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"Does this happen often?" The inspector asked Harry, looking up at him with curious blue eyes. "Once in a while…" Harry said absent-mindedly, looking towards the doorway. He wondered if he should go after Draco, before deciding against it. Draco wouldn't just leave like that. He'd need his things. He'd be back.

'Although he didn't have anything to start with, some clothes wouldn't force him back here…' His subconscious told him, biting at his heart.

"Maybe you should go after him?"

'Maybe I should?' Harry didn't want to. It would be almost like admitting to himself, somehow, that he…he needed Draco for more than he'd been letting on.

Maybe he did?

'No…don't let yourself think like that.'

And why not? What would be so wrong with admitting to himself that he…that he…

Harry shook his head. Had this been what Ginny been talking about? This fort wall? This fakeness about him that he just couldn't get rid of, a protective shield he knew not how to deal with.

Was it denial?

Was it fear?

Not being able to admit to himself, that his feelings for Draco ran deeper than he would ever let even himself know?

Harry felt bile rising in his throat at the thought of Draco leaving.


And it hurt, oh god's it hurt, to have to admit it.

He needed this, he needed Draco, he needed him because he…

And he couldn't hide behind anything anymore, it was too late.

"I have to…"He said, before dashing from the room, through the hallway, outside. The air was biting cold, and everything looked bleaker than usual.

Overhead Halloween decorations still hung, an eerie reminder of quickly fading memories.

But no Draco.

Harry felt weak in the knees, and if everything weren't so freezing, he was sure he'd collapse. But instead he just stood there, clinging to the pillar beside to porch door, breathing in the deathly cold air, dying inside.

The pop was too amazing to be real, the sight of Draco even more miraculous. Even as he saw Draco apparate in front of him Harry couldn't believe it. His breath stopped, and he felt hot tears begin pooling in emerald greens.

"I couldn't think of anywhere to go…and I left my wand." Draco mumbled, looking shamefaced.

Harry wasn't ashamed to practically fling himself at Draco, afraid he'd disappear again, holding unto him tightly. "Don't do…don't…" He sobbed, knowing his face was flushed and his nose completely red, but not caring. Draco was against him, solid and real, and nothing could make him happier.

He felt Draco stiffen, but he ignored it. "Be mad at me, I don't care. This is my clichéd moment, and I'm not going to let you ruin it. Harry looked up, before kissing Draco's lips, cold and unresponsive, melting into warm and longing.

"Is this a bad time?" The inspectors voice pierced through the intense moment, making Harry groan inwardly.

"The worst." He said, feeling Draco stiffen all over again.

"Well, since you two are obviously going through issues…"

"Obviously…"Harry interjected, slightly annoyed because what was shaping up to be the best kiss ever leading to the best sex ever had been interrupted.

"Maybe we can reschedule…"

"That'd be nice." Harry quipped, clinging to Draco. "We want to have sex now. Slightly graphic yet innuendonic sex. So….uhh…bye?"

In theory the idea of actually doing it with Draco wasn't as daunting as sitting down here beside him on the bed in the dark made it seem. Draco looked even more uncharacteristically shy than he had before, now without the pretense of unpacking his bags there to aid his stalling.

"Were you serious about the whole…sex thing." He asked finally, venturing a look up into Harry's face.

"I dunno…" Harry sang-song. "I was kinda thinking…if you wanted?"

Draco grinned. "I need to stop with all this flipping blushing." He mumbled, sticking out his chin. "Draco Malfoy does not blush."

"Draco Potter does." Harry smirked, enjoying the drop-mouthed expression on Draco's face.

"Draco Malfoy. It'll always be Draco Malfoy." Draco said after recovering. "Imagine two lines under both those words…and caps and italics…and all other forms of emphasis! Harry Malfoy sounds about right though…"

"I'm fine with that too…." Harry said thoughtfully. "Has a ring to it. Get it?"

"Don't even…"

"Like a wedding ring?" Harry grinned.

