It didn't seem quite right, not at all.

She was his crush, even though he would never chase after it, not after Chelsea...

He, despite his strength, was perhaps the most emotionally vulnerable of all the Turks.

And it just wasn't fair, dammit.

He couldn't do that to him... and he swore he wouldn't. In the end, friends were something you just couldn't sacrifice.

Reno would have loved to pass it off as hormones, or her sexy body, or something, because he had gotten on Rude's case about falling for people he couldn't afford to before, and now Reno himself was doing it! No, it wasn't freaking fair at all.

Unfortunately, it wasn't hormones, or lust, or any number of shallow self driven reasons at all...

It was because when Reno looked into her eyes, he saw fire; he saw hurt and pain, loss, things he experienced in the past and things he just keep on experiencing. Like now...

And she would never fall for him the same way, because he was a Turk and the Turks belong to Shin-Ra. She hated Shin-Ra more than anything, and she hated him.

Sure, they could get along. They had helped AVALANCHE on occasion after all, so maybe she could tolerate him, but she definitely hated him. Maybe not on the outside, but he knew that even now, after everything that happened, she still had deep seated resentment inside her towards everything Shin-Ra and Shin-Ra related..

Reno knew he was getting himself into a bad situation- the trouble was he thought he was too smart to fall into one like this. Oh, he was begging for some kicks and cuffs from the others, after all the harping on their love lives. Tseng would probably hit the hardest, too.

So, if he was so smart, why the hell was he standing outside of the Seventh Heaven with a vase of flowers in his hand?

Well, he wasn't going to hand them to her... he wasn't that stupid, but he had to do something.

Tifa wasn't really herself lately after the Kadaj Incident. Tears always seemed just behind Tifa's smiling facade every time Reno stopped by for a drink. That pain and loss had resurfaced in her eyes with a vengeance, and the turk knew it had something to do with Cloud. The tears always got closer whenever something reminded her of the blond one. Reno was hoping that little card attached to the flowers would cheer her up. Somewhat.

Gingerly, he set the vase down outside the door, and scuttled off to congratulate himself on being a wuss.