New story, written for my b.f Katie's Xmas present. If you wanna read and comment, go ahead, but no flames please. This hasn't been run through with a fine tooth comb and I know a few ideas are a little shaky, but I think its still a good read so take the chance if you'd like. MERRY CHRISTMAS KATIE!

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"The war is over Harry, but your fort wall is still up." The sentence lingered in his mind, like a line out of a bad song, or the taste of decaf when he'd asked for full strength.

He hated decaf.

The house was empty now, but it had felt this way for a while. Empty. Everything between them. Empty. He'd felt it. He knew she had felt it too. That's why she had left.

"Didn't let her in? More like, I didn't want her to get hurt." Harry held his face in his hands before leaning it against the bedpost. He needed Ron.

He couldn't call Ron. Not to cry about his ruined relationship with his sister. Not for this. He was alone in this one. His first and only real breakup. It hurt.

Ginny's hairbrush still sat on the almost empty bureau, and a perfume she'd never really used. He glanced at it through his peripherals, before his vision was again clouded with tears. She knew how he felt about being alone. He's spent half of his life alone.

He wished he was a smoker, or a drinker, a gambler or a sex addict even, though it was less glamorous by way of unhealthy addictions, because now he'd be able to let everything out through life-threatening frivolities.

Instead he had a bag of candy beside his for the kids that would be coming by for Halloween next week. 'Damn.'

What did one do when they had just been dumped. What about when the reason was because they weren't being 'open' enough. What if it was because they had spent 7 years fighting with someone strong enough to kill anyone with a flick of a piece of wood?

He was sure no one had ever written a book about that.

"How to live after defeating the Dark Lord. It would be a best seller." Harry smirked at his own feeble attempt at a joke. He was making progress. Seven hours since Ginny had dumped him and he'd managed to stop crying, move a couple inches from the door over to the bed, and made a joke out loud in a completely empty house.


Harry was about to call Ron, the phone was even clutched in his hand, finger on the speed-dial, when the familiar chime of the doorbell distracted him. He wondered if he should stand, or continue to sulk like a good emo would. Finally he decided to get up. His legs were cramping.

The door was down the hall, but it felt like miles away. As Harry clomped down the hall, Ginny's words echoed in his head, louder and more prominent each time they came. What had she even meant? 'Fort wall my foot.' Harry thought.

He finally did get to the door, and opened it .No one. He leaned against the doorframe, stared at the ground. There was no pavement. He blinked. He couldn't see the pavement.

A body was in the way, crumpled against the floor. The right foot of the body stuck out at an odd angle, but that wasn't what caught Harry's attention, nor did the trail of blood down his driveway.

It was the wand clutched in the small yet defiantly masculine pale hand sticking out. Harry's eyes widened. He didn't expect to see dead wizards at his doorstep nowadays. Messy blond hair covered the face-down face.

Harry was none too eager to touch the body, but he had to know. His heart was racing quickly, and he glanced around to make sure no one happened to be walking their dog at 3:00 am before crouching down.

He touched the heavily jacketed back. It was warm. Grimacing, he stood and tried rolling the body over with his foot. Too heavy, too hard.


Harry picked up the limp arm and tried flipping the body over. He finally noticed that the right leg was bleeding heavily through the denim jeans, and the weird angle it was at. He didn't know what to do.

Call the ambulance? Hide the wand and then call the ambulance? Leave the body outside in hopes that the garbage trucks would take it out in the morning? He liked the third option, although he wasn't sure he'd be able to sleep with an unconscious male outside.

He scrunched his nose. "You've fought dragons, broken your arm over 13 times." He said, ending up sounding more deranged than encouraging. "You can touch an unidentified, unconscious body with a bleeding broken leg."

His glasses were fogging with the cold. He had to make a choice now. The body was as still as the night, and the blood was beginning to mess up his front steps. He reached down again, tried to tug at the tightly clutched wand. He would try option two. It seemed safest. The wand wouldn't budge. He tried again.

This time the body stirred, and the arm retracted. "Leggome…don't…" Was all he could decipher. He didn't need anymore. He couldn't forget that voice, even if he'd wanted too.

He bent low and turned the face towards him; pushed back hair too thickly gelled to be healthy. "Draco…"


The night had just novel worthy.


Harry had managed to pull Draco's limp body inside, get his jeans of and bind his bleeding leg before he'd panicked. He hadn't seen Draco in four years now. His hair was a little longer, skin even more pale than usual, although that could just be the cold. But he nearly looked the same as always.

The main difference was the twisted ankle.

The phone was picked up on the fourth ring, and the voice was almost indistinguishable. "Huh?"

"Ron? Are you on the fucking couch again??" Harry said, watching as Draco squirmed in pain around the floor.

"What the hell is it Harry? It's like 2:00 am." Ron growled.

"I need a healing charm, or spell, whatever. Twisted ankle. Harry said quickly, although he knew there was no point. Ron would compute when he was good and ready.