Draco groaned at the cliché of it all, although he did let Harry pull him into his arms.

"Are we going to snuggle now?" He mumbled against Harry's chest. "And then have sex? Since we're keeping up with the patterns of a bad romance novel…"

"Snuggle? Psh…" Harry teased. "I'm not gay."

Draco stifled a giggle. "Then a bad coming out novel." He said.

"This can't go on." He continued, thoughtful. "All this love and affection and….crap."

"Too bad." Harry said. "It will."

Draco grumbled as he was showered with kisses, forcing him down unto the bedspread. "What…what about Ron?"

"You want a 3-way?"

"Shut up."

"…He'll get over it."

"…What about kids?"

"If you'd let me get to the good stuff we'd be on our way…" Harry mumbled, making a futile ever to get Draco to shut up with his own mouth.

"Do you even know how to have gay sex?" Draco queried.

"I'll figure it out." Harry beamed, straddling Draco. "There should be a hole somewhere around here, right?"

Tug. Harry's eyes widened, but he plunged on anyways.

Grip. Draco shifted. "Less." He smirked.

"Ok." Loosen.

"Better." Draco settled back comfortably.

Harry felt his cheeks heat as he went through the push and pull he was so familiar with. Only this wasn't himself he was doing this to.

It was Draco.

He expected Draco to be scrutinizing him as if he were baking glutton-free cookies…

He'd come up with a better analogy later, when he wasn't afraid of ruining his first hand job.

But Draco's eyes were closed, and he seemed pleased, if not flat out homegawd ecstatic.

"Is it…good?" He asked carefully.

Draco nodded before sitting up and gripping Harry's hand. "If you want it me to feel good, you have to be sure of yourself. You're sexy, which is half of the battle won, but as much as your sexiness always has me halfway there, I need something more for orgasm central."

"I can't believe you just said that." Harry said dully, shaking his head in total motification/mortification.

"I'll try again…."

Tug, pull, push.


Rub. Lick.

"Much better…"



Lick. Suck. Rub.


More. Suck.

Moan. Louder. Groan. Yell.


Strip. Hot, heat, heated. Rub. Push.


Draco bit his lip. "You certainly can get really damn good…really fast." He breathed, smiling down at Harry.

"I can't believe where 2….3 of my fingers are…" Harry whispered, feeling rationally naughty.

And Draco was squirming, which either meant he was totally into it or Harry was causing some sort of permanent damage, and it felt really good, and Draco must've felt really good because he wouldn't allow himself to be mantraing Harry's name at any other time and Harry was inside now, and that felt really really damned good.

Tight. Tight. Hot.




Movement. Arms. Cling.


Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.






Harder. Harder still.




More. More.


Burst. Flame. Explosion. Scream.

Simultaneous. Panting.

Cling, hug. Kiss.


"Very good, rookie." Draco murmured, reaching up to run his fingers through Harry's hair.

"You're all flushed…"

"You're all naked…"

"You too…"

"Let's do it again…"

Harry grinned and kissed Draco's parted lips, feeling ridiculously pleased with himself.

"You are officially not a virgin." He teased.

"Now you have to marry me then." Draco grinned. "I'm probably pregnant."

"Nah, you don't look like you'd be fertile."



"So I don't really care what you think about it Ron, I just thought you had a right to know, as what I hope is still my best friend."

Ron sat stock-still on the kitchen stool, clinging to Hugo as a seeming line of defense.

"…Well, it's a step up from Ginny." He said finally, carefully, meeting eyes with Harry.

Harry grinned, moving to hug his best friend, while Draco looked suspiciously around the room.

"I swear this is just like a REALLY bad clichéd novel." He mumbled as Harry kissed his cheek. "I can't shake the feeling."

"Yeah, but It'd be the kind you love anyways." Harry defended, watching Draco pick up Hugo.

By the looks of it he'd have to learn to be a father, and a father to Draco's child atop that, real fast.

The thought made defeating Voldermort seem easy.



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