Christmas Day

I smile up at my mom despite the pain my hand. I just had another" punishment" for sighing when "dad" told me to do something.

She had tears in her eyes but she never shed tears in front of us, Mac and me .I still woke up every once in a while. My twin, Mac, and I, Max, would always try to be like that.

Both of would count tour blessings in our head.

The sad thing is we could only got up to two: We had mom, and we had each other.

Little did I know that would change. That day.

Mac and me were doing the dishes again. I hated it.

"We do this everyday. Don't you think it is a little boring?" I asked him.

"Very." He stated. I smiled.

Mac didn't talk to anyone. Only to me, and because talked to me- I felt special.

I picked up a glass plate from the tabled "dad" would eat at. I turned around a little to quickly and tripped over y own feet.

The plate crashed to the floor shattering everywhere.

Mac spun around where he was at the sink. There was a look of terror on his eight-year-old face.

He rushed over and asked quietly, "Are you OK?"

I felt a lot of in my right hand, and I looked down.

There was a wide cut from the left side of my wrist to the base of my index finger. Now there was blood all over my hand.

I nodded.

Mom came rushing in. She looked around franticly. She knelt down by the glass and started to pick it up fast.

Mac and I followed, but we where to late.

"Dad" walked in.

When I saw him all the glass that I had in my hands dropped.

That did it.

"Dad" advanced toward me, but mom stepped in the way.

"Mom," I whispered scared.

"I love you both." She said calmly to Mac and me- as if she knew how this would turn out.

"Oh, and what about me?" "Dad" slurred in a rusty bad smelling breath.

Mom shrugged (Go Mom!).

Dad slapped her so hard she spun and fell on the glass I dropped- right in front of me.

I screamed, and Mac pushed me behind him.

I barely even noticed. I was watching mom.

She wasn't moving.

She was dead- and it was my fault.

"Dad" swung at Mac, but he dodged it easily.

The sad thing is that Mac forgot I was right behind him.

The blow connected with my jar sending me flying into the kitchen counter.

I looked up at Mac just before my world went black............

I woke up about 20 minuets latter.

My jaw ached.