every possible way.

"Something tells me that you're about to come, darlin'. Am I right?" he asked.

I nodded my head furiously right before he pulled his finger from my mouth with a distinctive "pop" and clasped his hand hard against my mouth. As my orgasm coiled and tightened in my loins, my body began to jerk uncontrollably. "That's it, come hard for me," he urged.

And, I did just that. My body tensed as my climax spilled from me, and, despite Jasper's efforts, a feral roar tore itself from my throat as I rode wave after delicious wave of sweet release. Jasper chuckled softly against my neck as I blinked, seeing that I successfully scared the bejesus out of the couple in the sleeping bag.

Not missing a beat, Jasper refastened the fly of my pants and took me by the hand.

"Now, about what I wanted to do to you once I got you home…"

With a grin and not once ounce of guilt, one thought ran through my mind.

I should hunt alone more often.


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