"….Your ankles twisted?" Ron mumbled. "What'd you do?"

"Not mine Ron. I just…I need to know. Right now." Harry said, more slowly this time. Draco groaned, and his eyelids fluttered open long enough for Harry to catch a glimpse of striking grey. They closed again.

He'd managed to get Draco leaning against the wall, his jeans cut off above his knee. "Ron, quickly." Harry stomped his feet against the carpeted floor, in hopes that it would somehow speed things up. He'd never liked carpets really.

'Rugs that can't be moved and hang around in places where they're not even wanted.' He thought. Ginny had liked carpets. She'd never gotten his reasons for disliking them. She had never really gotten his sense of humor…

"Your ankle's not twisted, but you want me to give you the spell to fix…twisted ankles." Ron said, finally sounding wide-awake enough to be sarcastic.


"I thought you'd finally gotten over that bugger helling idea that you can be all-independent, all the time. I'm coming to help you. Can't fall asleep on a couch like this again." Ron said.

"No, Ron. Don't. I'm not…seriously…" Harry said. The phone line went dead.


Harry threw his closet door open and began dragging Draco into it. He only managed to get half of him in and ended up having to fling sweaters over his legs.

With only seconds to spare.

"I'm here." Ron said, upon arriving with a pop. "Where's your leg?"

He was in nothing but pajama pants, a distraction to any gay male. But he wasn't.

Ron waved his wand around lazily. "Your leg's not broken." He griped, looking down.

"I know. I didn't say it was." Harry said, cocking his hips.

Ron blinked and scratched his bright red hair with his wand. "You really called to ask me w- why the hell is your sweater bleeding?"

"I mixed it with the whites." Harry said flatly. "…The color's running."

Ron's eyebrows drew together in confusion. "It's spreading." He said, slowing walking up to it. "You really should try and save this." He snatched up the sweater and nearly threw up. "Harry, there's a fucking LEG sticking out of your fucking closet! …Fuck!"

He threw the sweater down. "It's bleeding! Harry it's bleeding! I'm gonna be sick!"

Harry sighed and flung the closet door open. "It's Draco…" He said.

"YOU KILLED MALFOY??" Ron stared into the closet. "Where the hell did you get him from? He's been missing off the face of the earth forever."

"I have no idea. I found him at my door like that." Harry said defensively as Ron poked Draco with his wand. "I've never seen him with his mouth closed before." Ron said quietly."He looks nearly decent."

Harry stared at Ron's revealing backside. "Just do the spell." He said. "I can't believe I never learnt something like that during all my years of Hogwarts."

Ron stared at Draco's peaceful face. "No way am I helping that bitch. Not till he wakes up and explains why the hell he's here" He said.

Harry was silent. Then he shrugged. "Yeah, I guess that's kind of…ok to do in this situation. Well at least get the salve then."

Ron grinned. "I can't miss hearing this. Old Voldy being gone defiantly takes away some of the excitement of life…"


"So she really dumped you?" Ron said, sitting in the couch across from the bed Draco was lying on. "Ginny? The girl who spent half her life obsessing over you?"

Harry shrugged, re-wrapping Draco's leg with gauze. "Said I wasn't letting her in enough or something." He said. "I don't even remember. I wonder how the hell Draco got here. Britain's enormous…"

"It's stupid. I never thought you were right for each other anyways." Ron smirked.

Harry glanced at him. "We're gonna get back together you know." He said. "It's just a thing. She'll be back by morning, I know it."

"Sure." Ron said drily. "And she'll find Draco Malfoy lying half-naked on your bed. A real way to get back together."

Harry stared down at Draco. "Ron, fix his damn leg so I can roll him outside." He whined. "Please."

"We're not rolling him outside Harry. Seriously. We already got him up the stairs, and I am not helping you take him back down." Ron said, leaning his face against his arm.

"Well, I'll probably have to go out with him anyways." Harry said. "When that real estate analyzer gets here and sees that I have no partner, I'm not going to be eligible for this house anymore. They'll kick me out. We haven't even been accepted yet. Three more weeks was all we needed…three fricking weeks under scrutiny, and she left me."

"You're an idiot." Ron said.

"I know. I didn't mean to-"

"No." Ron shook his head. "You need a partner Harry. This house is only eligible for two or more people. Two people need to be here. At least." He said slowly. "Ginny's gone, and when they get here to make sure that everything's copasetic, you need to have two people living here. Two."

"I know Ron." Harry said. "Stop talking like that. I need to get Ginny back. This is like the fourth time she's got up and gone, she's gonna be back. Just…she might not come back in the next month."

"So you need a substitute." Ron said, racking fingers through his hair. "Someone that can't back out of it."

Harry looked at Draco at the same time as Ron. "He has a life, Ron. I can't make him do that…"

"His leg's bleeding, his ankles twisted and he's lost tons of blood Harry. He can't stop you…"

"He'll heal himself when he wakes up."

"Take his wand. Nurse him to health yourself."

"That would be like taking him hostage He doesn't deserve…fine I'll give it a shot." Harry said. He knew he couldn't fight against the devilish smirk on Ron's face. If he was gonna get him gone, he had to at least pretend to be on board with the nutty idea.


"You're gonna stay here Malfoy. I've put up with your shit for too long anyways. I'll set your ankle but I'm not healing it. And you aren't either. I've got your wand. And you're not getting it back till the end of the three weeks." Harry said, trying to get his eyebrows to be drawn menacingly drawn together but ending up looking constipated.

"That won't do…"

He glanced at Draco through the mirror. Draco stirred slightly but was otherwise just as still as he'd been for the last few hours. The sun was starting to rise, pushing itself rudely through Harry's closed blinds. He looked down at his crumpled jeans and t-shirt. He couldn't be seen wearing his 'my-girlfriend-just-dumped-me' clothes when Draco woke up. It would take away from the ominous complete control over you look he was going for.

Harry took off his glasses and rubbed his temples. He'd freshen up. Then he'd come back and fix his daunting speech. It had to be good enough so Draco wouldn't laugh. As he showered he felt nervous. Had he changed in the last four years? Was his personality any different?

'Am I crazy? Keeping Draco Malfoy here as hostage when he could have a family that needs him, when I don't know anything about him? Have I gone mad? He could be dying right now; I don't know anything about medicine. He should be at a doctor…but I couldn't take him to one even if I wanted to. Does he even live in non-wizarding Britain? Does he have health benefits? Should I be taking him into wizarding Britain? I don't know any doctors there either…'

The clouds of billowing heat did nothing to help harry clear his head. He'd get Hermione if he needed her, although he really didn't want to deal with a Hermione that was peeved at Ron. He had to wait for Draco to wake up first though. There was nothing that he could, not before then.

Harry changed and walked back into his bedroom, and all logical thought flew from his head. Draco was awake. He was sitting up, looking around.


"Don't move! You can't leave! Hostage! …Bugger." Harry got out. Four years of being completely relaxed had done absolutely nothing to help his defense skills. For the first time in his life he'd been free for all concerns, relatively happy with Ginny, in their flat and then recently, their house, keeping in close contact with Ron and Hermione.

He'd been able to let himself go for the first time ever and he'd loved it. It was like a young wild animal that had been domesticated. He didn't know how to go back to suspicious and defensive anymore.

Draco looked at him, his eyes unfocused yet calculating. He looked at his clumsily bound leg. The wound, which hadn't been large, though it wasn't shallow either, had stopped bleeding now. It wasn't obvious that his ankle was twisted any more, Harry had laid him down properly.

He must've felt the pain that had been keeping him unconscious for the past few hours.

"Shit…" He said, instinctively reaching down and touching his leg.

"I've got painkillers…" Harry said lamely, rushing back into his bathroom and picking up any bottle that had aspirin as an element. He came back with them and a cup of water and slowly read the tiny print on each of them before deciding which one to give Draco.

"You had to be the closest wizard, didn't you?" Draco gasped out, his ragged breath giving clue to the pain he was in.

"What?" Harry said confusedly. He looked at Draco's hand holding his leg. No ring.

"Looked for…the wizard closest to me…simple searching charm…finds…all magical stimulation within a ten mile radius." Draco said slowly, words detached and broken. "Made it to the door…passed out."

"What happened to your leg, Malfoy…Draco?" Harry said, propping the now collapsing Draco up.

Draco stared down at his leg, as if seeing it for the first time. "Broken…I think." He said.

"Yeah…that was my guess too. I mean…what made it break? What happened to you?" Harry said, more slowly this time. Draco bit his lip, and he looked weary with exertion. "Car. Hit me." He said, sounding unsure. "It hurts so damn…fi-fix it." It seemed he wanted to say more but couldn't. Instead he closed his eyes and leaned against Harry, either falling asleep or going unconscious again, Harry wasn't sure which.

Plan number two. Fix up Draco's leg now, make bargains later. He'd lost a lot of blood and that was most likely why he couldn't keep his eyes open long enough to complete paragraphs, much less make snappy comments.

Harry needed a doctor that wouldn't ask any questions. A good one that could come to his house because he wasn't about to drag Draco back down the stairs. One that was trained professionally, unless they were simply a certified genius. He sighed.


He'd have to call Hermione.

There we go. First chapter. XD Its a little long because I put the chapters in after i'd started writing. Kinda hard to write a Harry Potter story outside of the wizarding world since everyone has completely different personalities when not under stress or in fear. That and the fact that J.K never gave much info on things about the wizarding world apart from what went on in Hogwarts so I had to make up some bits. Aside from that I tried my very best and I hope it came out as good as a worked for. Hope you love it K-Dawg!